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Assessment 1 : Select a Primary Health Care Nurse Role of interest to you. Explain why nursing role is considered to be delivering primary health care and describe the common features of this role.Briefly describe the client group serviced by a nurse undertaking this role and identify a common health issue experienced by this clientele. Provide justification as to why  nurse would undertake health promotion action to address this issue on behalf of their clients. Explain each of the five health promotion strategies identified.in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. For each strategy, provide an example of an activity the PHC nurse could undertake that demonstrates your understanding of health promotion strategy.

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Assessment 1: Primary Health care Nurse Role and Health 


In this essay, one of the primary healthcare community nurse role and its different aspects will be explained. The primary healthcare nurse role which will be explained in this essay is rehabilitation service provided to the patients for different health issues. 

Description of the rehabilitation service as primary health care role 

The rehabilitation service is a process by which the patients try to recover from some mental or physical illness, which is preventing them from leading a normal life. The scope of the rehabilitation has increased increases in the past few years. Rehabilitation is a very critical health care issue as a large section of the current society is suffering from different types of health issue which are making the productivity of that society less and also creating difficulty in the society (Bright et al., 2015). For this reason, providing different types of rehabilitation services is important. The role of community nurses is also vital in this primary healthcare service as they provide different types of help in this rehabilitation process by different ways like providing the patients with correct medication or helping them in different physical activities or many other ways like these. Therefore, providing different types of rehabilitation services is considered to be one of the primary healthcare roles of the nurses. 

Distinguish the relationship between primary care and primary health care

Primary care and primary health care are two terms which are used interchangeably by the people, but there is some difference in the concept of these two terms. Primary care is a healthcare concept which concerned with the healthcare facilities to an individual or a particular family where the primary health care refers to the healthcare services provided to the overall society guided by the core principles formulated by World Health Organisation (Whitehead & Shaver & Stephenson, 2016). In another word, it can be said primary care is a narrower concept compared to primary health care. Primary care also concerned with the services given by the “family doctor-type”, and the services which are included in the primary care are diabetes management, minor injury treatment or other acute clinical care services. Primary health care refers to “public health-type” functions and mains concerned with what methods and technologies used to provide healthcare service to the public. 

The reasons why this role is delivering primary healthcare role 

This primary healthcare role of providing rehabilitation services is bettering the overall growth or heath of society in different ways. Drug addiction not only lessens the production of the society but also increase different crimes like theft or other different types of crime as the individuals are not in total sense or control of their activities due to the effect of these drugs. The drug rehabilitation helps the individuals recover from these drug addictions, and this lessens the different crimes in society (Rion & Kautz, 2016). 

The second reason for this role having high importance is that it helps the individual regain different abilities or skills, and this increases the overall potential of the society to grow. The third reason is that community nurse also provides rehabilitation service through this role to those individuals who cannot visit healthcare organisation in their home and this increased scope of the healthcare service. For these two reasons, providing rehabilitation service is considered to be a vital primary healthcare role of the community nurses. 

Common features of this stated role 

There are some common features of providing rehabilitation service as the primary healthcare role of the community nurses, and these features will be discussed. The first feature of this role is that it helps the healthcare organisation create a favourable condition or environment to the clients in his home under which the process of rehabilitation becomes more effective. The second feature of this role is to provide the client medication, which it needed to take to recover from this disability or illness (World Health Organization, 2017). The third feature is to help the client personally in different physical activities or exercises which can help the clients recover quicker from its health issue. The fourth feature is to support the client with disabilities in performing different daily life activities. 

Description of the client group serviced by this primary healthcare role 

The client group of this healthcare role is very vast as this healthcare role provides rehabilitation services to clients with different disabilities and health issues. Also, the scope of this role has increased significantly in the recent year, and different types of clients are using rehabilitation services. Each of these client groups has different needs. Some of the client group to whom rehabilitation services by the community nurse are given will be discussed here. The first client group is clients wanting neurological rehabilitation services, and this type of rehabilitation service is given to the clients who are gone through different types of trauma or spinal cord injury, neuromuscular disease and stroke. The second client group to whom rehabilitation services are given is drug addict as these drug addicts need rehabilitation to recover from this addiction. 

The third type of client group to whom the rehabilitation service is given is the clients who are suffering from different cardiac issues (Connolly et al., 2017). The fourth type of client group to whom the rehabilitation service is given is the clients with some physical disabilities as they needed this service to regain some lost ability. The fifth client group to whom this service is provided is the individuals having difficulty performing different daily life activities. All these are the significant client group serviced by the community nurses by providing them with adequate rehabilitation services. 

Description of the common healthcare issue faced by the clientele 

The common healthcare issue that is being faced by the clientele consists of drug or alcohol addiction. These kinds of addiction have been increasing every day, and their maximum negative implications prompt the family members of the clientele or their guardian to take necessary action to deal with this issue. Both alcohol and drug addiction can impact neurological function and a person’s behaviour and brain. It also reduces the strength of the immune system and often leads to situations such as an overdose or multi-organ failure (Kalb et al., 2017). 

The reasons why the nurses would undertake the health promotion action to address this healthcare issue on behalf of their client

The community nurses have an essential role to play in promoting public health. They address this healthcare issue on behalf of their client as they are equipped with adequate information on the issue and presents them with proper accounts of their experiences to spread awareness among people. The focus initiated by the nurses is mainly inclined towards the prevention of the healthcare issue and to be able to change the individuals’ behaviour concerning their health. The role of the nurses as promoters of health action might be complex, but they have knowledge in different discipline and enough qualification about the issue to be able to address the matter effectively (Kemppainen, Tossavainen & Turunen, 2013). 

Five healthcare promotion strategies identified in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 

According to Fry & Zask (2016), the five healthcare promotion strategies identified are as follows:

1. The building of Health Public Policy: This would eventually entail that every institution can follow the same agenda for ensuring the better health and effective treatment of the patients. 

2. Creation of Supportive Environments: The creation of supportive environment acts as a motivational aspect for both the patients and the nurses or other healthcare professionals. 

3. Strengthening of Community Action: The stronger a community is, the more they will be able to spread awareness about the entire healthcare situation. 

4. Development of Personal Skills: In terms of nurses and other healthcare professionals, the development of personal skills would allow them to communicate with the patients in a proliferated manner

5. Re-Orientation of Health Care Services: There is a requirement of reviewing the existing actions and policies to ensure that necessary and innovative actions are being taken from time to time for preventing the health care issue. 

Describe a health promotion activity or action related to the ‘Strengthening Community Action’ strategy that the PHC nurse could undertake in the prevention or management of the health issue you identified as relevant to their clientele

As mentioned by Fry & Zask (2016), a proper health community action that might be undertaken by a nurse to strengthen community action would be to include themselves in several development programmes and advocate improvements in existing services. This would permit the nurse to undertake valid action against the situation that has been prevailing about the situation of drug and alcohol addiction. The more they will be able to spread awareness, there will be chances that people will pay attention to the measures that are required to be undertaken. 

     Describe a health promotion activity or action related to the ‘Reorientation of Health Services’ strategy that the PHC nurse could undertake in the prevention or management of the health issue you identified as relevant to their clientele

Some of the key actions that might be taken by the nurses are to increase awareness about the requirement of infrastructure, extending health promotion strategies to include more people in their initiative. As mentioned by Fry & Zask (2016), there is a possibility to reconstruct health services at structural, organisational and service levels.  To do so, there is a necessity that the nurses have been able to acquire sufficient amount of experience to address the officials and at the same time has enough resources, to make their contribution valuable for the patients and for the healthcare facility as well. 


This essay provided with adequate amount of knowledge about the actions and the situation of the nurses in dealing with various prospects of health care setting and while dealing with different kinds of clientele groups. The discussion took into consideration the possible influence of Ottawa Charter and identified the kind of contribution that could be made by the nurses to deal with the entire situation of drug or alcohol addiction and ensure their prevention. 

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