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BSBHRM604 Manage Employee Relations Assignment - Choice Business College, Australia

Task - Role play - Manage employee relations - Demonstrate the ability to develop and maintain a positive and productive workplace environment through role plays.


Answer -


Kingfisher Intranet is a company that offers beautiful garden spaces to people irrespective of the size of land available. It has made steady progress in the market and is looking forward to increasing its workforce. The research work describes the various tasks that it has to undertake in order to accomplish that. The research work throws light on how the company will invite applications via advertisement. Methods to incorporate diversity and prevent workplace discrimination and other illicit activities will be part of the work. Policy statement regarding three core areas will be included.  

Role play 1 - Problem-solving and dispute resolution

In order to work in compliance with the standard policies for resolving disputes, the Human Resource Manager has to get involved in a discussion with the concerned employee. In this section, the concern of an employee who has been facing an issue due to a non-acceptance of his internal promotion has been discussed in the following session.

Employee: Good Morning Sir!

HR Manager: Good Morning!

Employee: Sir, I beg to inform you that I have been purposefully been rejected from an internal promotion because of my age and as per the company rules, no one can be discriminated or pushed back because of his age , gender, race, sex and so on. Could you please help me on this matter?

HR Manager: Well, I am sorry to hear this but as a HR Manager, I can definitely assure you some resolution to this dispute. In order to solve this problem you have with you mainly three most important dispute resolution choices. You can choose mediation, arbitration, or litigation. In case of mediation, a mutual third party can come to consensus and can try to bring in a solution. It can help you to vent your feelings and even explore your grievances. Well, you can opt for litigation too. You can hire a corporate lawyer and take the case to the judge or jury. In that case, the judge or the jury can typically give their rulings, the decision is taken after several trials and hearings, and it even stays on public record.

I can even suggest you about arbitration wherein a neutral third party will take the role of a judge and thereby tries to bring in a solution.

Employee: Sir, what is your suggestion about choosing the best dispute resolution process?

HR Manager: As a HR, it is my duty to safeguard your employee rights and at the same time keep up the good image of Kingfisher Garden Centre. Thus, I would suggest you to allow me to take forward the case to the corporate external mediator and discuss the matter so that the best possible resolution can be given.

Employee: Sir, I would also like to take in your suggestion and bring a solution to my problem through this negotiation process.

HR Manager: Ok, then let us carry forward this issue further and follow the company decorum.


Role Play 2 - Diversity

Feedback to the assistant manager

It brings me immense pleasure to announce that Kingfisher Garden Center has made big business progress in the recent times and aspires to hire more people in the next couple of month in order to look after various proceedings of the company.

The advertisement in order to invite applications to meet the surge in workforce in a wholesome manner, it is essential that a good newspaper advertisement is put up so that more people can see it and draw attention to it.

The advertisement should have a good punch line to capture the audience's interest. The one given in the draft will serve the purpose.

"If gardening is your thing, and you're young enough to maintain our grounds, we want to hear from you!"

'If gardening is your thing' is a good way to invite people to put in their respective applications. It invites application from all corners irrespective of the background and qualification of the person. It goes to show that talent and skills are above all and not the certificate or the degree.

The important responsibilities that the employee needs to undertake should be presented in the advertisement. I would have preferred the advertisement to have the job descriptions in bullet points. It should be small with no detailed descriptions. Around 5 major responsibilities will be enough according to me.

According to me, it is essential that diversity is promoted in the workplace since people from different background with various skill set are essential in order to enhance knowledge amongst people as well as exchange of ideas. However with diversity comes in the question of discrimination, bullying and harassment since people of one community or religion may be intolerant towards other religion or community. It is essential that stringent rules regarding occurrences of such events are made clear to each people looking to make the job application.

What I also suggest is that the resume should be equipped with a cover letter and the purpose of the cover letter should only be to judge the motivation of the employee. The number of round of interview that a candidate must undergo should be mentioned in the advertisement. Technically, I would suggest 2 rounds of interview, skill set testing and HR round. The CEO, respective managers and the HR of the company, should determine the ingredients of the rounds.

Applications should be taken only via email and telephonic or social media applications should not be entertained. As the work will be full time hence it is essential that people with family commitments would be misfit for the company. This aspect should be clarified to the people in the advertisement. The dedication of the employee would be a major criteria in order to get employed hence it should be made clear in the advertisement. There may be requirement of working for long hours in the organisation and the employee should be ready to embrace that.


Task 3 - Document a simple policy statement or outline a simple procedure for any three (3) sections of the employee relations strategy. Make sure the strategies you employ comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and are consistent with team, individual and organisational objectives.

Answer - Policy statement

1. Discrimination, harassment and bullying:

Kingfisher Garden Center is looking to increase its workforce and in case of issues like discrimination, harassment and bullying the following actions will be taken:

Areas of crime

  • Racially abusing, taunting and making remarks that hurt religions sentiment of people.
  • Harassing like giving impractical work deadlines, targets and making remarks that go against the spirit of work culture
  • Hurting the sentiments of people with activities or speeches that get termed as bullying

Possible outcome

  • If the crime is limited to only verbal abuse, strict warning would be given to the accused
  • If verbal abuse continues for a longer period of time, or takes place across multiple persons, then the accused will be likely to be rusticated on humanitarian grounds
  • If the illicit action takes the shape of physical abuse, then rustication of the accused will take place

Liable person to be reported (if required)

  • If the crime has to be reported to someone who could take reformative actions for the accused, then it will be the immediate head of the employee


The decision of the HR committee in any of these cases will be final. However, the accused and victim will be given adequate chances to make their sayings.


2. Diversity

Kingfisher Garden Centre values diversity and they even have incorporated number of diversity policies that forms an inherent part of their employment relations strategy. Still, it has been observed that they need to deploy a simple policy statement that remains in compliance with the regulatory and legislative requirements and even help them to strengthen their employee relation. The policy statements is:

The organisation must strive hard to foster an all -inclusive work culture and thus maintain such an environment that embraces the workforce diversity. It is the differences as well as the varying perspectives of individuals that makes the workplace the best. Ensuring diversity will help in the development of a positive work environment and thus the continuous success in meeting the demands of the employees requires the active as well as full participation of committed individuals. Thus, diversity needs to include the various characteristics, experiences, as well as cultural influences that has been making each of the employees unique. All forms of individuals are welcomed in Kingfisher Garden Centre and this is regardless of their colour, race, age , transgender status, national origin , disability, national origin, pregnancy, marital status, religion, political affiliation, parental status and even those have been engaged in the equal opportunity activities must be treated with respect and dignity. An atmosphere of an all inclusion as well as respect can values as well as appreciates the strengths that have been afforded by the differences in ideas, styles as well as organizational contributions of each of the individuals.

This policy statement must abide by the legislation in the Fair Work Act as well as the principles of National Employment Standard. This policy will be applied to all the employees who have finished at least 12 months of service and even incorporates all the employees who are having a regular employment for that particular period.

3. Simple procedures for Grievances and Complaints

It is necessary to provide a equitable, fair and productive work environment for all the employees of the Kingfisher Garden Centre and in order to do so, there are some procedures that needs to be followed by the organisation. The four level procedure has been given below:

Level 1

The employee attempts to bring a solution to the complaints by involving in a discussion with the involved person. This forms an informal level. If the matter remains unresolved, it is necessary to proceed to level 2


Level 2

The manager is being notified in written form or otherwise regarding the grievances and its substance and thus state the outcome that has been sought. There should be a discussion between the employee and the other relevant party. This is also an informal state and if the matter remains unresolved, it is necessary to proceed to Level 3.

Level 3

At this stage, the manager moves the matter ahead to the business manager. At this level, the grievance is submitted in written form and the business manager needs to provide a written response to the employee. The business manager is fully involved and of still the matter remains unresolved, it is passed on to the next level:

Level 4

The employee is being advised to take the matter with an external authorities if thy urge to do so.

The grievance and complaints must comply with the National Employment Standard and must even comply with the Workplace bullying and Intimidation Policy of Kingfisher Garden Centre.


It is expected that the research work will help Kingfisher intranet in many ways. A major part of enhancing a business is hiring the right people and putting them in the right place. The research work primarily focuses on that. The advertisement that will be spread out to the people would ensure to the maximum possible way that people with the right motivation and frame of mind, applies for the work. Since no basic qualification is the requirement for the work hence it is expected that people from various backgrounds and skill set will apply for the work.

Kingfisher intranet is very particular about workplace culture. In order to care for it, policy statement regarding 3 core areas namely diversity, grievances, complaints, and discrimination, harassment and bullying are considered part of the work. The actions are stringent in case of illicit activities. It is expected that they are enough to promote awareness amongst people and ensure a rich work culture. The work is not exhaustive and it is open to suggestions. Any suggestion regarding enhancement of the work is welcome.


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