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POLI 10 Environmental Politics

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The POLI 10 Environmental Politics course is all about the global environmental issues, including the analysis of political theories and comparative politics in the emerging field of environmental policy.

Environmental policy refers to policy related to the environment (see also environmental policy), and its research area focuses on three pillars:

  • Research of political theories and ideas related to the environment;
  • Review of the environmental position of the main political parties and environmental social movements;
  • Analyze the process of making and implementing decisions that affect the environment at multiple geopolitical levels.

Neil Carter, in his flagship book Environmental Policy (2009), pointed out that environmental policy differs in at least two respects: first, "it mainly focuses on the relationship between human society and the natural world"; Secondly. "Unlike most other standalone issues, it is full of its own ideology and political movement" (p. 5, borrowed from Michael Jacobs, Green Millennium, 1997).

In addition, he distinguished between modern and early forms of environmental policy, especially protectionism and protectionism. Contemporary environmental policy "is driven by the idea of ??a global environmental crisis that threatens the survival of mankind." "Modern environmentalism is a political and activist mass movement that requires a radical change in the values ??and structure of society.

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