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Improving Organizational Culture Assignment Help

Improving Organizational Culture: Acceptance of Religion and Orientation

Compare the impact of different religious beliefs and practices (choose three to four different religions) and how these affect the organizational culture, and describe how your new plan and policy will improve organizational culture through inclusion of different religious beliefs and practices.

Compare how belief systems of different gender orientations and sexual orientations may impact the organizational culture, and describe the effects of discrimination against any of these. In your plan of action, address how inclusion and assimilation of different orientations
will improve organizational culture.

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Fig technology is a well-known software solution company offering services for networking, as hoc support, software audits, procurement management and so on. The company is situated in Kensington, London employing more than thousands employees globally. However, there has been a risen concern recently regarding organization culture. Employees working in in various branches of the organization have reported against misbalanced in organization culture. The organization norms are somewhat discriminating the employees based on their gender, religious beliefs and sexual preference. Hence this business plan has been prepared to draft an assessment for the concern and propose action plan recommending some modification of organizational policies that would minimize the harassment and discrimination.

Impact of different religious belief on organization culture

Religious diversity in work environment is significant. Fig technology operates its branches in many countries hence they have employees of diversified religion. The company policies are uniformly maintained in every branch and as result employees of different religion feel discriminated when they are exempted from attending to their religious practice.

For instance, there are employees belonging to Islam, Hindu and Buddhism religion. Employees belonging to each of the religion have their separate set of religious events. According to Feldman and Msibi, (2016) Islam employees fast for a month during Ramadan so working regular during this period in tight deadlines affects their health as a result work productivity is affected. Buddhists require a separate space for praying at certain interval of time (Frenking, 2016). Some tattoo or pierce on body for religious purpose that might violate organizational code. On the other hand some Hindus grow dreadlock for the purpose of offering. This might be annoying to his neighbor colleague for hygiene issue hence the employers subject them to comply with organization dress code.

Action plan

- Religious accommodation: it includes taking account of religious beliefs while planning holiday events. For example the non-Christian employees might opt to work on Christian holidays and take leaves during their religious events.

- Freedom of religious expression: the employees can be permitted to chant prayers at their working space as long their practice do not harm others.

- Fasting and forbidden foods: the pantry of the company should have options for vegetarian, halal meat. A separate canteen is required because it is very insensitive to have non veg meal adjacent to somebody who is fasting for religious purpose (Sbbauer and Schafer, 2018).

- Masking religious symbols: the employees growing dreadlock or tattooing in visible body parts should simply cover up then on entering premises. This will maintain religious balance and enhance employee productivity (Frenking, 2016).

Impact of gender orientation on organization culture

Gender orientation in workplace arises from denying certain rights and benefits to employees. Despite of several laws, the homosexual people still face obstacles in their work environment. As opined by Sharma, (2016) this attitude results in loosing potential talents from workplace. Harassment also comes from gender perspective, for instance Islam religion ignore unnecessary physical contact with opposite sex such as shaking hands. Here judging the employee based on professional ethics is disrespecting the religious values. There are many news articles that reflected the malicious effect of such discrimination.

Effects of gender based discrimination

Many victimized employees have developed suicidal thoughts and went into severe depression. So it can be seen sexual orientation and gender discrimination gives rise to mental health concerns. Gender discrimination also gives rise to conflicts that wastes work productivity time as it diverts focus from the task. For instance, the organization does not approve leave for a gay couple whereas it allowed paid leave for a heterosexual couple in the same workplace. All such action gives impression of poor company morale and reduces organizational productivity because unhappy employees cannot give their best performance in workplace (Sharma, 2016).

With enactment of other laws other similar organizations have come up with new policies that encourage the employees for participating in anti-discrimination campaigns such as rainbow march. As a result such an approach also enhances the brand value of the companies. According to Panicker et al. (2017) employees will look to shift to other organizations where their personal and religious sentiments will get preferred.

Action plan

- Consideration of legal actions: Adopting to strong policies to prohibit discrimination and incorporating in the employment contract. Violating of which will be taken charge under civil rights act (Feldman and Msibi, 2016)

- Focusing on talent: Breaking of old traditions of recruitment in order to attract diversified talents, for instance specific divisions preferring male employee over female should consider the skills other than gender. They should understand female employees are equally equipped and talented with necessary skills.

- Encouraging workplace diversity: Assisting high quality diversity and staff training to every level. It should arrange employee assistance programs and harassment cell for women (Frenking, 2016)

- Gender identification: Ensuring supportive and tailor approach providing equal opportunities and guidance to gender identifying policies. The organization should setup procedures to eliminate every barrier between gender and religion so that the working employees are not victimized with the feeling of isolation.


A diversified working environment employs many employees regardless of their religious and sexual background. An encouraging workplace serves as motivation to its employees. Respecting religious sentiments and personal space represents leadership rather demotivating the person. Minimizing harassment and discrimination at workplace enhance organization morale. Moreover the group of people from different background and preference shares different perspectives to mitigate workplace challenge. Such initiatives also improve relationship between the communities. Hence it can be established that organizations retaining diversified employees create global impact and follows the practice as an effective strategic tool.

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