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Short answer questions - Students will write a brief response (approximately 300 words) in response to five (5) of the eight (8) choices provided.

1. Why is a policy cycle an appropriate tool for developing a new policy? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

2. How is a health policy different to a government policy document? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

3. How does the ’new public health’ differ from the old public health approach? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

4. What are key sociological issues and how do they determine a person’s state of health? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

5. What is meant by the term ’power’ in policy development and change? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

6. What policy considerations should be included in a national obesity health campaign? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

7. If you were to create a new policy to develop a smoke free environment for the university what are at least 4 factors you would include and why? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points).

8. In what ways are interconnected systems problematic for health care policy development? (your response must include referenced materials and do not use dot points). 

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1.      Health policies are different from governmental policies from angles of their establishment procedure, their implementation, and others. These health policies are mainly developed by the Ministry of Health, and these mainly consist of decisions, planning and activities (McGinty et al., 2019). These policies are mostly taken to achieve some health-related goals and on the other hand, it helps the community to eradicate diseases. Mainly these policies are important to create a health-related inclusion among general peoples. Through such policies, the Government ensures that most of the peoples or communities are now can access health-related services. In these policies, patient education and their management system are highly crucial. In this aspect, there are some particular provisions also for patient education sessions, making awareness campaigns and many other activities. On the other hand, government policies are nothing but a deliberate system where principles are enacted to guide peoples in their decision-making activities and to achieve rational outcomes. Governmental policy documents are statements of intent and these are im0lemented by G9overnmental representatives as the protocol to follow it. These policies are very crucial during the decision-making period of an organization. In these policies in most of the cases decisions, actions and other matters are described in a brief manner. Government policy documents are nothing but presidential orders, parliamentary rules, and regulations along with other statutory notes. These policies are very important in enactment of rules and regulations in peoples society, business world, and others. These governmental policies are mainly implemented in a particular situation as a stable one. The basic differences between these two types of policies are that the previous one is implemented mainly in the health-related activities whereas others include social and economic activities based utilization. Governmental policies are mainly followed in a broad spectrum whereas health related policies are maintained only in health sectors to create awareness and help peoples to prevent diseases and unhygienic practices.

4. Key sociological issues in the present day society are mainly discrimination, lack of awareness among peoples along with a great stress level in mind. In this aspect, I am observed that on ost of organizations, and social units there is a great level of discriminations till now present in spite of the implementation of vigorous laws, codes of conducts. Such discriminations are mostly based upon race, gender, color, physiological structure, and many others. In this aspect, numerous rules, laws, and policies are enacted by different governments from a lot of time before. But there is a lack of peoples own awareness. As a result, such discriminations are till now very much prevalent in society and workplaces. These discriminations result in the differences of priorities in the working environment, differences of wages for a same working time periods and it has a great effect in the promotions of people’s difficult career also after completion of a successful official time. On the other hand, there are some effects of such discrimination in people’s mental health. It creates a stress level in mind and sometimes it results in the formation of depression which leads people towards suicide and many other selves harming activities (Stangl et al., 2019). These are occurred mainly due to a lack of awareness among peoples. It causes obesity, diabetes and many other diseases also. But other sociological issues are lack of peoples own hygiene and cleanliness. Government policies are very crucial to change these situations and improvise people’s mental health status. Government policies are very important to make some basic steps to stop such discriminations. It will be helpful for development of a healthy society. These are the basic sociological issues which should be stopped in a quick time period. It will help society to be educated enough and to grow with a healthy mental and physical development.

5. Power is a great term to be demoted during the making and implementation of a particular Governmental policy or health-related policies. Power has to play the roles of advocacy during making power. Above all, its role is not a predictable one. The dynamic relationship between politics, power, and policies are very important. There are different kinds of power which are found to be present in the aspect of governmental policy development procedures. Visible powers are the observations of policymakers who are playing a very crucial role during documentation of a policy. On the other hand, invisible powers are determiners that what will be the particular area or community upon which different kinds of informal or formal rules will be implemented (Mazanderani et al, 2019). Hidden power is dynamic in nature which provides a shape to the implemented political rules. Children also have the power base through their visions, commits and mental or ethical principle based values. All of these kinds of powers are very crucial in policy-making activities. On the other hand, it is highly crucial to make a highly advanced monitoring system and reporting authority making to get updates about implementation related news and database storage purpose for future utilization.  Monitoring system and storage of database will help people to utilize all kinds of power in an adequate amount. Visible power has the most dynamic energy which will help people to develop their society and in documentation of the policy. During documentation of a policy it is important to make a clear conception about needs of people according to their social strata. In this aspect, proper maintenances, awareness campaigns, and education of community are highly crucial. These things will help people to learn all the policies along with their implementation procedures. In this dynamism of power there is the power of women and children should be included. It is very crucial to make a proper socio-economically developed society.

7. To develop a smoke-free environment in the university area I will emphasize 4 basic particular things. I have to observe that what are initiating points of such bad habits among young students. On the other hand, it is very important to develop some anti-smoking campaignings. In this aspect, I will get the scope to convey the message that smoking of all kinds of Nicotinous substances is very injurious to health. To some context, it is true that such smoking habits are related to family-based habits also. Family members when going through such bad habits it generates the seed of such a bad habit among their children. It is nowadays a great sociological issue (Mazanderani et al, 2019). Another factor to be considered in this factor is lack of awareness. In the awareness campaign when I will provide them, valuable information that how smoking damages human body cell systems, physiological processes in a slow motion and finally leads towards fatal diseases like cancer, lunge, and heart-related diseases, obesity, stress, development of mental depression along with renal inflammation then young society will be cautious in a definite manner. The final factor to be considered is the wastage of money. It will be very helpful when I will be able to make them understand that making wastage of money behind such a bad reason is also very injurious for the family economic condition also. It is observed in enormous primary and secondary sources of information that, in most of the cases college based students are addicted towards such bad habits only to maintain decorum in their friend's community (Stylianou, Hogan, & Enright, 2019). The last factor which will be considered by me is the implementation of ofgovernmental rules and policies which are lacking until now. In this aspect, university-based boards have to implement enormous anti-smoking laws. Maintenances of all these factors will help me to successfully drive my anti-smoking campaigning in a fluent nature.

8. During the making of health care related policies and their developments, the main issue is a sociological obstruction (Hernández-Aguado & Chilet-Rosell, 2019). Till now there are some basic or community-based rituals which are very much injurious to health but people follow them only to fulfill the ritual based manner. It includes certain food habits also. On the other hand, another sociological issue during the development of certain health care policy is lack of public interests. To handle this situation it is important to make vigorous campaigning, seminars, and others. All of these processes are helping to make a successful health policy. It is important to convey messages that, human beings should follow such health-related policies to make human society free from diseases, high birth rate, and low death rate. It helps the society to develop a disease-free society also. In this situation, I will emphasize community-based programming also. It will help in making awareness among general peoples. It will help the Government also to successfully implement those policies. Another issue in the way of Governmental policy implementation is the habit of addiction in the youth society. In the context of U.K and other countries, it is important to enact different legal rules also to stop different kinds of addictions. It includes cigar, nicotine, alcohol-related drinks, and many others. These drinks also a root of enormous kinds of diseases and problems. These are ways through which it is very difficult for Governments to enact different health-related policies. There are some other issues like fraud persons in the policymaking systems. In this way, there is a shortage of funds also. To eradicate this issue it is important to implement global accounting procedure in the governmental policy-making authorities. In this aspect, co-operation from medical organizations are very crucial which will help all the community of the society to prevent all kinds of diseases and to make a disease free society.

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