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Domino''s Worldwide Assignment Help

Read and analyze the Domino''s Worldwide case on chapter 18 . Answer all the questions associated with the case.

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Do you think it is wise for Domino’s to stick to its traditional “home delivery” business model, even when that is not the norm in a country and when its international rivals have changed their format?

Due to tried-and-true strategy adopted in business model of Dominos delivery and basic offering sets the brand sets is apart from other business unit. Due to Dominos traditional “home-delivery” business model Domino very well established its business in overseas market. The primary focus on Domino is giving joy of having good pizza which contains exceptional bread, sauce and cheese.  Domino more focus on their advertising that making a good brand image and enhancing the customer experience by providing tasty pizza.

What do you think Domino’s does from an organizational perspective to make sure that it accommodates local differences in consumer tastes and preferences?

Domino differ its used ingredients I terms of toppings and spices used in the different countries.  As per the operations of China and Japan Domino very well understood that consumption of pizza is low in Japan but due to its unique toppings it created a huge demand for its pizza. Domino provides different shaped pizza as heart shaped pizza on Valentine and Mother’s day. It makes population of Japan to have pizza on different occasion (Mwanakinbula  E.,  Ole  Gabriel  E.,  &  Mwanakimbullah  R.,  2019). 

As Indian operations Domino’s included Oregano SpiceMix and focused on providing good pizza to vegetarian Indians. Dominos very well understand that what Hindu Population prefer when it comes to pizza eaten by large population.

So Dominos does focus on its organizational perspective to ensure that it accommodate with different market customer tastes and preferences based on their locality. 

How does the marketing mix for Domino’s in Japan differ from that in the United States? How does the marketing mix in India differ?

Domino’s adopted price and promotion tactics to be a hit in USA. In USA pizza a occasional food to have. It more focus to adopt promotional offers and presenting pizza toppings including snow crab, Mangalitsa pork with Bordeaux sauce, and beef stew with fresh mozzarella. Also it focuses on providing the pizza at a reasonable prices (Peeples, A. & Vaughn, C., 2015).

Domino’s adopted place and product factor of marketing mix as of Indian it more focused upon providing good pizza as per customer taste and also ensured that the pizza store should be as per customers’ convenience.  It more and more ensure that customers get clean eating place and it avoid those place which is congested. As Indians follow the culture of healthy and clean eating place so to ensure it Domino use fleets of mopeds and established in-store “use-me” trashcans. 

What lessons can we draw from the Domino’s case study that might be useful for other international businesses selling consumer goods?

Domino’s very well adopted the promotional mix in terms of international markets and does not left any scope to delight its customers. Company very well capitalizes the marketplace and as a first mover in market places it becomes the best pizza provider which make the brand a big hit. Domino’s market development and eventual channelization it strategically introduced its products at effective pricing and promotion tactics. Domino’s first very well analyze the pizza market of country then let other brand to introduce its products. Domino’s effective and delivery & carry-out operations make market entry in foreign countries easy. 

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