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What does special education mean?

Special education also referred to as exceptional education is the process of educating learners in a manner that addresses their individual needs and differences. Preferably, this practice involves the individually planned and systematically observed arrangement of teaching methodologies, tools and reachable settings. 

These intercessions are designed to aid persons with special needs attain a higher standard of personal self-sufficiency and excellence in both schools and their society which may not be obtainable if the learner was only allowed access to a typical classroom type of education. Exceptional education could include the following facets: behavioral and emotional disorders, learning disabilities etcetera. 

Services of exceptional education in schools

Services of exceptional education include and not limited to the following:

  • Speech and language pathology; the science of speech and language that focuses on a range of human communication and swallowing disorders affecting individuals of all ages.
  • Physiological services; these are services that  include administering psychological and developmental tests and other assessment procedures, obtaining, integrating and interpreting data about child behavior and family conditions related to learning.
  • Counseling services; here, the therapist listens to learners with special needs and helps them to find ways to deal with emotional issues.
  • Rehabilitation counseling; this focuses on helping learners with special needs achieve their personal, career and independent living goals through counseling procedure.


What are some of the ethical codes and standards for professional practice and policies in exceptional education?

The formal codified sets of beliefs and practices encapsulate the standards of a professional practice and policy. As such, they ought to be based on general ethical rules. In the standards which follow exceptional education, professionals charge themselves with responsibilities to three divisions which include: the profession, the employer and the exceptional learner. Ethical obligations in these three stated divisions have been absolutely translated into close to ten rules that form the foundation for all the professional practice. 

These rules form the code of ethics for special tutors. They, in turn, have been transformed into a set of minimum standards of practice commonly referred to as Standards for Professional Practice. The standards for professional practice and the code of ethics taken together, avails the guidelines for professional etiquette, resolution of ethical issues, efficient interpersonal behavior  and professionally making judgment regarding that which constitutes  efficient and competent process.  

The following principles are the code of ethics for the tutors of special needs persons unto which members of the exceptional education profession are obliged to observing and promoting them:

  • Exceptional education profession promotes and maintains high standards of competence and integrity in its practice.
  • Exceptional education profession engages in professional activities that benefit persons with special needs, their relatives, colleagues, research subjects or learners.
  • Exceptional education profession submits itself to developing the highest educational and quality of life potential of individuals with special needs.
  • Exceptional education profession does neither, allow or participate in illegal or unethical acts, nor violate professional standards absorbed by the assembly of CEC delegates.
  • Exceptional education profession operates within the outlined standards and policies of the very profession.
  • Exceptional education profession exercises professional judgment in the most objective manner in practice of their profession.
  • Exceptional education profession seeks to observe and improve, whenever required, the regulations, laws and policies controlling the exceptional education delivery and related practices of the profession. 
  • Exceptional education profession strives to promote their knowledge and special skills concerning the education of the persons with special needs.


What are some of the legal practices and policies in special education?

Legal practices and policies in exceptional education identify the basic rights of learners with special needs. Their main objective is to ensure that no individual is isolated against in learning environment due to their special needs. Some of the legal practices and policies in exceptional education include:

The right to due process ;the need to follow a particular legal process when any given individual files a complaint which involves a hearing officer, an evaluation of the facts tabled and a formal unbiased decision 

Least restrictive environment; ensures that learners with special needs receive the best accommodations possible to aid them in overcoming their hardships.

Individualized education program; individual learners with special needs deserve individualized attention.

Non-discriminatory evaluation; all learners with special needs have the right to an evaluation that is objective in any educational setting. For instance, a hearing-impaired learner should take a listening examination and be evaluated using the same criterion as their non-hearing-impaired peers.


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