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HUMN4003 Creating A Need Assignment Help

Summarize the purpose of conducting a needs assessment for the population in the case study. 

Identify several methods for performing a needs assessment of the population in the case study (homeless families). 

Explain how you would find the normative, expressed, perceived, and relative needs of the population, and outline the data collection procedure(s) for each of the methods you identify.

Formulate a set of goals and objectives for the program in the case study based on the apparent needs of the population as outlined in the case study.

Finally, provide a brief explanation of the importance of having a cohesive mission statement and set of goals within an organization.

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The needs assessment is required to understand the demand of a specific range of people. Sometimes, it is not possible to go and ask people personally about the preferences, a need assessment is highly required (Do, Toure, Nlam, & Su, 2017). In the case study, there are a huge number of people and it is literally impossible to know the lacks in them and what are the exact requirements of these people. Transitional living programs on these people would be meaningless in case a needs assessment is not done before. Actually the people in this case study are having a number of choices and the needs assessment can help the researcher to have a grip over the basic needs of these people.


The main methods for needs assessment is survey. It can be done both online and offline. Observation is also another method which can be used. A proper questionnaire is required to be used for needs assessment.


It cannot be denied that people will have "a range of need" as each people have something different in them. There is a basic need of home among these people it was clear and there is a need of food as well. Apart from these two, "remaining needs can be identified".

Data collection process

For survey, a questionnaire is set and responses of the participants are analysed through statistical techniques like regression analysis, correlation (Suarez-Balcazar, 2018). After observation, different points are noted which later analysed through analytical techniques.

Goals and objectives

Goal of the assessment is to understand the various needs of the participants and to meet the goal, the objectives are:

- To observe their needs

- To find the similarities and differences


It can help the organizer to serve these homeless people in a proper way and according to their needs. Unless the needs assessment is done, there can be a possibility of incorrectness.

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