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Integrated Business Portfolio Assignment

Analyze real-world business problems and generate recommendations for action.


Outcome 1

Business problems are long term challenges for any organization; it may threat long term survival also. So the organization should have a specific idea, or concept to experience this type of situation. So the business problems can be identified by this following causes and their solution.Uncertainltity in global economy, credit market, and the fear for how the new regulation can affect business, uncertaintity about competitors, technology may cause a big problem in organization (Kotler & Armstrong, 2015). This problem can be solved by short time focus with the need of informed and long term strategies. There is a problem of globalization that can be solved by better understanding of international markets and culture by better information analysis (Zeff, 2016). There is an ever changing regulatory environment which can cause uncertain energy, environmental and financial policy and complexity in decision making. This problem can be solved by good understanding in Government policy before implementation of that.

Learning statements- I have learned regarding there can be an inventory problem, weather disruption, uncertain demand, widely changes in commodity price, competition in raw material supply can cause supply chain problem. There is so many problems like technology, employee satisfaction, data gathering and many more. So before implementation of every plan it needed to be verified perfectly that how it is good for short term goal even also in long term. 

I have understood that there is a need of supply chain strategy that can minimize the risk of all those things. The one of the main reason can be is lack of eligible person for each and every department that can be solved by developing hiring strategy method. Communication problem is one of the biggest problems in today's business. This can be solved by setting a better communication within internal and external environment.

Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 3-2, Title, p. 7

Integrate accounting, marketing, finance, management, and economics into a strategic business analysis.

Outcome 2

Business principles and application- Integration of accounting, marketing, finance and economics: A great business is based on certain vital principles, studied and mastered by the business owner's brief of that is followed.

Integration of accounting, financial, marketing and economics.

In balance sheet evaluation, it provides a business to get an indication about financial situation and the utilization of its economic resources (Wood et al., 2015). It can help the sales trends which indicates how the marketing will be, and economics show their how it can predict their market and demand there. This is how the accounting, marketing, management and economics integrate each other in a business strategy.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that in financial analysis bank loan and equity investment are most common financing methods.
• I have understood that it basically measure about debt option based on interest rates, loan terms and loan payment methods. That assures a cash flow in that organization.
Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 2-1, Title, p. 8

Assess the impact of the global business environment on business situations.

Outcome 3
Global business environments impact on business situation: With the continuation of globalization, any organization who wants to set up globally, has to face many challenge and find many opportunities also. Here are some are identified.

The new organization should have some focus on sustainability and the environment (Boshyk, 2016). Differing ideologies and culture defines how businesses conduct their affairs with people. This is how a global business environment create an impact on businesses.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that the first point is about the complexity of global business, if any small organization wants to step out in an international market, then it is mandatory to be knowledgeable about the foreign culture.
• I have learned that there will be some trade barriers to protect their domestic businesses from competition. Then the organization should know the best tariffs which are taxes imposed or imports.

Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 3-3, Title, p.9


Apply quantitative methods of analysis of business situations.

Outcome 4

In person surveys can be made in a shopping mall, or any traffic location. They allows to do market survey, with sample of products, their packaging to get a personalized feedback for the business. This is more costly because it needs more a more time and labors, still it has almost 90% valuable response rates.

Telephonic surveys in less costly than in person surveys. But due to relentless telemarketing this is very difficult to convince consumer for participating in phone surveys. And for that it has a response rate of maximum 30 to 40%. Mail surveys is a cost effective choice for any type of small business, because this is less cheap than telephonic and in person surveys. But it can generate only 10 % response. Online surveys are most unpredictable method of survey, because anyone do not have control over the pool of respondents. This is interesting way to gather customer preferences and their feedback (Salvatore, 2015). Second part of method can be focus groups.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that in focus groups there will be a moderator, and some target consumers who will be answering all question of moderator,
• I have learnt that there the all video and audio will be recorded to make the concept better. It takes at least two hours to complete.
Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 3-2, Title, p. 10

Perform ethically and professionally in business and society.

Outcome 5

Some key ethical issues in business problems is mentioned here with solution. Conducting unethical accounting practices is a biggest problem here in public traded company's the accounting work is the most important in business, so it needed to be treated ethically, otherwise instead of gaining achievement the organization can lose its everything. When an employee's online activities are considered disloyal to the employer, meaning that a Facebook post would go beyond complaining about work and instead to do something to reduce business. So the social media has taken a major part of ethical issues (Davies, 2016). Any type of discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage inequality are most costly ethical issues that employer and employee do on a daily basis. So the organization needs to adjust this type of employers and employee perspective and restructure how the work can be accomplished.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that as per that international labor organization many people die every day from occupational accidents or work related diseases.
• I have learnt that it can include factors like job insecurity, high demands, effort reward imbalance, and low autonomy have been associated with health related behavioral risk. So the organization should be careful about these factors.

Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 4-2, Title, p.11

Communicate effectively to relevant audiences orally and in written materials.

Outcome 6

Market analyzing is a special and dynamic technique of market research for any particular industry. This is also a part of Industry analysis. This analysis can easily presents their strength, weakness opportunities and threat to a business. It also helps a lot to a business decision making. The elements of marketing analysis will be included with several evaluation tools and also with a discussion of their particular industry and its outlook in the market. It also helps to have an assumption about the target market, competition in the industry and also identifies business environments and legal regulation. With a perfect marketing analysis can be a path to choose a suitable industry for a business. By doing a succinct and straightforward questions, a target market can be conducted.

The part of methods can be a personal interview. This will be unstructured and open ended question, and almost it will last for one hour. This two methods of focus group and personal interview is most popular and most effective than surveys. Fourth part of method is observation. This type of focus groups methods and personal interview method, it all depending on consumers actual behavior. So, if it can be observed that how consumers are using the products at home or office by adapting some videos (Davies, 2016). It can presents an accurate picture of collecting feedback of consumer's usage habit and shopping pattern.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt thatit cannot be implemented for particular some products. Fifth part of method is field trials. In that method, free sample can be distributed among customers to see their response.
• I have learnt that it generally helps to gather an idea of packaging, modification and to keep changes price of the particular product.
Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 3-1, Title, p. x


Collaborate in teams to produce required deliverables.

Outcome 7

It will help to do a prediction of market size, that what is the expected volume rates for a quantity of production and its demand in market. So, generally it will create change of investments, profit margin and overall distribution. The most important fining of this aspect is market trends. Whatever the analysis may be, it can bring an idea of latest trends. Basically it will help that organization to have an idea of consumers taste, preferences and demands (Wood et al. 2015). A practical data can find the growth rate of the organization in industry. This is the key to keep an observation upon the demand variety in a particular session or in a particular group of consumers. Market profitability is a most unpredictable area of market analyzation .It can create a concept about the link of production rate and profit margin.

The most focused point of market analysis is a distributor channel. The products can be sold in a particular area in how much price, that type of information can be received after a right distributor channel feedback.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that to determine a key success factor is to get an idea about the particular situation and the type of variety can create an impact on market.
• I have learnt that basically many types of organization use these findings to guide the decision that would be taken as a key of success detail.
Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 3-3, Title, p. 13

Apply project management skills to business situations.

Outcome 8

By planning a project organization can have a clear path to map out from start to finish that ensures the outcome meets the goal s of project. It establishes a schedule work plan. And this is a key for a successful project. It brings people together and enforces or encourages an effective collaboration in team members. By project tracking and risk management, all resources re being economically. As it is integrated with business processes, systems and policy, so a sales system can built here to motion up a sales processes. It can be failure (Boshyk, 2016). But it ensures that lessons are learned from project success and failure.

Problems and solution:
Many of projects failures are happened due to lack of clearly defined objectives and milestone to measure progress. Milestone helps to measure the defined objectives. Inadequate communication is responsible for that. And it can be solved by a specific project planning.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that it includes an extra cost every time. So the project manager needed to know the exact process to do it.
• I have learnt that many of time it is shown that projects failure due to not completing within deadline. So, the organization needs to train the project team exactly.
Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 3-1, Title, p. 12

Assess the ethical implications of actions for diverse stakeholders.

Outcome 9

After identification of problem, there is a need o problem solving research. Different types of organization can have different types of different types of problems. Some of them are. In market segmentation organization need to divide some groups of consumers by their background of purchase behavior, taste, choice. It will depends on advertisement also that what type of advertisement can attract any particular group of consumers. Then the organization need a qualitative and quantitative data to understand market segments (Salvatore, 2015). All of the organization have a main goal to maximize their profit so Set up a profit for an organization is an important market steps. How comfortable the consumers are even in a variable market price, or how sensitive it will be if a slight price is increased, these all aspects are need to think very carefully. Researching customers' reactions to price sensitivity is more essential.
In product research area the secondary data can keep a follow on how a product is tasted, and how effectively is it to modify existing products. Because every components of every products are same responsible about their use.

Learning Statements:
• I have learnt that if any company have their advertising budget then it need to be used to both of retain and gain customers.
• I have learnt that how the advertisements should be like if it is online, or commercial or printed, so what will be the gaining for company. This type of promotional research can be effective for business owners..

Evidence Used to Support Learning Statements:
• Tab 2-1, Title, p. 13


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