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A House Divided." How do the economic systems of North and South contribute to a context of modernization that polarizes these societies significantly enough to cause the American Civil War?

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Considering the situation of conflict after conflict, it has been seen that in North and South of US, there are opposing views on different events which has been occurring in the development of the country. There have been certain clashes which directly affect the social, religious and the moral interests of the societies. The economic systems tend to plan about choice with different economic development. With labor forces that are differing, the Northern immigrants are booming to modernize with Southern people involved in carrying on life with proper practices and the beliefs. The tariffs are being placed on the importing of goods and then threatening the economic growth in the Southern area. The disputes are mainly in between the states which are not permitting the construction with railroad systems. The railroad planning with the traditional slavery in the Southern struggling comes with the lawful manner that is important for the economical conflicts. The events and the factors involves the protective tariffs with the railroad advancements and the growth of slavery. Here, the Southern based area involves the slave labor and the technological or the economic aspects for the Northern sector which is based on the free labor that comes with effect on the conflicts on wealth.

Here, the economic system planning is mapped through protective tariffs before any of the Civil War with modernization of the easy access for Northern people. The resources are challenging which tend to obtain the cheap for the Southern sectors. The taxes are being placed for the importing of goods with angering the people South people. The preference is about the lower tariffs with imported goods with good to cost mainly because of the essential factors to the agricultural South. There are farmers who have been fearing about the higher tariff planning which can lead to the inflation in the prices for the manufacturing of goods. There are problems with the increased pricing which is considered to be challenged for the southern area for keeping the economy steady. Here, the Northern support comes with the higher tariff where there is a view about the Northern economy which is based off of the industry and the planning is done for the European goods and products. The Americans have been working on handling the different standards which includes how the politicians are working on high tariff mainly to protect industrial sector of America. The tariffs are being set with imported products that tend to affect the system of economy for the Northern and the Southern areas. There are modernization and planning for the transportation, with railroad and the other economic systems in Northern areas and the Southern areas is completely opposite. The development for the railroad system includes the dispute mainly between the states and then it prevents the construction as well. It is seen that in North there are possessing of 96% of the US railroad equipment which directly affect how one is able to map to the Northern expansion. The economy tends to begin with booming the industrial standards. The planning needs to be done for the enhancement of commerce and trading sectors that involves how Northern areas are gaining a major economic value from the sectors in railroad. The Southern benefits are not benefitting from the system of transport mainly because of the economy that has been relying on the import.

With the railroad advancement, the planning is for the Northern sectors which is increasing the value of economy and then bringing the problems to the Southern sectors as well. The disputes are about the slavery and then this is becoming hostile before there is any civil war. The Southern sectors are seen to be holding the slavery growth with planning about handling the issues about justifying the rights and then focusing over the moral aspects and then defending it through focusing on the slavery with economy. The Southern economy is depending on the cotton crop with the plantations that have been in need for the cheap labor as well. There is a need to focus on Compromise of 1850 with planning about the conflicts which are mainly because the Southerners are planning about handling the slavery of Northern sector. There are fourth statue which includes the needs about making sure for handling the slavery of Northern sector. Fugitive Slave Law has resulted in tension with northerners dislike the fat about personal aid and then encouraging the slavery factors. This is important to focus on how the planning is done and how one is able to work on losing any slaves that might escape. The evidence is about how 1860s value the slaves and plan about the US surpassing with investing worth that is for the different nation railroad, factory and the other banking sectors. The polarized access and stress is for the different economic problems and the systems involve the slavery for the Southern sectors versus the frustration in the Northern Sector.

Hence, it is clear that there are clashes which are seen to be occurring in the time with protected tariff and the railroad advancements. There are traditional economic system where there are Southern planning for centering the slave labor and the other systems of the economic systems. The planning is for the free labor which tend to begin with handling the blows. The outcome is about the conflicts that is seen on the capital and it causes the American Civil War. There are tariffs about the dispute mainly because there are setup based on the Southern factors. The clash has been about the focusing on the growth of slavery which is continued and then there are problems with the economic systems for the Northern and the Southern sectors. The planning is about the Southern economy with Northerner wanting to handle the traditional norms which can bring change to the society. The planning needs to be done for the system with planning about the stronger centers with civil war that is considered to be the major option. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated The American Civil War Assignment Help services at best rates!

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