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Consider a highly visible business person in a leadership position. Discuss these individuals leadership styles/traits in terms of what we have learned from our reading.

The business leader person who has been chosen is the Pepsi Ex CEO Indra Nooyi. Individual leadership style is quite influencing, inspiring and is the transactional style of the leadership. Not only her participative and makes the other people work along with her, but she also ensures every member are able to put an equal effort and input within the given work. It is also relatively appealing to make the employees work in the given framework and to be thinking alike to grow with the business (Trochim, 2016).

What characteristics have made this person successful? Since all leaders encounter dissension at some point, what characteristics have helped this person handle conflict and what characteristics have hindered him/her?

The key characteristic of the leader is to take people along with each other and also how she has turned the Pepsi image from a cold beverage seller to a company which has evolved with the healthy snacking. The company not only made a head start revolutionary in changing its perception among the people, but it also invested its time in employees to help them understand the company core vision and the mission.

How could the latter be addressed effectively?

The latter can be addressed such as to be patient, perseverance and the listening ability, that has helped him /her to overcome the challenges foreseen (Dudley, 2014).
Provide examples and cite all resources.
Example, Pepsi was going a downturn, but as Indra Nooyi had a vision and a goal, which helped

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