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Charter for Enterprise Security Committee Assignment Help

Create a Charter for the Enterprise Security Committee ; Use the guideline outlined below. 

IT Governance charter document should be in outline format and contain the following sections: 

Governance Entity Name 



•      Objectives 


Decision Authority 

Membership Chair Person(s) & Members (appointments and rotation) 


•      Structure (meeting frequency and location) 

Relationships (Other governing entities) 

Executive Signatures (CEO, CIO, COO, etc.) & Dates
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Charter for Enterprise Security Committee

Overview of the current project and progression

As of now the growing Bio-Tech company is working to manage the IT aspects of the organization purely on ad-hoc basis. There is no systematic and strategy in use to constrain insecurities in the system as well to streamline the operations in the process execution. In this regard the charter for the enterprise security committee is proposed in the following part of the write-up with detailed emphasis on the summary of the objectives as well as the roles and duties of the different stakeholders of this organization. Apart from the above detailing, there is also sufficient information presented there in the report about the limitations as well as information about several other aspects of the enterprise security committee functionalities like the comprehensive purpose of the committee, scope as well jurisdiction of the domain, objectives of the committee, responsibilities, decision authority etc. Further there is detailed information about the members and the chairman details. Charter also presented with the suggestive details over the frequency of meeting of the members of the committee, location of the meeting, relationship with the scope and extent with other governing entities. The format is presented in the formal manner along with the signatures of the participants in the team.

Governance Entity Name:

Enterprise Security committee.


The purpose of the current committee is to enable security in the enterprise to the maximum extent. The ultimate objective is not to let the enterprise security be compromised; as well the committee is also expected to sustain the relations with other IT governance entities and should able to get their collaboration in meeting the objectives of the committee. Further the committee should also provide the necessary support for the other entities to lead their functionalities in line with the mission and vision of the organization.
The current committee is expected to work within the boundaries of the organizational operational framework. The privileges and the rights to enforce the code of security by the enterprise security committee are limited to the operations of the internal stakeholders. Also the scope of the security enterprise is extended to safeguard the networking of the enterprise resources. The external stakeholders of the organization and their networking operations with IT resources of the organization can be enabled with the security provisions and protocols provided by the enterprise security committee. Also the current entity will work on to create internal protocols regarding the access controls, authorizations of privileges and the multi level security functionalities etc. However the ultimate acceptance and approval of the same will be in the hands of the apex committee of Business and IT executive board.


? The current entity is bounded to enforce the IT security in the organization. IT is the primary objective of the entity to upkeep the security in all the enterprise functionalities, networking, data access and storage provisions etc.
? Also the committee is expected to keep up co-ordial and professional relationship with other IT governance entities like Data/Information committee, Enterprise Application committee, Architecture &Infrastructure committee, IT services committee.
? The security protocols and procedures need to be prepared as applicable to each of the service domains of these organizations.
? Enterprise security committee will be instrumental in providing all the necessary resources to enforce and implement the security procedures and protocols in the organization.


? To keep up the security in IT functions in the entire enterprise wise operations and in networking operations as well.
? To enable secured IT operations in the Data management
? To secure Enterprise applications in the organization
? To let the architecture and infrastructure in the organization be enabled to align with the security standards and objectives.
? To let all the IT services in the enterprise be secured and upto the organizational security requirements (Bustamante et al., 2017).

Decision authority

All the members of the committee in co-ordination with other governance entities will prepare the protocols, procedures and will set the standards for the implementation of the security features in the organization. However still for implementing the said security provisions, the ultimate approval of the IT Executive board is needed. In any case the formal authority to take up the decisions for formulating the policies will lie with the team of the security committee. In any case the ultimate decisions on all the critical aspects like levels of authorizations and privileges provision will all lie in the control of the IT executive board of the organization. They can review the recommendations of the enterprise security committee and will either propose modifications or will simply accept the changes as per the case review basis (Peltier, 2016).

Membership Chair person:

Senior IT manager as nominated by the board of the directors (Normally will be suggested by the IT executive board). If there is no senior IT manager available, a competent professional with several years of IT experience in the organization can be selected or will be recruited for leading this committee.


All IT mangers, security professionals, security consultants will become part of the committee members. There can be also recruitment of security specialists as per the application or service requirements.
Appointment: To be nominated by the chairperson - will be approved by IT governance board.
Duration will be for 3 years and will be extended based on the need or will be replaced by new people.


The team will deliver IT security models, resources requirements, plan for security enhancement of the organization from time to time. Further they will be ensured to be in line with the established standards in the organization (Rahacek, 2017)
Further they will provide action plan to keep the security of the organization upgraded to the latest threats and the challenges as well.


The current enterprise security committee is expected to meet once in every week to consolidate the progression of the security enhancement measures in the organization. They can provide recommendations, review the progress and provide recommendations and modifications from time to time (Schwalbe, 2015). Further the frequency of the meeting can be either increased or decreased based on the scenario; in any case the proposed basic frequency meeting is once in every week.
Location: The meeting location will be in the board room of the IT security division.


IT security committee will maintain co-ordial relations with each of the entities of the governance committee. Their concerns and the recommendations will be considered in providing their deliverables. Also the IT security committee division will consider the needs and requirements of the other entities in formulating the IT strategies for the organization. Hence there will be interactions with them from time to time based on the scenarios. A comprehensive inclusive management will ensure competitive advantage (Selig, 2018) as well effective fulfilment of the security objectives to the organization.


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