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Pollution in Oman Company Assignment Help

What are the policies taken by the omen government in regards to mitigating pollution levels?

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There are basically pollution involved at three levels which are pollution related to water pollution related to noise and pollution related to air

Pollution related to water

there were many laws and regulations introduced by the Oman government, like to marine pollution control law as reference by royal decree number 34 / 74 as per this law or it is a duty of Oman company to identify the factors which are responsible for the marine pollution. Thereby take a sensual steps to mitigate this kind of pollution and provide a better environment and living conditions for the marine life as per the latest technique it was identified that about 38 miles of sea water can be monitored simplify a single method against penalty of 25000 in case anybody found responsible for the pollution also it is required to have better transportation of oil without affecting the marine life reference by the a y o u n ET al 2015

Pollution in air

There are many factors responsible for this kind of pollution some of them are growth in the number of smokers, exposing the untreated fumes into the air by the industries and many other however there are certain ways by which we can control this kind of pollution for example installation of chimneys can help in determining the pollutants level (as referenced by the boda hand Zsolnai 2016 and ministerial decision number 118 / 04)

Pollution related to unwanted sound

There are various factors responsible for this kind of pollution such as usage of heavy and noise making machinery in the industries construction sites coma road traffic and many others however this kind of pollution can be controlled by using the machineries as per the guidelines and the industrial standards as referenced by the minister decision number 79 / 34 and WU 2016

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