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BN315 Enterprise Architecture Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to assess skills in working with Enterprise Architecture (EA) and understanding of EA frameworks and strategy.

At the completion of this unit students should be able to:

a. Explain what constitutes value for an organisation.

b. Lead a discussion on the role of EA to support business strategic goals through IT alignment, planning and governance.

c. Describe enterprise-level architectural views for the business, information, technology, and application domains.

d. Report on the relationship between EA and other architectures such as system, solution, data, application and technology.

e. Investigate the appropriate use of industry EA methods and frameworks.

f. Report on the current and future state for a portfolio of IT applications.

g. Interpret a roadmap process for the IT portfolio to support long-term business strategy.

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Part a: Statement of case Study: Issues and Challenges

The case discussed about the issues and the challenges in the health industry where there is a major issue to fight and prevent the global health problems. With this, there is a need to understand the health, economy and the national security measures. It refers to the health phenomenon that is set across the national borders. There is a need to address the infectious and the insect borne diseases which can spread from one to the other country. The understanding is based on how the people are able to find the methods of educating and then providing a proper medical aid which can help in avoiding the deaths. Apart from this, there are different balancing resources where there are 90% of the world healthcare standards to work on the assistance for the limitation of the diseases from spreading from one to the other country [1]. There are diseases like the HIV/AIDS, malaria and the increased poverty. The global health is also related to the concern with the prevention of the civil conflicts. The global health is the concern where there is a need to prevent the civil conflicts in the other countries with the globalization that includes the different procedures which have been set with the interconnection, integration and the independent form. It has been seen that the global concern in the health sector is related to the diseases with affecting the resource poor environment. There are issues and the concern related to the pandemic disease and the bioterrorism that has been common in the world. The major analysis needs to be done through the same energy, intelligence and the devotion to the new technological innovation procedures. The issues and the challenges are also related to the opportunity for improving the lives of the people and then handling the harnessing of the new development with producing the creative solutions that are directly accessible for the people, where they are living.

[2] Hence, there is a need to focus on:

- The physical activity: This is to understand about the problems of the higher rates of the obesity.

- Overweight and obesity: This is based on problems with abandoning the traditional dieting for the Americanized diet.

The issues need to be mapped with understanding the levels of obesity and how they are able to put in the weight maintenance courses with the clinics and then recommending the operations beyond. 

Untitled picture.png

The healthcare in the enterprise architecture requires to focus on the proper application standards with the healthcare providers bank and the healthcare payments. The architecture is based on the improvement of the performance and the health outcomes with controlling the costs. The EA has been mainly for the tracking of the records and the organizational control. The protection of the profitability standards include the management of the risks with planning about he spendingwhcih does ot address the capability creation or the erosion margins.

Part b: Strategic Mapping

• Financial View:The financial management needs to focus on buying up the physician practices. The employees need to focus on hospitals with building a steady payment stream system. The acquiring practices includes the new revenue procedures with more bargaining power for the health insurance. The enterprise architecture in healthcare involves the patient care and the proper planning that involves the gaining of the recognition and the standards with general goals of the effective solution. The information flow comes with the circulatory system where the organization is able to handle the unclear responsibility. The changes are related to bring the fresh challenges and then plan about the healthcare entity. This is affiliated to the forms with the Affordable Care Act that is an instance with recalculating the plans or the premium structures. The providers and the insurers need to focus on the skilled management for the goods. 

• Customer View: The focus is on planning about the planning and focusing on the needs to realize about the planning along with realizing about the unhealthy set of minds. The solution is through offering the bigger variety of the products with understanding about how one is able to work over the health charts in the stores with buying to become healthy. The other idea is to replace the fast food products with the serving of the salads with the focus on the financial analysis [3]. The EA includes the business architecture with understanding the applications or the data architecture that helps in the proper operations and the interoperability. The mobile phone technology, speed are effective for the customers. The planning needs to be done with understanding the automation, analytics and then providing them with the overall scores. The elements are defined with the healthy exercising with the depth of the usage and the growth of the account. The awareness is through increased interactions on the social media with the customer service and the satisfaction with the increased net promoter scores. It leads to the reduced call centers with the marking approach with growing market shares in the certain segments or country.

• Internal Process View: The internal process perspectives are defined with the process improvement with focusing on the streamlining of the internal approval process. The optimization of the quality with the reduced manufacturing waste is important for the healthcare standards. This will help in improving the performance and driving the changes. It is based on the capacity utilization through the use of the technology with the effective standards, for instance. The process is based on the management of costs with the for-profit organizations that are related to the instances for putting the customers with technology and then detailing the objectives as well. The Social Responsibility and the planning needs to be done for understanding about the technologies along with the vital organization to understand how the mapping can be done for the different objectives that are defined on the page for the health sectors. It will involve the discussions about the understanding with the cost savings and reducing production costs by 10% in 2020 [4].

• Learning and Growth View: The perspectives is based on the concrete side of the things with the final perspectives that are important to focus on planning and understanding about the intangible drivers for the performance. The perspectives are based on the following components. The human capital includes the skills, talent and the knowledge where there is a need to work on the skills assessment and the performance management scores [6]. The effectiveness is defined through working on the forms where there are information related to the databases, information systems, networks and the technology infrastructure. The safety systems with the data protection systems include the investments on the infrastructure planning as well. The organizational capital includes with the protection of the data. The organizational structure capital includes the culture, leadership and the alignment of the employees with the teamwork [5]. The knowledge management includes the staff engagement with the employees working on the net promoter scores and the corporate culture auditing.

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