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ITECH7409 Software Testing Assignment Help

1. Critically evaluate software requirements as inputs toward testing of the final solution;

2. Analyse and critically evaluate appropriate tools and techniques to support the testing process;

3. Develop a good understanding of selecting and applying measures and models used for testing that are compliant with the appropriate professional industry standards such as the ACS and IEEE;

4. Analyse and critically evaluate software requirements and proposed solutions;

5. Apply complex decision making to select appropriate testing techniques;

6. Write professional level management, planning, quality assurance and testing documentation for a software system; CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH7409 Assig 1 Sem 1 2019-07 Page 2 of 5 Type your query here

7. Apply effective testing techniques to software systems of varying scales and test levels

8. Develop and maintain plans for scheduling quality assurance tasks including software testing; accepts instant and short deadlines order for ITECH7409 Software Testing assignment – order today for excellence!


The software standards are defined for the different set of rules which are for guiding and understanding the protocol that is accepted in the different ways. It helps in understanding the ways where the software developers are able to work on handling the computer program. The standards are playing a major role to work on the interoperability in between the different programs that have been created by different developers. The interoperability is mainly to ensure that there is a less chaos that needs to be handled with the cleaner and productive program. The standards might of internationally or regionally accepted for addressing the different regions.

International standard: ISO/IEC 9126 Software engineering - Product quality

Regional standard: AS/NZS ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.2:2015 Software and Systems


International Standard Name:

ISO/IEC 9126 Software engineering - Product quality

Terms and definition: It helps in determining the performance level.

ISO/IEC 9126 for the standard which is applicable to a degree where the needs are satisfied with the different set of values and the quality standards.

Who holds the copyright?

International standard organization holds the copyright with council of standard Australia.

Contributors to document, and universities involved?

1. Australian computer society

2. Australian Information Industry Association.

3. Australian Society for Technical Communication

4. Australian Software Metrics Association

5. Department of Defense (Australian)

6. Griffith University

7. New Zealand Organization for Quality

Scope or intent of standard?

The scope or the intent includes the internal quality and the external quality with the quality in use. The first standard includes the divisions of the sub-characteristics which tend to make use the software. The second part of the model has been specific that includes the quality standards which does not explain about the quality and the level of the characteristics which is in use. The explanation is about the defining the features and then the sub-features. The software structures and planning includes the quality requirements with the software and acting as a trade off with the software product qualities. The report will discuss in detail about the Standards Australia which is actually a publishedfile discussing about diverse level of specifications as well as the processes that is developedfor dealing with products at different level along with services and the structure. It assists insetting up a common kind of language as well as also defines the quality. The discussionrevolves around the standards along with the copyrights with the acknowledgement focusedon scope or the intent based on many terms and conditions.

Key terms and understandings needed for standard

Acquirer: The attributes are defined with the acquirer working on the generation of system.

Entity: The entity planning is done through the attribute.

Attribute: The attribute includes the entity which is not the attribute.

Applications of standards and what does the standards do?

The standards are based on the applications and the planning which are set for the suitability and then defining the capability with the software products. The providing of set of functions, with certain tasks and objectives of user. The information of the accuracy includes the software capability with the interaction for specific tasks. The checking of interoperability with the development and checking the system capability.

Specific relevance to software testing?

The application for the standard involves the capability to work on providing the forms with the capability that are set through working over the software products and the information of the accuracy that has been defined to check on the different patterns. It involves the forms and the patterns which are for the handling of the unauthorized person or who could not modify the access for the resources. The planning is done with not modifying or accessing the resources. The standards are defined through the specific planning with test management and the process levels that could be worked in conjunction with the different software levels. It includes the mapping which is done to the external standards. The processes are for the testing techniques, keyword driven testing and the test processes which helps in highlighting over the forms and then planning the different concepts.

Domestic Standard

What is the standard name?

The standards chosen is AS/NZS ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.2:2015 Software and Systems

Who holds the copyright?

The copyright is based on the standards of Australia on April 4, 2005 with the council of standard New Zealand on 18 March 2005.

Contributors to document, and universities involved?

The universities are involved with:

1. New Zealand Organization for Quality

2. Software Quality Association (ACT)

3. Software Quality Association (NSW)

4. Systems Engineering Society of Australia

5. The University of New South Wales

Scope or intent of standard?

The scope and the intent is based on the accessing of the software information where the product quality is specific for the different perspectives that include the connections and planning. It includes the requirements and planning for the quality, assurance and the software auditing. The measures are based on the auditing and the quality model with internal and the external metrics. The standards are set for the testing and then planning the data requirements which are important for the requirements and the execution log. It include the test data designing techniques with the covering measures that can be used at the time of deigning of the tests and the implementation measures.

Key terms and understandings needed for standard

The understanding is about focusing over the different forms and the issues with the implied needs.

Indicator: The features are defined for the description of the other features.

Indirect measures: They are for the attributes that are worked upon from being derived from other attributes.

Internal Measures: The measures are for the product itself.

Internal Quality: The planning is done to the attributes with satisfying needs of the different conditions.

Applications of standards and what does the standards do?

The standards are defined with the external metrics that are worked upon the determining of the attributes with the external quality features. The technical reports and the standards are defined through planning with the metrics, with exhaustive set. The developers and the evaluators, with the software requirement and specification. The measurement is about the product attributes with modifying the metrics that are for metrics which are not included here.

Specific relevance to software testing?

The relevance is about the ISO standards which includes the patterns that are for the ISO/IEEE 2119, where the testing standards can be for the development life cycle. This includes the planning that is likely to influence the understanding and the adoption for the high informative forms with the description of the concepts of the software. The software testing is done to improve the skills to learn and then invest with the different ways of testing.

Discussing the commonalities and difference

Differences are the introduction which are done by the sub characteristics and the specifications for the quality model. With this there are introduction of the quality in use. The removal of the evaluation processes is also there.

The commonalities are defined through working on the OH&S policy for the standards and the users which are same. Here, both of them work on the legal requirements for the same sector and then work on the Plan-do-check-Act model which helps in aiming for the fundamental models which are then promoted by ISO. There are processing approaches which are able to work on the improvement and the establishing of the policies defined under the standards of the management and then measuring the processes of the different process results. The intent is also to plan the framework with the prevention of the management for the living, health concern and the consistency is set with the AS/NZS ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.2:2015


Here, the processes are defined through standard definitions and the software design for the tests which helps in defining the techniques with keyword designing and planning. It includes the creation of the keyword testing that is including the specifications that corresponds to the frameworks and building the test automation. the focus is on the documentation process and then planning about the cognitive demand tasks that include handling the organizations with working over the different forms of the cognitively demanding tasks.

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