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Tb Analysis Assignment Help

Tuberculosis M. tuberculosis can be transmitted in virtually any setting. Clinicians should be aware that transmission has been documented in healthcare settings where healthcare workers and patients come in contact with persons with infection. 

• Describe the factors that determine the infectiousness of a tuberculosis (TB) patient; 

• Explain the main goals of a TB infection control program; 

• Discuss the three levels of an effective TB infection control program; 

• Explain the purpose and the characteristics of a TB airborne infection isolation room; and 

• Describe the circumstances when respirators and surgical masks should be used. references should be 3-5 and less than 5year old. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Tb Analysis Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

Describe the factors that determine the infectiousness of a tuberculosis (TB) patient;
Some of the factors are the cough, cavity present in the lung with the acid-fast bacilli on the sputum smear. There are other problems of TB disease on the lungs or larynx where there are no receiving of adequate treatments. The other factors can be undergoing the problem of cough inducing procedures like bronchoscopy, sputum induction and the other aerolite medications. The persistent cough for the time of 3 weeks or more, with pain in chest and blood sputum where the fever, chills and the night sweats come with fatigue that cause a major problem (Nahid et al., 2016). The primary risks are for the health care workers with undiagnosed unsuspected patients where the protocols are implemented and then enforced through identifying, isolating and separating the transfer or managing persons. The people are suspected with TB disease where airborne infection room brings a major problem.

Explain the main goals of a TB infection control program;

The goals are for the detection of the TB disease promptly with isolating all those who have been suspected with airborne precautions. The treatment of people are suspected to have the problem of TB disease. The people suspected needs to be given the diagnostic evaluation where clinicians and other health care workers also need to suspect the TB disease in people with the symptoms like the pain in chest, weight loss or the night sweats. The other problems need to be handled with healthcare settings, where protocols have to be implemented with identifying, isolating and managing the people for the suspecting (Lau et al., 2016). The patient with the drug suspects need to match on standards of multidrug antituberculotic treatment with clinical and bacteriologic response for the therapy. This will lead to reduction in cough, and then resolution of fever. It helps in building a culture and drug susceptibility results which are not know till the decisions are made for the airborne precautions.

Discuss the three levels of an effective TB infection control program;

The three levels are:

a. The administrative controls reduce the problem of risks exposures. It includes assigning responsibility and authority for controlling the infection and conducting a control risk assessment for the setting.

b. The environmental control is to prevent from spreading the concentration and then reducing it for the droplet nuclei. The primary environment controls inflection by complete diluting and removing the contaminated air or through using the ventilation methods (Ho et al, 2016). There is a need to make use of controlling the airflow for cleaning the air and controlling it to prevent the air in different areas with high efficiency particulate air.

c. Respiratory Protection controls are for handling the TB infection control which includes the usage of the personal protective equipment. Here, the protection is through reducing the risks to droplet and then implementing some of the protection programs that includes the training of HCW for the respiratory protection (Leutkemeyer et al., 2016). The patients need to be educated for respiratory hygiene and the cough etiquette.

• Explain the purpose and the characteristics of a TB airborne infection isolation room

They prevent the droplet nuclei which have been expelled by patients with Tb. This is for patientsentiments and for handling the suspecting of TB disease in AII room. The medical facilities are for the correctional settings that need to have at least one AII room where the need is based on TB risks assessments. The characteristic is about negative pressure which is relative to other facilities. The other possibility is adjusted or modify the ventilating system properly.

• Describe the circumstances when respirators and surgical masks should be used.

When they are for reducing the droplets exhaled in air by people with Tb, at the time of breathing, coughing, or sneezing. The other facilities include the medium risks where the correctional facilities could minimize the risks that are implemented with AII rooms for the inmates with suspected Tb (Martinez et al, 2016). The masks need to be used at the time of transport for the treatment. With this, there is a need of the homeless shelters where the diseases for the early detection and treatment can handle the long-term care facilities. The inmates are also suspected to wear the mast at the time of transport for facilities which includes sharing of information and evaluating the signs and symptoms for the early detection and treatment. The follow-up needs to be made for the local TB program where no infants or children are holding the conditions that are for the household.

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