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BUS-1168 Management Communication Assignment - Lethbridge College, Canada

Required Entries & Assessment -

1. Engage in "small talk" with a stranger; record the results.

Answer - It was a 10-hour flight journey. There was a girl who sat along with me in the plane. She seemed to be of my age more or less. Initially, I was avoiding to start a conversation as I thought she wouldn't be engaging as I thought she would be. However, she dropped her book while searching for something in her bag. I took it and gave it to her. She smiled and thanked me for the gesture. I smiled back and said, no problem! Then I sensed a comfort zone for conversation. She initiated the conversation and started discussing about the flight journey.

She: - I'm really liking the accommodations and food given by Lufthansa. Initially, I thought I wouldn't enjoy travelling in Lufthansa but I'm really finding it very comfortable.

Me: - I totally agree. Lufthansa is really good and one of the best options for travelling on a 10-hour journey. But I think emirates is the best. I find emirates to be one of the luxurious options even in the economy class. They offer entertainment board where we can find whole range of music, TV series and movies from different continents.

She: - Oh yes! Emirates flight is the best. You are totally right. None of the flight lines can be compared to emirates. I remember travelling in emirates. I had vacations right after my examination. So, I didn't watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S series for a long time. I had 1 more season to finish watching it. I found the entire last in the entertainment board while browsing through the options! I was extremely happy. It was the best.

Me: - That awesome! I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S series too. My favourite character is Phoebe Buffay. She is one of the funniest characters of all time. Along with Chandler Bing! Their combination is the best.

Then we were talking about Friends series, End game movie and the performance of the movie industry as a whole. So, it was initially awkward to communicate with the stranger. But it was easier to start communicating and introduce ourselves once a sufficient level of comfort zone raised. Also, once a common topic was found to communicate it was easier to start finding more common topics to engage in a conversation.

2. Give an example of when you used confirmation or disconfirmation and what was the result?

Answer - I used both confirmation and disconfirmation in one situation. I went to my relative's wedding along with my parents. My parents were busy talking with other relatives who came to the building. I was really bored as I did not have company of my own age. My parents called me to introduce to one of my relatives. I've met her once before 3-4 years. She always talked about the achievements of her son in various fields such as sports, academics, etc,It seemed like boasting and comparing her son with me. So, I did not like her very much. But I've a good relation with her son, Prakash. He is one of my best cousins and we've lot in common. I initiated the conversation while communicating with her.


Me: - Hello Aunty! How are you?

She: - Hello Child! How are you doing? It's been years since I've seen you.

Me: - I'm fine, aunty.

She:- That's great. How's your school going on? Are your subjects interesting? I heard your school is conducting a big football game and have invited various schools from the same region.

Me:- Yes, it's good aunty. Have you seen Prakash? Where is he?

I find Prakash at the hall and started conversing with him.

He: - Hi Loveneet! How are you buddy? It's so nice to meet you after a long time.

Me: - Totally! I'm great. How are you, man! How were your exams? How is everything?

He: - Yeah, everything is good buddy. How's school?

Me: - Yes, everything is going on well. Listen, there is a football match which is going to be conducted by my school. I'm pretty sure they've invited your school. You are coming right? I will be really disappointed if you are not coming.

He: - Of course I'm coming! I wanted to talk to you about this. I'm coming for sure. But you've to help me to adapt with your school's environment. I'm bit nervous about that since this match is 2-weeks long.

Me:- That's what I'm here for! Don't worry. I'll be your guide throughout the match. I'm really happy that you are coming. It really going to be a fun filled one!

Hence, I used disconfirmation with Prakash's mother since I had many bad incidents with her. When she asked about the football match, I did not respond properly and I diverted the conversation and asked about Prakash's whereabouts. This signifies that I did not completely ignore her conversation but I didn't give the required importance. Whereas I used confirmation while having a conversation with Prakash. I initiated my side of conversation with acknowledgement and enthusiasm.


3. Engage in a communication where you utilize an effective "I-message"; state the I-message you utilized and discuss the result.

Answer - I used the concept of I-message while having a conversation with my friend. Our class was assigned a project and were divided into teams. I was appointed as the project team leader. I divided the work for all the members in our team and assigned them responsibilities according to their comfortability zone. I also prepared a plan where has to coordinate and show their work, so that required revisions and amendments can be suggested. My best friend was also a part of the team. He finished his work earlier itself and showed it to me for my comments. I can sense he was very enthusiastic about his job. But I noticed he slightly deviated from the topic and has included lot of points which had nothing to do with the topic. All those points were really good but it was an extension to the topic and did not revolve around the main topic. First, I appreciated for completing the before time. Also, I told him that, I feel that our project could deviate from the topic and I will not be able to explain it in a relevant manner during the presentation. He agreed to this statement and amended certain points which bought the work on track. Now, If I had told him straight away that whatever you did was wrong and you've to change it due to certain reasons, he might have felt dejected and could have decreased his self-esteem. Also, it could have caused some strain in our friendship. I was able to communicate by talking about my position instead of directly telling him that he is responsible. Hence, I-message is a methodology through with the subject matter is communicated in a indirect way instead of hurting the person's feelings. It is basically concentrating on our position and ideas instead of blaming the other person's work.

4. To enhance relationship effectiveness, the POSTIVE (see text for meaning of this acronym) approach can be used in relationship communication. Discuss a relationship you have/had where some or all of the POSITIVE principles were not evident. What principles were not utilized (missing) and why? Are there POSITIVE principles you would utilize differently? How?

Answer - There were many incidents where the positive approach did not work in communication. For instance, I had a conflict with one of my friends in relation with some general topic. Both of us kept arguing for a long period of time and none of us came up with a solution. After sometime, I concluded the conversation stating that you might be right and I might be wrong and vice versa. I also said, everyone has different perceptions to a certain issue and every person is entitled to have their own perceptions. I changed to a common topic which we both like. But my friend did not agree with me and brought the old topic again and started arguing by delivering the same points. I tried to use a positive approach to end a conflict without any disturbance. But my friend was concentrating only on the fact to prove his point and did not think about anything else. I was concerned about the damage it could cause to our friendship and use a positive approach. But it did not seem to work. If I had used another positive principle enforcing positivity in the conversation, it might have worked. If I had constructed my response in such a way where if I said, let's end this argument about this buddy, I'm pretty sure you could be right as the topic is open to many possibilities and combinations of our possibility then it might have ended the argument. My previous statement about entitlement of our own perception seemed bit aggressive as it had implied that my opinions are the ones which are fully valid. If I had constructed my response in a negotiable and a positive manner, it might have ended the argument right away and could have drawn the communication in a creative approach.


5. Record how you responded to a specific interpersonal conflict with another person or in a situation you observed. Apply one or more of the conflict styles in your application. What could/would you do differently today?

Answer - I had an interpersonal conflict with a person during one of my internships. That was my first internship. I was assigned to a project along with 3 other interns from various schools. We were asked to give suggestions regarding promotion of the company's product in 2-3 specific social medias. I suggested that since social media plays a main role in people's life, we have to give a lot of emphasis on Twitter and Instagram. I suggested two - three slogans according to the social media's brand image. All the interns agreed with my solution except one intern. One of the interns had already finished 3-5 internships. Just to show that she had more experience compared to us, she disagreed with my opinion in a rude manner. She suggested that LinkedIn is the only social media which should be used for promotional activity since it is more professional. I said that LinkedIn has merely become a job searching site and provided evidence where promotional activities on Twitter and Instagram seemed more effective. But she did not agree with me at all and used her experience to dominate all of us to agree with her opinion. Also, she was put as the guide/head of the team due to her experience in various internships. I was really disappointed and had no choice other than to agree with her. However, the conflict began to grow afterwards where I did not obey her orders and ignored her instructions in the further projects. She also didn't accept my solutions and proposals for every project. Hence, I was using the conflict style of management where I did not obey her orders and followed a different approach to a work rather than the one suggested by her. I could have used the compromising style of conflict, where I could have suggested to place both of our solutions to our manager and our manager should have made the decision regarding the conflict.


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