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Manage Quality Customer Service Assignment Help

1. Provide at least three (3) examples of legislative or regulatory context that can be relevant to customer service of your organisation.

2. Describe any three (3) organisational policy and procedures for customer service including handling customer complaints.

3. Using research, identify two (2) service standards and two (2) best practice models.

4. Explain what is meant by ‘public relations' and ‘product promotion'.

5. Provide three (3) techniques for dealing with customers including customers with specific needs.

6. Describe the principles below and provide one (1) technique for each involved in the management and organisation of:

Customer behaviour

Customer needs research

Customer relations

Ongoing product and/or service quality

Problem identification and resolution

Quality customer service delivery

Record keeping and management methods

Strategies for monitoring, managing and introducing ways to improve customer service relationships

Strategies to obtain customer feedback.

7. Specify one (1) industry that you are familiar with and provide three (3) examples of possible customer needs.

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1. Summary of the remaining issues

In the present case, Mercury Solutions faced issues with coms customers. There were some quality control issues with few widgets that are bigger or smaller than 10% as specified (Jogunola and Varis 2019). In this perspective, there were individual decisions taken by the team members. Few people provided discounts on the further orders, whereas some team members are processing reorders differently and some others are not apologizing for the issue.

2. A plan or process to monitor performance of team members against KPIs

It is essential to have proper commitment to the process of ongoing enhancement is considered as a feature of International Customer Service Standard model. There should be effective methods to the managers in order to improve within the existing systems consists of developing appropriate databases to monitor purposes and deploy a range of feedback mechanism. In addition, providing training to the staffs as well as developing and implementing policies can be helpful to monitor performance of team members against KPIs (Maqbali et al. 2019). Complex knowledge along with performance management systems allows real time monitoring of performance measure of the staffs. The organisation needs to decide upon the limit to the specific areas that are required upon and generally a function of time.

3. Questionnaire for collecting feedback related to KPIs

What are the major quality issues found in the process?

What kind of behaviour you expect from the team members of the company?

What kind of alternatives need to be available if product does not able to satisfy the expected quality?

What are the basic approaches should be followed by the team members?

What are the recommendations you want to provide to team members of the company?

4. Email to team members

Company: Mercury Solution pvt ltd

SUB: Response to the issue

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is in regard to the issue that you filed on 5th March 2019.

It is to notify you regarding quality service and the process of overcoming the difficulties. We are assessing all the information. In order to provide quality service, kindly follow our specific criteria of manufacturing service, consults with managers and requesting you not to take decisions individually that are related to customers.

As of now, you will have to wait for further communication. I would also like to appreciate your gesture of communicating with us on behalf of our organisation.

Thanking You



Strategy Department.

5. Recommendations for organisation-wide customer service improvement

It is required to use proven strategies for developing customer loyalty

Measurement of customer effort score would be helpful to satisfy customers for wide improvement of service

Demonstration of excellent product knowledge can be helpful to add extra value to the service (Svensson and Padin 2017).

Management of customers' complaints as well as compliments need to be focused more.

Motivation to the customer service would be helpful to improve the service

Remembering the customer in centre and understanding their demands can be helpful to fulfil the requirements and retain them for long time.

6. Requirements for managing records and reports

Use of work process analysis in order to identify what information as well as records are required to document business or work processes

It is important to understand the legislative requirements for business of the agency along with procedures and directives.

Setting standard and planning information required for the records keeping and document can be helpful for the process.

It is essential to develop a records storage plan that consists of short and long-term storage of the physical records as well as digital information.

Coordination of the process of accessing records internally can be helpful to manage records.

7. Strategies for solving complex complaint

It is required to focus on the strategies to solve the complicated complaint. Putting the emotions aside can be helpful to solve the complex complaint. Avoiding the process of challenging complaint and acknowledgment of the complaint with seriousness could be helpful to solve the issues. Supporting in a variety of shapes and types can lead to solve the issues. Flexible in resolution process of solving the complex complaint is important for the users. Ensuring the customer hearing the customers is important for solving complaints (Jalan et al. 2018). Asking questions in caring as well as concerned way can assist the process. Taking effective strategy like use of effective technology, keeping team members ready to solve concerns and implementing effective strategies can be helpful to solve complex complaint.

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