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David Walker’s “Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World” Assignment Help

In the wake of the publication of David Walker’s "Appeal to the Coloured citizens of the World," many critics argued that he was a dangerous radical. They claimed that Walker was trying to subvert the principles on which the United States was founded.Read the Declaration of Independence. Then consider Walker’s Appeal. After comparing the two documents, how radical do you think Walker was? Was his Appeala subversion or a logical extension of the principals of the American Revolution? Explain. 

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In this assignment, the researcher will critically review a book, and the name of the book that wasbeing chosen by the researcher was “Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World” written by the author named Peter P. Hinks. The researcher will draw a primary conclusion of how walkers had suffered from being the black person in theUnited States of America in the year 1877. The researcher would also appeal itself by analyzing the primary evidence of the book. The researcher will conclude after the completion of the argument on how David Walker had ruled America and how dangerous he was during the year 1877.

Analysis of David Walker Appeal

The first article of the book was mainly about slavery in America and the relative consequences faced by all the slaves in America during the year 1877. All the outsiders of the country America like Indians of South andNorth America, Greeks, Irish, Jews ought to be slaves for all the American people,and their job would be to work on their farms and digging mines. Majority of the white Americans have reduced all the people to the state of slavery,and every American had treated cruelly with all the outsiders. In the book, it could be seen that the Christians Americans used to behave cruelly with people like the Pharaohs in Egypt. Thecolor of the skin in the past was one of the main reason that had been lead to slavery. Majority of the white Americansalways used to distinguish themselves against the African people or browned color people. Majority of the Americans had not declared removal ofthe differentiation of the skin color and completely made the other race rest in misery and wretchedness. The African black people or any other skin color except white people who marry the white woman would be doomed to be a slave because the wife was white.

From this abstract, it could be seen how much lower the other race were than the white people in the past.  The people who are not white had to work day and night for acquiring a little money and stays at the small piece of land. Majority of the white man had cheated out the property of other skin color people and drove them out of the door without any proper reason. The people with different types of colors must be united for trusting their opinions and get away from all the miseries suffered by all the white Christians. The book explains to the people that they must not take any attempts to gain a separate natural right or freedom from any cruel murderers or cruel oppressors until the peoplecan get a clear picture or real purpose of the freedom. The king or the leader who had stolen the rights of the people and kept the people from ignorance needs to be removed. According to the assertion of Mr. Jefferson, he said that being black had only pleased the creator. The world will able to see that there are people who were much darker than white people. Majority of the white people think black people like the murderers and must work in slavery under the white people at any cause. Majority of the black people use to create music known as blues genre to criticize the white people indirectly by singing and playing guitar.

In the book, it was written that the people who would not fight under the masterJesus Christ and Lord for a cause of freedom then they were bound to be a slave. In a South Carolina Paper, it could be seen some cruel words had been written against the Turks. The paper had written that the Turks were one of the brute people and they treat the Greek people very badly than normal human beings. The South Carolina also has a picture that mainly shows the cuts of three men with the budgets and clubs on their backs with offerings of the sum of money for the delivery and apprehension of the three men. The white Americans in the present days also try to punish the people with different skin color without any reason because they feel they are highly superiors than the other race. Majority of the people around the world knows that the Romans were the only one who keeps other people as slaves. However, the white Americans had made slaves to other people in a different way and not like the Romans. Roman slaves were one of the rarest artists as told by Mr. Jefferson. The Roman slaves were usually being employed as the tutors for mastering the children of Rome. In Rome, the Phaedrus, Terence,and Epictetus were white and were slaves.

When the slaves of Romans gets freedom could rise into one of the greatest eminences inside the State. However, the Americans instituted law had prohibited the color of man from holding and obtaining any official document or job under the United States of America which was very cruel behavior coming from the white Christians.   In America, there are many slaveholding states and all the white Christians are dragging the other ace in handcuffs and chains to their states and territories so that they could able to work in farms and mines for enriching their children. The white people had always been a jealous, unjust, bloodthirsty and avaricious set of beings who had always seek for authority and power.  Majority of the Americans had thrown children, women,and men into the sea by taking a vessel and also murdered them in different ways.

In the second article, the book explains thewretchedness according to the consequences of ignorance. The enlightenment of Europeans and Christians had suffered from ignorancethrough the degradation of their fathers. Majority of the fathers of the white people had plunged their children into telling them that they were distinct race and inferior race of all. Misfortune and fortune are two companions that are inseparable and rolled up with events that had taken place among the men unless God dashes together.  The book also explains about Hannibal who was one of the best generals of antiquity and had ordered about thousands of white murderers or Romans. Majority of the white Christians in the past required slaves and mainly wants people with different race or color. The white people in America believe that they are the only race who has very good spirits and the black or brown people has very bad spirits.  The book explains that both the treachery and ignorance goes against each other with an object submission and groveling servile for all the latest tyrants.

All the Americanstry to make the black people believe that they were one of the misfortunes that God had created and these races are the destruction of all the relative principles. Majority of the people were curious to see the force of ignorance that had been developed among all the people of color who are living in the United States of America. Some of the treacherous and ignorant creatures were sneaking out the large cities and endeavoring for finding out the strange people of color address and the place where thy work. All the white people would ask a question to the strange people of color and would try to ascertain whether they were runaways or not. The white people look upon the strange people of color as the absconders,and about thousands of lies can provide well information about the relative ignorant. In Baltimore, Boston, New York,and Philadelphia all the men of color except the whites were in league with allthe respective tyrants and had received a huge portion of the daily bread.  The daily bread and money hadbeen acquired from the tears and blood of the most miserable brethren and scoundrel white Americans who were one of the natural enemies for all the other races.

The book also provided an extract of Columbian Centinel where an outrage had been committed in the city Kentucky a nodriver named Gordon had purchased a place in Maryland where about sixty Negros had been living and were being assisted by an associate named Allen.  All the Negros were being handcuffed and chain in a regular manner for driving the poor wretches. However, the children and women were being suffered from the scenarios without any encumbrance. It shows how much the associate Allan was ignorant to the Negros and when they were proceeding to the state one of the negros dropped their shackles for fighting with other men. All the Negro felt a sense of liberty,and one of the seizings had been killed by Negro by providing a hard blow in his head.  Allen also faced the same fate for getting killed with a pistol by another gang. The black people respect murdering men while the whites have the advantage as they can able to think themselves as the prospects by murdering people to provide the subject of degradation and wretchedness.

The third article mainly explains the wretchedness in the consequences of the preachers of the religion of the LordJesus Christ. The religions are mainly the subject for the deep considerations for all the nations of the earth.  American Christians always think that Christians are one of the superior religion that other religion.  Christian like Bartholomew Las Cases were notoriously avaricious Catholic preacher or priest who had proposed the relative Spaniards for importing all the Africans from the Portuguese settlement in Africa for digging up silver and gold. The African also needs to work in plantations as slaves,and the first blacks were being imported in the world during the year 1503.  All the white Americans are highly wicked and torture the black people for their enjoyment. The black people had to step aside from the bus seat if white people enter the bus. If the black people donot get up from their seat, then they will be punished according to the law of the United States. 


From the overall analysis of the book, it couldbe seen that Walker had able to challenge his slumbering and afflicted brethren to cast off and rise their chains to fight against the white Americans. Walker had to work tirelessly for circulating his book underground networks in the southern region. The appeal had remained as the rallying point for all the Africans for many long years for anticipating the relative radicalism of all the relative black leaders from Martin Luther King Jr. to Malcolm X. Both the politician and historians were recognizing the importance of the appeal provided by Walker.

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