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Discrimination-Free Environment Assignment Help


You recently started a position as a human resources manager. A discrimination complaint is sitting on your desk about a group of Amerasian workers. The complaint describes the workers as &quot;those people who marry our service personnel to become citizens, then sponge off the country and our good will.&quot; The complaint is over 30 days old. A counter-complaint has been filed by a group of the Amerasians for discrimination by &quot;elitist White supremacists.&quot; How will you assess and implement a plan to address both complaints? Be sure to address the implementation of diverse cultures in the workplace and how this will impact organizational perceptions and performances.

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The two complaints that has been waiting on my desk, carry one common feature and that is the discrimination act is practiced in both the actions. The personnel's who marry the service people in order to gain the citizenship has been discriminating between our people and their people which is reflected in their thought of exploiting the person for getting a citizenship while the discrimination by elitist white supremacists has been discriminating between the white and the blacks (Ali et al. 2015). This situation desires a solution for ending the discrimination be it in any form and for this, I would take an initiation of recruiting candidates on one criteria and that would be performance and capability, no other considerations would be made. The 30 days old complaint would be taken care of by appealing to the government for providing citizenship to those who has been serving in the country for more than three years and this would help in reducing the exploitation of the people for getting a citizenship. The other case of elitist white decimation would be met through undertaking some major step for those who is found guilty of executing such acts within the organization. The organization would not entertain such employees and they would be provided with a certificate of practicing unethical practices. The organization would be impacted hugely by these actions as the certification action would create a restriction and this would make the organization discrimination free (Hope et al. 2015). The working of the employees would be enhanced as the people would gradually understand each other and would prevail the principle of humanity in the company. Being the human resource manager these initiations would be initiated through the department and the employee legislation would also include its mention which would make the employees restricted towards unfair practices.

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