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Personal Leadership Development


Question: Reflect upon what you have learned about leadership.

Answer: Part 1: Reflection

Introduction: Personal leadership is one of the most important concepts which are important to be maintained and developed in an individual in order to become the most appropriate and suitable leader in the respective organisations. I have understood that maintaining effective leadership skills and leanings are important in order to bring in higher rate of productivity and development in the organisation through effective employee performance maintenance. While going through the course material of leadership, I have analysed and identified certain leadership attributes that are already present in me. In the given report, I will be analysing the personal skills of leadership that has been attained by me focusing on the strengths and the weaknesses present. I have also mentioned the components, skills and the various types of leadership styles that have been identified by me while undergoing certain personal experience and the entire coursework.

Leadership attributes learned: Leadership development and management is one of the most compulsive studies that are required to be done in order to produce maximum viability to its execution. Through the course I have experienced right, attribute for the development of the complementary operations so that it is reflected on the performance I deliver through the attributes of leadership functions. In order to develop effective and righteous functions through the leadership operations I have implemented a number of leadership purposes as learnt through the personal development. Through the analysis of the self-development, functions I have understood that the leadership styles should be implemented based on the situations in the team management functions. However, one important area of my learning is that leadership functions is quite important for a team management and reaching to the right output of the team. Therefore, I have enabled my self-training through such aspects so that I am able to relate my personal experience based on prior learning. I have also learnt that the activities of a leader should be in line with the demand of a situation. Hence, in order to integrate the reflective development I have managed to learn the entire aspects of study based on the complementary functioning following more than one leadership style. However, development of risk management is important and I have produced personal aspect of management in order to cope up with the same. Leadership stances are also considered to be altering along with communication with persons or team inclusive of different cultures.

Important aspects learned about personal leadership: During the course of my leadership plan, I have gained knowledge about my leadership aspects hence these can affect my professional aspects along with the other presiding in the organization. Leadership is said to be the most crucial part of the organization as the leaders are said to be the team head and acts as a motivator of the company. With a proper leadership style, the organization can reach its organization goal easily. However, leadership is not said to be just one skill it is a combination of different skills. Hence, to understand my leadership skills more relevantly I have decided to evaluate the three leadership skills that I have within myself.

Risk taking: In order to run a business organization it is very important to take risks. It is commonly said that without taking risk the business cannot reach the organizational goal. As a leader, it is important to think beyond the failure of the project of an organization. The fear of failing may stop the organization to take decision as a leader, which might turn out to be positive in the future (Northouse, 2017). Mistakes needs to be taken in a positive way to improve more while conducting the job for the second time. Performing the task as a leader it is important to focus on the outcomes and the rewards that can be achieved during the process of an organization. Risk taking is important so that the weakness as well as the strengths of the organization can be cleared.

Creativity: Being a leader means to be creative as well, I believe that with my creative thinking I can make my organization as well as the team members to achieve the organizational goals. As a leader, it is important to make changes that are said to be beneficial for the employees. It is important to make sure that the employees are motivated in the organization so that it can perform their task in a meaningful way (Shamir & Eilam-Shamir, 2018). However, it is said that motivated employees are said to be giving more in the organization then an unmotivated employee. Being a creative leader the mismatch between the employees can be solved more easily so that both parties are beneficial with the decision making.

Team building: With the team building skill, I can motivate my team members to work more appropriately in the organization. It is important to make clear vision of the organizational goal so that the team can proceed toward the organizational goal. To make the teamwork in one direction is one of the major goals being a leader. Hence building a better communication among the employees are also said to be the major goal of the organization. The communication process must be continuous among the different sections of the organization so that there is no communication gap in the organization that can hamper the working process. In order to build up team it is important to listen to the employees so that there is no scope of demoralizing the employees.

Strengths: A number of factors are instilled upon me, which I consider to be my strengths in the aspect of leadership. I always make sure of setting my goals and priorities before starting a particular task. This makes it easier for me to finish my task within time and achieving the goals desired by me. I have good skills in communication, which enable me to portray my views and opinions efficiently. I possess good innovative skills and abilities, which help to bring about developments in a particular task or process. The creative ability is beneficial for me as it paves the path for me to move towards the peak of competition in the 21st Century. I am a team worker and I can work with a group or team efficiently as a leader (Northouse, 2018). Whenever I work with a team or group, I make sure of involving each of the members in the process of making decisions. Perhaps, I use proper strategies to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the other members and allot them tasks accordingly. I indicate the areas of their weaknesses by straightforward means. This not only helps me to complete the task successfully but also help them to work on their deficiencies. I also make sure of motivating and encouraging them to the fullest. This is because I do not want the members to feel that they are deprived of the task due to their weaknesses. I ensure that they are giving the best of their performances in order to achieve the desired result (Ewest, 2017).

Challenges: I often undergo situations where I have to face some serious risk or challenge as a leader. In such cases, I indulge other members to take part in my decision-making. However, it is a good aspect to involve all members in making decisions, in some situations the leader does not need any other individual to participate. I fail to analyse the situations properly due to which I involve the members in all decisions. In fact, I do not deal the challenges that arise in the tasks with confidence (Terrell, Terrell, Lindsey & Lindsey, 2018). I require the support and opinion of other individuals to make better decisions. That is why I have often noticed that whenever I work with a team, the members do not follow my instructions properly. Though they act in accordance with my guidance, the major decisions are based on their opinions. Perhaps, I make use of motivating the other members while I myself lack motivation. Therefore, despite my integrity and passion I lack the quality of making major decisions, which I consider my primary weakness. Another weakness, which I notice in my leadership, is that I always implement strategies such that I do not lose fondness of the members. Due to this fact often, I fail to take major action whenever the situation calls for. Even if a member of my team shows poor performance constantly, I continue to motivate him without giving some punishment (Ewest, 2017). This makes the members to take me lightly, thereby indulging into improper activities.


Understanding of course material as well as personal experience

Leadership qualities: On carrying out the learning based on the course material that has been selected by me on leadership attributes and development, I have realised that there are various aspects of leadership qualities which are important to be carried out in order to build in better productivity while guiding the followers or the employees working under me. I have successfully analysed that the most important quality that is essential to be present in me or in an individual is the ability to develop effective communication process. The effective development of communication process will be allowing me to interact with the employees and other individuals successful and share the required information with intensity of information quality being maintained. While ensuring the maintenance of effective communication for information sharing and interacting, it is important for any successful leader to be able to carry out any decision making process (Gosain, Agarwal & Siwach, 2016). 

The ability of the leaders to conduct decision making will help in reducing the overall conflicts or issues that might occur in the workplace or in an employee due to lack of productive guidance and motivation. Maintaining honesty and integrity in while carrying out the process of leadership in an organisation is important to ensure that the employee is not deprived of any transparency regarding internal or external information that are essential to be known by them. I have analysed that the maintenance of transparency and integrity will help in allowing the employees to gain better insight on the current condition of the company where they are working and at the same time, the employees will be able to take their job websites and duties successfully. Another two most important aspect or qualities that are important to be maintained in a leader are the ability to understand the process of delegation and empowerment. As a leader, it would be effective for me to maintain an understanding of the power given to me and the job responsibilities that are essential to be shared as required to the employees who are following me. It will help me in increasing the motivation of the employees by empowering them with responsibilities based on their abilities and the skills that are already present in them.

Leadership styles: The course materials that has been completed by me has indicated the need and the requirement of different types of leadership approaches which will help me in increasing the productivity of the overall workplace and improve the performance of the employees at the same time. I have understood that considering the skills and approaches of leadership that has been taken into account by the different leaders, there are basically three forms of leadership styles. I have found that there are three categories of leadership styles, which are autocratic, democratic, and delegate. The first form of leadership style as identified is the democratic leadership style. I have learned that in order to maintain the democratic leadership style, the leaders must be able to trust their followers or the employees and involves them in different form of decision-making that is to be carried out in an organisation. I have realised that it is important for the leaders to ensure that the employees are being able to put their views regarding the decision-making that is to be carried out by the leader. This will ensure that the employee satisfaction and retention is focused on while developing their ability to conduct effective performance (Yahaya & Ebrahim, 2016). 

On the other hand, the second leadership style that has been identified by me is the autocratic leadership style. According to me the autocratic leadership approach is based on the focus being given to ourselves and carrying out different decision making on our own. I have analysed that the process of using autocratic leadership is less effective in the current times as the employees or the followers are not given much importance in terms of gaining their advice or suggestions and carry out the decision making by considering the views of the employees. In addition to autocratic and democratic form of leadership styles, there is the presence of delegate leadership style. According to me, the delegate form of leadership style involves effective approach towards leadership management in comparison to the other two styles. This is because the delegate leadership style involves the decision making power of certain aspects being given to the employees. However, the delegation for decision-making power given to the employees will not enforce the leader not to be liable for the decision-making and the consequences that might occur as a result. The leaders are very much responsible for the decision and the results obtained.

Personal experience: While undergoing the process of completing the course material, I did go through various experiences while working in a team during group presentation works. In one such group presentation work, I was given the position of a team leader to carry out the task managing the activists and the assigned tasks to us and helping the team through the completion of the assignment. This has allowed me to understand the different facets that are present in the approaches that are applied to conduct effective leadership in a team or in an organization. I have realized that being a leader in a team requires the ability to ensure that the team members are effectively communicating with one another. The most important aspect, which is to be aligned in the processing of the teamwork, is coordination. At some point during the assignment processing, the team's members were not willing to communicate further due to the misconception that occurred in between the team members.

I have realized that in order to become a successful leader and maintenance of effective leadership approach in an organization, there is the requirement of support from the employees or the team members at the same time. The support that will believe the employees to the leaders will also allow the leaders to gain respect and help them gain further motivation to guide the employees and take the employees and their demands into consideration before the conduction of any decision-making.

Conclusion: Thus, it is to be concluded that there are different attributes and approaches to leadership, which is essential to be maintained for successful development of the employees along with the increase in their performance. While undergoing the course material on leadership, I have learned that it is important for me to ensure delegate leadership style, which will help the employees to gain the motivation to conduct a decision making under my guidance allowing the employees to be focused on by the higher authorities and the leaders.


Question 2: Present an action plan to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Answer: Personal Leadership Development Action Plan

Executive summary: The current scenario in business as well as academics is characterized by intense competition and is based on the concept of survival of the fittest. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep ourselves updated all the time and engage in self-assessments and personal developments. During my learning on leadership theories I have come across several dimensions to the term.

In order to become a competent leader, a person needs to be subjective and approachable to develop a basic understanding of the situation and act accordingly. This report is a reflection of my understanding of the leadership theories and posts fundamental aspects of my personal leadership development plan.

Personal leadership Vision: As I said during my learning years on leadership and related theories, I have come across similarities and replications of ideas that enumerate the concept of leadership in a broader way. I have developed the opinion that leadership is expertise is developed with time and is significantly affected by experiences in the pathway. My academic learning and practical experiences have played a crucial role enhancing my abilities to delve deeper into the subject matter. I am able to relentlessly research on the situation and develop a core understanding about the concept of leadership.

Considering the presence of skills that I have acquired with time, my leadership vision stands as a consistency in leading with integrity and honesty and also address individual accountability to my set of responsibilities. Considering myself to be a dedicated person, I intend to develop personal skills of communication and ethical conducting the assigned tasks.

Personal Values and Ethics: The presence of values characterizes an individual and significantly moulds the personality. As far as my core values are concerned, I believe that I do posses the ethics that will have a deep impact on my personal and professional life. However, my personal values are essentially aligned with my core objectives and I try to focus on them and use as a guideline while getting involved in my work. Some of my core personal values and ethics include the below mentioned ones:

• Honesty and commitment

• Responsiveness and fairness

• Respect and appreciation

• Community development

As a person, I have always respected the aspect of team work and focused on implementing the same in an effective manner. During my academic courses , when I used to be part of the projects, I used to try and interact as much as was possible to conduct the team project in a successful way. I also personally believe that effective communication is significantly needed within the team members to facilitate cascading the information at all relevant channels. However, considering my strengths and weaknesses, I have found that it was hard for me to communicate and be a part of the team.

SMART Goals: Referring to the above section, I have measured my personal strengths and weaknesses and have identified two SMART goals that I need to accomplish in the long run. My SMART goals include the following:

• Network strategically

• Be resilient and flexible while leading and managing the team

The above mentioned SMART goals, I believe are important for me as I have noticed that due to lack of networking capabilities I am unable to communicate with the team member effectively. I need to place a strong focus on conducting team meetings and include as much as interaction is possible based on the agenda and the subject discussed. Apart from enhancing my networking skills, I needed to be flexible and resilient enough to deal with situations. In order to become a competent leader, a person needs to be approachable and flexible in nature to draft action plans and accordingly accomplish them within the stipulated time.

Importance of the SMART Goals: Since, I try to live by my core values, I intend to comply with each of them every day. These values represent my personal beliefs and they play a significant role in applying the same in both personal and professional situations. As a future possible leader, it will be my responsibility to take care of the assigned jobs and ensure that each team member is being responsive towards their individual tasks. I shall be accountable for my team's failures and success and thus I need to be flexible to be able to adjust to situations.

During my academic career, I had noticed that due to lack of networking capabilities, I failed to involve in successful communication. Thus, one my major focus will be on developing my networking abilities strategically by participating in rigorous team meetings and interactive sessions. I believe that these SMART goals will help in shaping my characteristic attributes and contribute towards becoming a competent leader in the long haul.

Execution Plan


Steps to be Taken

Networking strategically among the team members and developing a close rapport

  • conducting more and more interactive sessions outside the office subjects
  • sign up for monthly Brown Bag lunches and conduct workshops in an informal way
  • encourage questions and answer sessions after the completion of each meeting
  • personally sitting with the team members after the closure of the meeting and gathering their opinions on it
  • encourage each team member to communicate more
  • address team discussion and conduct activity based workshops
  • send appreciation and acknowledgement mails to the team members after every achievement

Being resilient and Flexible in the approach and situation understanding

  • focus on my core values of honesty and integrity
  • Being most accountable towards the business projects
  • Be open-minded in approach
  • Be optimistic in nature and change the routine of work as per convenience and requirements
  • Be creative and agile in approach
  • Embrace change
  • Be emotionally intelligent and align with team requirements
  • Develop business plans beforehand to have an understanding of the possible business predictions


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