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Spirituality As A Remedy In The Nursing Practice Assignment Help

This is another spirituality paper. i want it to be related to nursing. The book to use is The Ministry Of Healing. Chapter 19 page 94.Also the work citation should be in APA format. also no plagiarism.

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Title:  Spirituality as a remedy in the nursing practise.


Nursinginvolves a holistic approach that places the patient at the centre, along with their biopsycho-spiritual beliefs are addressed. The whole person concept accommodates the spiritual and social and physical needs of a patient. The health service industry realised the spirituality of an individual as a fundamental dimension to achieve a transcendent meaning and purpose of one’s own life. Religion is often considered as the organised beliefs however; it can be viewed as the outward expression of the spiritual understanding. The extent of impact of the spirituality and practise of religious behaviour is yet to be defined. Research showed the reduction in the depression and anxiety in the individuals possessing these beliefs(Rego & Nunes, 2019).

 Nature nurtures the sick: 

This assignment discusses the concept of out of the hospital and spiritual services. According to Ellen white the modern lifestyle filled with excessive items purchased with a feeling of greed and pollution of a modern-day housing leads to the suffering of the individuals. The creator of human beings intended a simple way of life which would eliminate all the sickness and suffering.  The physical exercises and natural healing are encouraged to the severely sick individuals to find hope and joy.

The treasures in nature act as a foundation of overall well-being in the adverse situations especially in medical scenarios. In the anticipation of positive outcome through the appraisal of the parameters. I believe that the immediate environment does have a strong influence and enables the individual to survive. The clinical practise involves the recurrent dilemma of the caregivers and the patient’s post-surgery regarding the outcome or during their admission into the hospital.  Transfer of these individuals into the pleasant atmosphere and provision of outdoor services away from the hustle bustle of the hospital has a positive effect.

The community of the spiritual healers when brought togetherallows them to focus and stay engaged towards a common goal. Often a sense of belonging shapes the mental status of the person into more optimistic. According to the research the individuals that share common grievances and cherish the source of all energy are relatively more hopeful, under extremely stressful situations adapt better and have a higher chance of survival. The basic characteristics are similar however, the level of perception and the impact of it on each individual is different(White, 2014).

Nature in nursing practise:

Nursing practise involves the palliative care where they encounter people with terminal illness or chronic illnesses. The health outcome of an individuals and quality of life post the discharge is heavily dependant on the mental health of the patient. According to the research the regular interaction and exposure to the nature resulted in reduction in the anxiety, depression and enhanced the healing rate.  The elderly population have shown to promote the advance care plan and the practises to be followed post their death as they understand the oneness with the elements of world.The though diversion occurs whih may lead to increase in the healing capacity of an individual (Keniger, Gaston, Irvine, & Fuller, 2013). Loss of physical and mental abilities leads to the feelings of anger and resentment in the chronically ill patients which may further contribute to the degeneration of the health. With a goal of independence of the individual rehabilitation through instilling coping skills, promoting the thoughts of new self and encourage tragic optimism(White, 2014). 

Religion and culture: 

Religion is an expression of the organised beliefs on the supernatural being. Often the religious practises involve the interaction of the individuals with the members of community, practise selflessness through contribution, have faith in the future outcomes. Religion may serve as a motivational factor in the promotion of patient wellbeing. (Guilfoyle & St Pierre-Hansen, 2012)

Religious practises in nursing:

Religious practises significant impact the psychological wellbeing of an individual. The nursing practises that allow the individuals to follow theirrituals in the hospital settings observe a higher level of patient satisfaction and the health outcome. In some cultures  the individuals associate the colour of the clothing with omens andthe success of the treatment (Yousefi& Abedi, 2011)(Mauk& Schmidt, 2004)

Through the practise of the religion of the patients, there is a higher possibility of adherence to the instructions of nursing staff and the trust in the hospital staff is found to be increased. 

The application of the religious practices may sometimes be limited to the extent where the ethical responsibility of the nurses remains intact. Care needs to be practise while one is dealing with vulnerable individuals. Cultural pluralism is an ideal method of approach to balance the ethical bounds and the spiritual needs of the patients. The body language and the tone of communication are crucial in dealing with the transcultural patient. Building the information on the unique needs helps in understanding the emotions felt by an individual. For example the practise of fast in Muslim culture during the religious significant period may ameliorate the depression in the patient.

Despite the inclusion of the spiritual care the need for the psychotherapeutic support cannot be denied. Under extreme stress patients deny the aspect of medical care in the medicine administration, food choices, the gender of the nursing staff or the physician complicating the outcome. While the long-term care can accommodate the religious and cultural practise the acute illness and the emergency care must abide by the guideline provided by the nurses standards of practise.  


Spirituality and cultural competency in the health care is diverse and demands diverse modes of care in a clinical setting. An individual may face adverse health situation and simultaneously be mentally stable due to the beliefs possessed. Hence much emphasis is placed on the holistic recovery of the patient which includes the freedom to practise religion, language, cultural practises and identity. There is a need to foster the understanding of the spirituality in the nurses to provide the care that may render comfort and meaning to the lives of the patients especially the ones receiving the end-of life care. However, the caregiver and the physician hold their rights to their own beliefs while accepting that of the patients to truly achieve spiritual connection

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