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The topic is: Is religion personal or is it more a part of a community? Consider some of the religions we have looked at and explore how they answer personal questions versus addressing the needs of a community. Does the nature of the religion define these relationships?

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Religion is an organized system put in place to tie or bind together people with set of common beliefs and rituals. Religion also will make people get bounded to become part of a common culture. Hence when seen from broad outlook and frame of vision, religion is something significant at community level and has implications to address the needs at community level. Religion has nothing to do things in isolation. Religion defines the people relations, suggests ways and means of behaviour at individual level and in community level as well.  

For example, Islam preaches the fundamental addressing of Prophet, Prophet in Hadith (saying) indicates that the religion is not what one formally or ritualistically practices; rather it is what one deals with others.  As per ibada, living upto the preaching and duties bestowed by god is the fundamental obligation of the Muslim. Hence, it is something that people need to follow and work at community level. Quran’ preaching emphasized the equality of all people, which is a community level address. Islam has clear vision towards the actions and expected deeds of the people in all their societal interactions (Sayeed,2017). 

It defines what people are expected from all religions, Muslims, non-Muslims and dhimmis all are defined of their obligations and duties as per the book of Quran. Other duties as preached by Islam indicate forgiveness, forbearance etc are all related with individual actions and interactions at community level and it is expected that they need to perform things accordingly. At individual level duties of people are prescribed, however they are more related as their obligations to the community. Hence Islam as a religion is conveying the message of god in the form of duties prescribed to individuals at community level of interactions. 

Hindu religion in essence preaches the principles of karma. Through the philosophy of karma, people will be informed of what they should perform towards their family as duty, what they should perform towards their community and what is defined as divine and suggested course of action. Hindu religion preaches what people should do as their divine duty. Bhagwadgita the essence of Hindu religion also preaches the message of god as duty of individuals towards community (Gandhi,2017). 

Buddhism is another popular religion, which more or less defines the similar principles of action which individual need to obey as a person in community. One should not involve in killing, one should not involve in stealing, and there should be respect towards sexual conduct, no lying, no intoxications etc. Further through the principles of reincarnation, the value of good conduct in community is teached by religion. 

Christianity preached “love thy neighbour”, one should love his neighbour and what makes a person a true Christian is defined by the principles of god in the book of Bible. Bible dictates the conditions to be followed by people in life a commitment and necessity towards morality and ethical values etc. All the principles define the code of conduct and action needed by individuals as a part of community. This is what is expected by Christian as per the book of bible(Moltmann,2015). 

To comprehend and summarize more or less all the religions are binding individuals towards a common vision and goals of behaviour.  They do expect certain responsibility and duty towards the community.  They do define what is needed from a person in the society as an individual and hence it is very much related to the community and relations expected at community level are defined by religion.  Hence religion addresses the relations and needs of the people at community level, this inturn will define their individual actions but ofcourse towards society at large.

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