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MAN501 Management Fundamentals Assignment Help

S: Situation – in this section you will give a brief description of the case by identifying the issues involved and ramifications. 

T: Theory – in this section you will describe the management theory or theories that would apply to the particular case. You should consult your text book and readings for this section. 

A: Action – in this section you should examine the actions taken in the case in relation to the theories outlined above. For example in what ways were the actions taken reflect what is espoused in the theory? Or were they contradictory to theory? 

R: reflection – in this section you should reflect on the three previous sections and discuss why or why not the theory was supported, what could have been done better and how this might have been achieved. 

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Previously in the organization, Jim was the manager, who was transparent, approachable and was liked by everyone. Due to his leadership skills, the team working, and individual goals were in sync with the organization goals. He had a quite balanced approach. he also had a tendency to speak all and consider everyone decisions, while making an end decision (Reiche, 2015). After which a new manager Brain came, who as ready with the many changes and his leadership styles were not liked by anyone. He has a sense of pride while speaking and does not disclose all the matter. He was given the feedback and directions but was not good with the suggestion. he uses to assign work, but the instruction to do it and how to proceed with the matter were not clear. Consequently, it has resulted in the conflict within the teams and the anger has raged to punches and the constant frustrations seen among the team members. Even when team individual approaches for the proper instruction, Brian always says "See I told you". he looks authoritative but he does not provide a good direction, support and even does not disclose entire information.


The theories applied here are the

McGregor's theory X and theory Y

The McGregor theory suggest how there can be a contrasting differences in between the Theory X and Theory Y which can help to evaluate the managers to determine and relate with the people: In theory X it is perceived as how the people dislike work and would have a low ambition, but they would be willing to take the new responsibility, while in the Theory Y always think that the employees are happy to work and also they would be happy to have on the additional duties even without adequately forcing upon them.

Lewin's leadership styles and the management grid

- Authoritarian.-: It takes a random decision, without consulting their team members, and does not consider team inputs to be useful. It also applies with the approach of the quick decisions making styles and would require an approach of the no need for team input, or any sort of the team agreement.

- Participative or Democratic-: for every decision and the approaches, the leader and the employees participate. This makes them feel valuable, important and works productively.

- Delegative Leadership (Laissez-Faire)-: Freedom is given to the team, deadlines set and they would deliver. It leads to high job satisfaction productivity (Noe, 2017).

- Transformational Style-: It integrates the elements of the integrity, high emotional intelligence, is typically self-aware and empathic.

- Transactional Style-: Gives rewards, incentives for the effective contribution of the team members. Motivates them through external rewards/

- Situational -: It identifies how the leaders behave in a certain situation to keep things balanced and peaceful.

Hersey and Blanchard's situational leadership

It focuses on the situational leadership model and considers that there is as such no single or a specific leadership style. It considers successful approaches to the styles that are dependent on the "follower maturity." It describes how there would be a follower maturity related to the ability and confidence with respect to the leading point.

Effective communications

Related to the case, Brain should approach a change in leadership style and be transparent in the communication, He should detail and disclose all the information.

Decision-making techniques

To keep things smooth and productive, Brain should make the team members participate and formulate end decisions or strategy accordingly.

Manager use of the classical, behavioral or heuristic techniques

- Classical-: it describes the generic approaches and styles (Hofstede, 2015).

- Behavioral-: it is more approach in the context of the psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and related elements.

- Heuristic Techniques-: It allows to subconsciously make a corrective technique depending on the situation, environment, and the team members.

Brian not using correct technique.

The theories for effective team management are the-:

- Belbin's theory-: It describes each of the team members has a different set of patterns, behavior, and characteristics.

- Tuckman Theory-: this applies how there can be a formation, storming, and performance related to the phase.


The theory of X & Y is applicable, where Jim sees everything to be positive and balanced, and views his team to be contributing, while Brian approach is of the X theory, where he sees team members as lousy, demotivated and not responsible with the aims.

Jim should also change his style from participating in the laissez-faire, situation or to be transactional. It would keep team members more engaged. He is correct while applying the situation leadership theory.

Brian should change his leadership style form authoritative to being participative, situation and transformational.


In my view, Jim is handling everything smoothly, his team members are happy with the Jim style of management and it is making everything productive. While, Brain is pretty bossy and lies to command and like to control (Cascio, 2015). In here Brain needs to be adaptive and change his leadership style to transformational and situational.

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