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Global Leadership on BMW Assignment Help

The Student will be required to research the issue, identify the dimensions of global leadership in the case, and offer a set of recommendations, which must be derived from both data and theory. Student must include aspects of global motivation and global team management in their work.

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Global leadership can be defined as the process of influencing attitudes, thinking and behaviours related to the global community for working together synergistically for a common goal and common vision. Global leadership is the leadership of individuals that are influencing and bringing significant and positive changes within the organization and communities by facilitating a level of organizational structures, trust and processes, involving different stakeholders, cultures and resources under various temporal, geographic and cultural complexity conditions. Global leadership engages leaders to work together based on different regions of the world. The leaders work with diverse stakeholder groups and employees to get work done properly. In this current research, certain leadership and management issues in employment, labour and technical field are been portrayed along with solutions for that issues and proper recommendations.

The problem faced by BMW in the last five years

The fascination for the BMW group does not only lie in its products and technology but also on leadership and management history of the company maintained by investors, pioneers as well as brilliant designers. The BMW Group has its 31 production and other assemble facilities encouraging in its global sales across 15 countries and has become a world-leading group of manufacturers concerning automobiles, mobility and other services. For the past few years, the company has been facing leadership issues in the employee labour force and technical leaderships where due to less skilled training session and technological incapability lead to drastic problems.

One of such issues was addressed related to a fault in technical leadership when BMW cars got burnt into flames even after regular servicing. The case was witnessed by an NHS doctor warning not to buy diesel BMW cars after a four-year-old car burst into flames as the NHS doctor was on his way home (, 2019). Another case was also witnessed where a family was forced to flee from BMW 5 SERIES car due to some technical fault as earlier experienced. Thus this case of BMW burning into flames was a Global issue faced by customers in various countries.  BMW denied the cases and the liability but a later investigation resulted that fault was in their particular filter and it consisted of a manufacturing defect that resulted in the fluid to leak from the engine's exhaust gas recirculation collar and lead to fumes and finally flames. BMW faced manufacturing defects due to improper execution of technical vision and alignment. The technical leaders failed to communicate properly with engineers about the business car model that lead to improper guidance and directions causing missed or failed execution of a particular filter in the car's engine. It can also be that leaders have incorporated technical experts were not knowledgeable or talented in that particular field or lacked proper job management and job assigning.  

Other such cases of issues were related to employee supply problem caused mainly due to old and greying workforce causing BMW to struggle for adapting to certain changes that were necessities for present realities (, 2019). The issue was globally faced by BMW industries.  According to a report in "CBS Sunday Morning segment", it was seen that BMW has been facing labour supply issues related to the acute age-related crisis in one of its home industries. The issue was that aging worker, through having much more knowledge and experience lacked in physical ability to perform hard workforces which increased their occurrence of error. The older employees do tend falling ill or sick too often particularly when work demands get high and pressure cannot be handled. So here occurred in management issue of the inevitable decline of labour between age 39 to 47 where management caused employees to get fired or retire early as possible (, 2019). This leads to an increase in employee turnover because there were no young, skilled and experienced workers to take place once these people left or got fired. Management faced handling labour demographics which also lead to an increase in their budget as health cost was to be arranged for employees above 65 years of age.

All these issues, BMW arranged for certain solutions to get an idea about how to resolve it. 

Technical understanding of global leadership

Global leadership has been defined as a leading individual that are based in various multiple regions in the world. Global leadership engaged leaders to get connected with diverse groups of employees and stakeholders for getting work done properly (Mendenhall et al., 2017). They work with people having different cultures, time zones, organizational structures and others. Global leadership in BMW enables leaders to create a good idea and understanding which adds value to get globalised and where it can be local. Leaders possess a style of flexibility for leading people with various expectations concerning leadership and also about resistance and authenticity to stand something different. Global leadership is becoming important for understanding the needs and wants of customers, internal-external stakeholders with the progress of the global economy. With understanding the requirements and needs, it will help BMW global leaders to shape their culture and also address organizational changes (Bird & Mendenhall, 2016). The concept of Global leadership helps to reflect the fact that leaders are to contend with changing world in which practices are bounded. 

Global leadership helps BMW leaders to gain the trust of different stakeholders, both external and internal for the organization. With Global leadership, managers will be able to address the key task and will be devoted to achieving the organizational goals without interrupting or fluctuating relationships. Global leaders are ready to take personal responsibility for their mistakes and share achievements credits with all employees (Coccia, 2017). They value diverse employees and work with effective communications being a global leader; it helps BMW to encourage business with other overseas as global leaders will understand their culture and language well to communicate. Global leaders help BMW departments to understand core values that are shared by global stakeholders and are creative to seek solutions for problems aligning them to objectives.

How leaders of BMW solving these issues

As earlier addressed two leadership and management issues - one based on manufacturing leadership issue and other on employment, certain solutions are also been attained by BMW leaders to resolve this situation. 

As the issue was in manufacturing and technical areas, the solution was to develop a foundation strategy which way to be implemented for solving the problem (, 2019).

- Problem-solving skills are to be used and a realistic plan was to be made connecting dots to resolve the problems (Windeler et al., 2017). BMW leaders arranged strategic plans by identifying problems and root cause and managed by proposing a technical solution to it.

Leaders decided to train their employees and technical engineers to make them more clear and knowledgeable about manufacturing parts. Training sessions were incorporated where problem-solving ideas were formulated. With problem-solving, it proved to be a good leadership step that helps organizations and people to grow better.  

Proper communication among engineers and technical leaders was also incorporated to enable problem-solving skills were discussion was done before implementing a manufacturing idea. This cleared what wrongs could have been done and also provided solutions for it.

As per the case where BMW was suffering from Employee supply issues, certain solutions were formulated by leader Bauer with his colleagues to resolve the dilemma. 

The leaders focused on plants production lines for choosing the pilot project which supported various changes like managing health systems, developing productivity-improving steps, enhancing the skills of workers, improving the workplace environment and developing part-time policies to enhance the change management within an organization (Behera et al., 2015). The changes altogether were done which lead to an increase in productivity by 7 per cent in a year.

But as this formulation was not liked by many members, BMW management leaders also adopted a strategy of initiating 5 frameworks including health management, retirement policies, changes processes that improvised ideas to improve the productivity of older labours and handle the labour supply issue (, 2019).

The Leaders organized information day on 2007 November, concerning health and nutrition management of more than 10,000 workers to understand their regular habits. BMW provided a chart sheet of regular exercise and helps them to reduce negative habits like smoking and others.

The leaders even organized workshops for different projects to ask workers for describing their aches and pains so that changes can be made on the project line (Barnes et al., 2015). These workshops help workers to take charge of their good health and also of the project. 


Certain recommendations are initialised to improve Global leadership among BMW leaders-

1. BMW can identify the specific skills as well as talent organizations required globally. This could include leaders’ curiosity or comfort with ambiguity depending on organizational functions and requirements (Jensen, 2016).

2. To encourage global leadership, BMW leaders can develop design training and learning sessions for identifying necessary knowledge and skills and set training offering and design learning to meet requirements.

3. Leaders can develop their on-going ideas and experience after gaining training to cultivate their capabilities and abilities (Mendenhall et al., 2017).


Thus it can be stated that Global leadership is very important for organizations to develop a path of success in this Era of Globalization.  The company that was focused on here was BMW that took approaches to go global with its global leadership ideas resolving issues related to technical leadership and employee labour forces. The issues are been elaborated thoroughly which describes the gap or places where BMW lacked in their leadership. A brief understanding was also provided on what is Global leadership and how BMW uses it. Solutions are also provided for BMW’s approach towards resolving those issues. Therefore it is seen that Global leadership can be improved with proper training, design learning and utilizing on-going ideas effectively. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated Global Leadership on BMW assignment help services at best rates!

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