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Case Study “JCU Spring Concert” Assignment Help

You are a member of the James Cook University UCU) student body entertainment committee. Your committee has agreed to sponsor a spring concert. The motive behind this concert is to offer  a safe alternative to Hasta Weekend. Hasta Weekend is a spring event in which students trom JCU  rent houseboats and engage in heavy partying. Traditionally, this occurs during the last weekend in May. Unfortunately, the partying has a long history of getting out of hand, sometimes leading to fatal! accidents. After one such tragedy last spring, your committee wants to offer an alternative experience  for those who are eager to celebrate the change in weather and the pending end of the school year.  You have just finished a preliminary scope statement for the project (see below). You are now = brainstorming potential risks associated with the project.

1 Identity potential risks associated with this project. Try to come up with at least five different risks, 

2 Use the risk tables in Figures 7.5 and 7.6 to analyse identitied risks. 

3. Develop a risk register similar to Figure 7.8 to outline how you would deal with each of the risks.

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 “JCU Spring Concert”


It is necessary to identify risks and evaluate it effectively such that probability of any accident or unfortunate incident in any event can be minimised and the event can be carried out successfully. Hasta Weekend, a spring concert is organized every year at the end of May for the students of James Cook University. The students of the university party hard and rent houseboats. However, there have been incidents of mishaps every year in the event. There have been deaths as well due to some unfortunate incidents. Therefore, it is required that the risks that prevail or the accidents that might take place have to be managed effectively in order to minimise such incidents to occur. The organizers of event need to devise proper plans and strategies to take care of the event and make sure that the event can occur properly without any accident.

However, as an alternative to Hasta Weekend the organizing committee of the university has decided to arrange a spring concert so that the chances of accidents can be reduced and the students can celebrate the change of season and end of school year happily without any misfortune. Nevertheless it is necessary to figure out the potential risks that prevails while the concert is being organized and proper steps are taken beforehand by the organizing committee to reduce the chances of accidents. In this assignment, the risks associated with the project has been analysed and proper solutions have been recommended such that the risks can be reduced.  


Project management

Project management lifecycle has four phases, namely initiation or commencement of the project, devising proper strategies to execute the plan, execution or implementation of the plan and finally closure or termination the project (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). In order to organize a spring concert for the students of James Cook University it is necessary to make a proper plan such that the way the project has to implemented can be administered and the risks associated with the project can be estimated such that it can be diminished. In order to commence the project it is required that permissions and approvals are being taken from higher committee by the middle of January. Secondly, it is mandatory to fix an appointment with an artist to perform in the concert by the middle of February and sign contracts with the vendors so that the required equipments are supplied before the setup of the concert is completed. Finally, the day the concert is to be organized, that is, the last Saturday of May it is mandatory to clean the site within next two working days.

Risk management

In order to organize the concert it is of utmost importance to get proper sponsorship so that the concert can be organized in a proper manner and the risks associated with the concert can be minimised. The budget that has been fixed for the spring concert at Wahoo Stadium is 50000 US dollars. However, the most important part is to identify the risks so that proper plans can be devised to resolve the issues that may arise (Aven, 2016). There are five steps of managing risks in a project namely, figuring out the risks, scrutinize it, grade the threats that have been identified, devise plans to minimise its probability and track as well as review the jeopardy.

Identification and analysis of the risks associated with the project

The risks that have been identified in the event that will be organized at Wahoo Stadium are, there is a chance that toilets may become overcrowded as per the arrangements toilet facilities can serve 10000 people. The second risk that might occur is that the parking facility that has been arranged can accommodate up to 1000 cars however if the number of guests and people becomes more than the event may face failure since people will not be able to enjoy and return happily. It will create inconvenience for the guests as well as the management at that point of time to arrange and manage space for the cars.

Moreover, if the sound system and stage is not proper then the guests and the students will not be able to enjoy the program. In case, the stage is very small and not strong enough, there are chances that the artist performing might get hurt and the event might become a failure. Although appointment will be fixed with a megastar or artist to perform on the spring concert however if due to some unfavourable circumstances the artist is not able to perform then again the event might fail.

There have been many incidents in case events are organized when the crowd has not been taken care of or managed properly thus, unfavourable incidents have occurred like clash between groups, and molestation as well as the law (rules and regulations) that governs the city has to be maintained like the time limit for playing loud music. Therefore, it is very important to analyse each risk that have been identified and devise proper strategies such that the possibility of these risks can be minimised.

Grading or ranking the risks identified

The risks that have been identified have to be analyzed properly so that the probability of its occurrence can be evaluated (Schurr et al., 2017). This will aid to devise apt plans to deal with the risks effectively so that the event can be organised successfully and the students as well as the guests can enjoy it and return happily . In order to analyse the risks properly it is necessary to scale the impending risks so that the level or the rankings of the impending risks can be identified and proper steps are taken accordingly to prevent any mishap from occurring.

Qualitative risk analysis can be used to properly examine the impending risks and dangers that might disturb the ambience of the concert at Wahoo Stadium. It aids to scale the risks as per the objectives of the project and determine the risk that needs most priority to be prevented (Cagliano et al., 2015).


Untitled picture.png

The above table shows the level of risk on a scale of 5. The higher the numbers the greater is the risk impended like, the lower the increase in cost the greater is the risk. If the cost of sponsoring the concert is too high then the best facilities can be arranged and the chances of risk can be brought down to bare minimum (Issa et al., 2017). If the arrangement is made by taking more time then the chances of perils can be minimized in the same way better the quality of the equipments and materials are used less will be the danger.
In case of the event at Wahoo Stadium it is necessary to make sure that the arrangements are given much time so that the chances of risks and threats can be m minimized as the cost cannot be increased more than 50000 US dollars. Therefore, in order to compensate it is required that time and quality is given more priority, as more is the time given to build the stage, rehearsals and build the barricades less is the level of risk.

Likelihood criteria can also be used to determine the causes of the risks rather than the events of risk that might take place. The table below signifies the probability or the likelihood of the perils that are impending while the execution of the project.

Untitled picture.png

The above table depicts the probability of occurrence of risks in the event to be organized at Wahoo Stadium. The higher the probability more is the chances of occurrence of accidents in the spring concert.

Solutions of the risks identified or devising strategies to minimize risks

To deal with the situation of overcrowd in the toilets and the parking lot it is necessary to make sure that the number of people that the hall can accommodate and facilities that have been sponsored is not exceeded. This will make sure that the chances of overcrowd is minimised and in order to achieve this passes have to be made and distributed. This will make sure that the people who does not have pass will not be permitted to enter thereby reducing the chances of overcrowd.

Moreover, it is required to fix an appointment with two artists so that in case one of them is not able to perform then the other artist might take over the stage and perform so the students and the guests do not get upset in such case. To diminish the chance of any mishap like clashes and molestation it is recommended that barricades are set up especially in the dance area so that girls or females can enjoy in their own space while males can enjoy separately in their own space.

The sound system that will be used in the concert has to be checked and tested several times during rehearsals to make sure that it is working properly and it is audible enough. However, it is required to make sure that the sound of the systems is not very loud that it makes audience feel uncomfortable but it is loud enough that it is audible. The stage must be strong and the labours that will be in charge of setting up the stage must be given strict instructions that the materials used for making the stage are not weak and fragile. Thus, the safety and security of the artists performing will be assured in this way.

Risk Register

A risk register has been developed to record the risks or the perils that have been identified and figure out its probability. The table show below describes the risks that have been identified, its causes, its level, solution as well as its status.

Untitled picture.png

Untitled picture.png

Reviewing and monitoring the risks

The plans that have been devised in order to deal with the perils have to be implemented efficiently. After the strategies are executed and the event is over it is necessary to review or taking feedbacks from the students and the guests if they faced any other issue and regarding their contentment (Cleden, 2017). This will aid to understand the flaws that the plans implemented had and make sure that it can be avoided and conquered next time any such event is organized. The organizing committee will be benefitted by taking review as they will get to know the areas that needs to be improved and the impending risks can be avoided next time.  


While events and concerts are being organised the chances of occurrence of risks or accidents is inevitable. Therefore, it is required that the organizing committee of any event take apt steps to manage the impending risks or perils. In order to organize spring concert at Wahoo stadium for the students of James Cook University it is mandatory that the organizing committee take proper care of the arrangements that have to be made and ensure that the chances of occurrence of accidents can be reduced. To serve the purpose it is necessary that the organizing committee follow the steps of risk management, that is, identification of the risk, analysing it, devising plans to eradicate the risks, implement it and finally review it. This will ensure the success of the event being organised.

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