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General Journal Entries Assignment -

1. Engage in "small talk" with a stranger; record the results.

2. Give an example of when you used confirmation or disconfirmation and what was the result?

3. Engage in a communication where you utilize an effective "I-message"; state the I-message you utilized and discuss the result.

4. To enhance relationship effectiveness, the POSTIVE approach can be used in relationship communication. Discuss a relationship you have/had where some or all of the POSITIVE principles were not evident. What principles were not utilized (missing) and why? Are there POSITIVE principles you would utilize differently? How?

5. Record how you responded to a specific interpersonal conflict with another person or in a situation you observed. Apply one or more of the conflict styles in your application. What could/would you do differently today?

Answer - Journal entries assignment

I have engaged in a talk with a stranger who works at the nearby supermarket as a helper. I wanted to know the whereabouts of certain products. I asked her the location where coffee powder is available. She took me to that location.

Confirmation and disconfirmation

I was shown a number of packs by the helper and she has also shared her personal opinions about every brand. I trusted her words until she took the last pack and shared her opinion. I had to blindly deny her feedback as I have had bad experience with the product from that brand. To my surprise, she took the sample pack of that brand and asked me if I will be interested to taste. I agreed and she offered the coffee right away. I was so excited about this sort of customer experience that she provided.

Though I visit this supermarket regularly, I have not had such an amazing experience where the seller gains the trust and provides value to the customers. When she showed all the packs, I had confirmed that my expectations were met. When she took an extra step to prove that her opinion was right, my expectations exceeded and I disconfirmed her offering. The resultis that I ended up purchasing the brand that she experimented with and she had also advised me how to use it. This is an amazing experience which I cannot forget and the supermarket has now gained a loyal customer because of a staff like her.



During the brief talk that I had with the stranger, I also made use of I-message. At the first instance, I said that the brand does not produce quality products. After she gave me a sample to taste, I had to accept my fault. I said - I did not know that this pack had a specific instruction to be followed to prepare coffee. I did not tell her - You should have advised us to follow instructions. I took this approach because it was my fault and I did not read the manual at the back.

I found that this I-message was really constructive that she immediately responded that it happens and I need not have to feel bad about it. It actually started as a conflict but ended up in a calm and composed manner. It also developed the relationship between us as she felt that I was feeling guilty about my mistake. She offered reassurance to this case with the experiment that made me trust her. In the future, I will choose this supermarket not only for her excellent service but also because of the loyalty that I developed instantly on the brand (Bippus and Young, 2005).

Initially, I only thought that she will become infuriated as I conveyed my dissatisfaction with this brand and also got angry when her feedback differed from mine. I was clear that this would end up in dispute but things changed. She clearly understood my attitude and feeling. As I used the 'I-expression', she developed a sense of trust on me and assured that this is not a different one or something to be worried about. She has avoided the 'you-statement' in this case and offered a general suggestion. This totally improved the scenario and calmed me down.

It is true that using I-statement evoked responsibility while avoiding you-statement eliminated confusion and developed my inclination towards the supermarket.

POSITIVE approach

Positive stands for powerful, optimistic, self-confidence, incentive, think, invigorating, victory and exuberance.

I would like to recall the communication that I have had with my Spanish teacher for the first time. I shared to her about my fear for acquisition of a new skill. She instantly said this fear is natural and developed my confidence to attend the classes without fail. This also let me think and approach the situation positively. I noticed her powerful attitude that brought a change in me. I noticed think, powerful, optimistic and self-confidence principles in our communication.

I did not directly feel invigorating or exuberant but as things progressed, I noticed a change in me. I started attending classes. While I did absent myself once in a month, my exuberance never diminished. I just wish that the aspect of victory could have been enforced by her. She could have helped me in goal setting and the path to victory. This is one principle that I would use differently. When a person approaches me in the name of fear and uncertainty, I would iterate success stories of students in the past and things that need to be followed to achieve the goal. This can keep me directed.

Interpersonal conflict

I had an interpersonal conflict with a colleague in the same organization as we had to work on the same project and we had conflicting schedules (Amaresan, 2019). My colleague was not keen to change his schedule to adapt to mine. I was not happy with the way he responded but I had to take an effort keeping the project's vision in mind. I ensured that I will compromise and work two hours extra during his schedule and decided to collaborate with the colleague. He was not only happy but also ensured flexibility at the end. He cooperated with me throughout the project and avoided instances of denial at a later stage as he was outgoing.



Relationship effectiveness and following interpersonal relationship communication help two individuals to give a better performance. a healthy relationship among two individuals spread positive waves among others as well. Both persons can feel good if they effectively confirmation and disconfirmation following logical and considerable flow. They look forward to engaging in a project or task and they need to follow a few principles which can lead them to follow the proper chain of project or task completion. Strategy formulation and following few principles is necessary to ensure that we can work with any individual and the tasks or projects can be completed easily. The individual needs to motivate each other during task completion and it is required that they follow a positive principle. Using I-message means following or expressing concerns expectations, needs or feelings. It helps in communicating in a way which helps in respecting others views and at the same time do not let others show or feel shame. Management communication plays a vital role in making an environment effective. When an employee clearly knows what to perform, how to perform and where to perform then it is clearly seen that the result always show a positive trend. Organization can easily make their work environment effective and reduce the work conflict as they implement right way of communication. Employees of the organization very well depict the picture of the organization as when they receive an effective work environment and entertain healthy work relationship. Relationship communication plays a major role between two employees.

Entry 1: The task in which I was engaged in with the stranger is we researched on a project that is " whether team building is good for the organization or not" we both researched that how team building and its effect on the organization. During this task, we find out how organizational team-building make a good work environment for the employees. The result we find out was really surprising as many organizations nowadays try to form teams and they complete their projects (Ardichvili, Alexander et al., 2016). It helps them in achieving their organizational goals and plans easily. Organizational team building reduces the chances of conflict and eliminating inefficiency among workers. We noticed this result weekly as analyzing how productive and the result-oriented employee works. Their weekly achievement is analyzed by us as which team is completing their task more easily and effectively.

Both of us focused on analyzing the quantitative result as, which task is completed within the given timeline and whether the team working on the tasks done as per the objective or not. Our focus on to first collect data and then discuss whether there is any positive effect of team building is in the organization or not. We do not conclude but rather we engage in healthy arguments so that we can find the right and unconditional result. During the arguments, we talk on various facts and discuss whether the points we are raising is appropriate to our research topic or not.


Entry 2: To complete tasks effectively I mostly used the confirmation because it eliminates the chances of conflict. I used disconfirmation where the logical points and issue needs to raised. During the brainstorming in the organization I was following the trend of concept acceptance and logical flow for rejections. As the need of confirmation rises where the facts are presented well as in the brainstorming the main leader was telling us the fact and in last asking for our reviews. I was following the logical flow as the confirmation also needs to be given in the brainstorming as the management communication is totally based on analyzing the right data in right way. So first it required the communication you are getting should be clear to you then as per the communication you are supposed to confirm to the things which I was using during the brainstorming I was first putting the cross questions to ensure that I am clear with the points given by the main lead person then I was giving my confirmation. The other thing which I was being following was disconfirmation based on logical flow of points or any wrong conception included in the brainstorming (Cameron, Glen T. and McCollum, Timothy 2013). The main reason behind I used the disconfirmation is the logic is not related with the topic which we were discussing and few of the facts was out of context. Disconfirmation was used by me to get the right answer as well in the brainstorming as the points need to clear as per the management communication point of view.

Entry 3: The I-message follows the expressing concerns with expectations, needs or feelings. So I was discussing on a project with my team members where these things were followed.

I: Last week we achieved the productivity of 40% more than the previous week.

Team Members: Sir, the need of few resources was not available in the last week that is why we lack behind in the productivity.

I: I guess there is need of few more gadgets and equipments to increase the productivity required in the project.

Team Members: Sir, the need of resources is as important as there is concern in project arises due to ineffective team management done by previous project manager. I guess it is one of the reasons that is why productivity on the project is low.

I: Dear team members, be assured I have analyzed everything clearly after that only I came to the conclusion that there are less resources available which needs in the project but now that is available so everything will be fine now.

As per above conversation the use of I-message is effectively used as the team head clearly understand the concern and needs of the team members. The feelings are being expressed by other members as of why the project is not going in the right direction and what can be the causes. Project head very well utilize the I-message of management communication. It is evident from the conversation that team and leader is clear with their communication (English, Tony 2014).


Entry 4: Positive communication is required at any workplace to increase the employees' productivity. Lack of this makes the workplace environment ineffective and bore. Employees do not like to work in an environment where positive communication is not present. When each team member of team is able to present their words and thoughts positively then the work environment can be said as POSITIVE. In one of the case where I, was the project manager and having the team of 5 members including me. The project was not successfully as the relationship carried by us was not positive. The main factor or principle missing was the team was not co-operative. Instead of working as a team and thinking of project all of the members were inclined towards their own interest and benefit. During the group conversations no one put their points and stop others to put their points by showing their dissatisfaction on others points which showcase that we do not follow team-cooperation. Few team members who want to contribute were not able to do so as Positive communication were not present there. Teams were not helpful to each other and even make issues in others works as well. The issue was few members do not communicate and not even let us know what they feel or want to contribute in the project. They always kept silent and not even give suggestions to our initiatives. I would have utilized the same positive principles because there was need of thoughts expression freely which was not present.

Entry 5: During working in a project I met with an conflict occurs with another project member. I personally feels that other member always show dissatisfaction to my ideas and thoughts and never show an interest what I say and try to convey in the project. Apart from avoiding conflict issue I found that other member was more inclined and accommodated towards other project. I calmly called that member on dinner and asked for the reason behind this behavior. I do not go to the higher authority as I found myself responsible behind this issue instead of blaming other person. During the conversation I found that there is some family and personal issue the other member facing due to which he is behaving in this way. Reason behind his inclusion in the other project was his previous project manager was very rude and not allowed him to leave the project till now. Next day I talked to him few previous colleagues and found he was right as their previous project manager was not good (Houmanfar, Ramona and Johnson, Rebecca 2015). The main issue with their previous project was it was not a real project rather it was started to make the obligatory based research and due which the member was more negative towards my points but in real he was doing right. If the same issue I have to handle today I will be directly talking with the HR and head project managers to throw an ineffective project manager who cannot communicate the project objectives to his team and also to give such project to experienced employees only.


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