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Creative Story Writing Assignment

Question 1: Tell the story of a scar, whether a physical scar or emotional one. Write a fiction or nonfiction story about a scar.



The Story of My Scar

The memories have faded away... And so, did the scars on my body... But the scars on my heart seems to remain forever... It's been 5 years since I left him, the man I loved so much and so hard, believed so blindly that he is the one I was meant to be with, but the scars he left on my heart appears to not fade away like his memories. I have known love for as long as I have known him, and that feels like decade now...

I was 17 years old when I met him for the first time, college. Initially I hated his attitude and the way he would talk to people as if they didn't matter to him and therefore, I always avoided him, but fate was destined to bring us together. Through an incident we became friends, he got my number and we started chatting every day, right from the good morning messages till good nights... Eventually, the chats turned into long calls which later became over-night calls... Without me realizing, I fell for him... So hard...

I had always been a mix of rationality, practicality and high emotions. Although I tried to be practical about the fact that I do not want to get into any kind of relationships at the moment and focus solely on the academics, the emotional side took over... Eventually, I confessed to him that I had started to like him and he confessed back.. I could not have been happier...Our relationship blossomed and I knew so strongly that he is the one for me and no one could love me more than him, not even my parents... That's where I was wrong... I never realized that it was all some long term plot of destroying me, mentally and physically...

During the initial few months of our relationship, my parents got to know of our relationship and being the conservative and traditional being that they are, they were unwilling to accept him and took me out of the college, to send me away to a distant place. But I never gave up and got in touch with him, only to realize that he had been trying to get in touch with me... I was more than elated to be back with him and we continued our relationship in secret, although it was a long distance relationship and we did not get to see each other for a year...


Two years went by and my parents found out again that we continued our relationship. My father was infuriated and was not willing to let go easy this time. However, I managed to send him a message that my family found out and how angry my father is. Without thinking, he rushed to may parents' house, where I was to speak with my father... My father made him call his parents to our place, and they had a discussion whereby it was decided that we were to get married once we graduate. That's what changed everything. I couldn't wait to graduate to be with the person I love so much...

Two more years went by and then finally the day arrived. We were married in the presence of the entire families, extended relatives and many more. It was the happiest day of my life. But little did I know that my life was doomed that very day... Right after we got married, everything started to change. His behavior got more aggressive and we would fight over petty matters. And then came the day when he decided to raise hands on me...

I was terrified, confused, sad and a lot of emotions took over me... I was unable to decide how am I supposed to react to this behavior of his. The person whom I loved so much and I believed he loved me back to the extend that he won't let anybody hurt me, had laid his hands on me... I was devastated, and broken. So naïve I was that I forgave him the instant he apologized to me for his behavior. That's where I was wrong again...

Over the 4 years I was married to him, there were series of such turbulent behavior of his where he would beat me like hell, whenever we would fight and most of the time, there was no reason for the fight that we had. It felt more like, he had fun out of beating me...I realized only later that he had it all planned years ago when we met and became friends. He had realized that I was an easy mark and realized that I was the kind of girl whom he can marry and keep under his control for as long as he wanted, that is, the end of the time. But little did he know that I would rise from my own ashes like a phoenix...

Eventually I decided to tell everything to my parents, and they were very supportive towards me, the kind of reaction I never expected, for I had married him against their will. But I realized that they have long forgotten me and they are the ones who truly love me the most. I fought with my parents, against him and eventually we separated and then got divorced... I have started to pick my life up and take it to a different direction... I had given up my career for him, but now I am working my way up to a different career that would make my parents proud... The scars on my body from those savage sessions of his beatings have faded away, but the scars he left in heart, would remain for a long time, until I am completely healed... He has broken me to the extent that I don't believe that I could love again, but I have hope and faith that I would meet someone, some day and make me forget everything that I had been through... Help me to get over my scars and fill my heart with love, again.


Question 2: Write a short story - When I Discovered A Ghost.


When I Discovered A Ghost  

Being related to a tech-rich industry and growing up as a convent student, I never used to think the ghost stories as real till my youth. I am Maria, currently living in Stockholm and whenever I go to my hometown at Borgvattnet in the province of Jämtland, I am not able to stay calm in my own room. Few years back when I was in my mid 40s, we had to move to a new house because my mother whom I was then living with that time decided to sell her house because she wanted to live near my paternal house. Since my mother's new house was still under construction that time, she decided that we stay in one of the units of my grandmother's apartment. Since my childhood days, I use to be very excited to visit my granny's apartment. I have lots of memories related to that place. Starting from growing up with cousins and siblings, I use to remember how my granny would cook us our favorite dishes and take us for evening walks to local candy stores, almost every weekend. It has been over a decade since my grandmother's demise.

The apartment unit had 3 rooms. 1 big room and 2 small rooms. My grandmother and grandfather used to stay in the big room. My 2 sisters stayed in one small room so I stayed in the other small room. My room was at the center of the unit. It has 1 window where I can see the empty lot besides our apartment.

During my stay there, whenever I sleep, I always dream of an old lady. She's always smiling at me and what she does was sweeping something using the "WalisTingting". I do not recognize her and I tried to ask my sisters if they know someone like her and we even tried to search her face in some of my grandmother's old photo albums. What was even worse was that I even got sick the first time I dreamt of her.

My mother kind of being skeptical gave me a rosary for my protection. I of course accepted it and even prayed using it but I still continued dreaming about her, same face, same scenario of sweeping with a "WalisTingting". I used to try to go to sleep, as I did this I looked over to the open doorway. I became gripped with fear because I saw a shadow figure standing outside the doorway, it looked like a moving scribble was staring at me with no eyes. I was intensely scared but I did not call out or do anything, I just went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I decided to not tell my mom because she does not like to talk about spirits or ghosts. Rather she was too concerned to think if I was getting mentally sick or imbalanced. For the following days I would wake up and find it watching me, till I could gather the courage to walk out of that room. I could see it and sometimes it would come into my room or it would wave at me from a doorway. But it would only follow me and no one else had ever mentioned seeing this. I cannot remember how long this went on for but I do know how I would repel it; it would not show up if there was enough light. Because of that I started to always have a light on in my room.That was when we decided that I stay with my 2 sisters. The dreaming stopped.

Six months after, my mother's new house was now ready for us to stay there. I thought I have already forgotten about her. But no, in my own room in that new house, I dreamed about her again. That time, the feeling was worse, I also felt that someone was watching every of my moves.

The day after, no second thoughts, we decided that I sleep in my sisters' room.

There was a time when we had a visitor from Manila. My grandparents let him sleep in my own room in that house. The strange thing was when he told us the next morning that he was not able to sleep comfortably in that room because he felt that someone was looking at him. That was when we knew that there was really someone or something there. We do not know who or what was it but we knew it exists.

Up until now that I'm already in my late40s, I still feel weird whenever I go in my own room in that house. I do not know why but what is important for me is to be with my family despite my busy schedule here in Stockholm. By the way, I still sleep in my sisters' room


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