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Evaluation of Health Legislation of Guns Regulations Assignment Help

1.       Choose a concept/model in strategic management. You can choose the concept from the ones discussed in the course or you can choose another one. Examples of concepts are: core competencies, generic strategies, mergers and acquisitions, alliances, CSR, blue ocean strategy, etc.

2.       Critically examine the concept: define the concept; identify when it was first discussed and what the arguments were for its creation; discuss how the concept then evolved by identifying the arguments for and against it over time and by noting any adaptations.

3.       Explain how the concept fits today with other concepts of strategic management, and discuss how/if the concept is relevant or not to today’s business challenges.

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The regulation of the manufacture, use, possession and several other activities related to firearms are characterized under the Guns regulations in the US. A number of Acts under the Gun regulations is protected by the United States Constitution and its Second Amendment. This study discusses the several aspects to be considered with regards to the proposed law.

Public health significance

Firearm violence has been a major existing issue in the USA, and the outcomes of gun violence have been a consistently expensive and largely prevalent challenge in the country for a number of decades. Considering the health epidemiology of the issue, it may be stated that the mortality rate of the US is significantly higher than most industrialized nations in the world. Figure 1 represents the mortality rates for the USA and other countries due to firearms and ammunition. Additionally, it may be stated that institutes such as CDC or Centres for Disease Control as well as the National Institutes of Health have undertaken research to study the violence from firearms resulting in the massive loss of life due to the persisting issue (, 2019).



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Social aspects

It has been evident through a number of research on the issue of firearm violence and the implementation of the Guns Regulations in order to address the associated problems, that age, social status, as well as the economic status of an individual, plays a vital role in the facilitation of the onset of violent activities (, 2015). Figure 2 illustrates a statistical representation of firearm offenders segregated based on age and ethnicity in regions of Delaware and California. It has been evident that most young individuals of African-American background have been chiefly involved in these criminal activities. Furthermore, the role of education, economic status or poverty levels, along with the social status of the individual has been found to be critical in the research performed by CDC.


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Political questions

The endorsement of the firearm safety regulations has been undertaken by several PACs in order to focus on the political impacts on the Liberals as well as Democrats for political purposes. Figure 3 depicts the relationship between the endorsement of the Guns regulations and the donations made by PACs.

Untitled picture.png

Ethical concerns

Undertaking ethical issues regarding the Gun regulations, it may be mentioned that the justice systems have been biased towards the less socially influential classes in terms of implementation of the Gun regulations. The Gun Control Act of 1968, NFA 1934, FFA 1938, Brady Bill of 1993 and so on have been taken into consideration for the sake of social equity (Smith & Spiegler, 2017). Furthermore, the prime objective of the Guns regulation has been to control the autonomy that is observed through the misuse of firearms.

Economic impact

According to the Division of Politics and Economics, it has been evident that the health concerns regarding death and injury with firearms have led to a massive crisis in the economy of the common population of the country. Additionally, the Federal Assault Weapon Ban has resulted in a slight increase in business in the local regions, infested with gun violence. Furthermore, an average 4% appreciation in home values have been noted in neighborhoods demonstrating a decrease in gun violence (, 2015).

Professional issues

The AMA along with the Wisconsin Medical Society had publicly declared gun violence to be ‘a public health crisis', which need to be resolved by the development of public health policies (, 2019). Furthermore, the APHA has advocated against gun violence by conducting research on the subject, as well as undertaking initiatives to protect the interests of the public and the health of their families (American Medical Association, 2019).


This study focuses on the social, political, economic and other aspects of the Guns regulations as an attempt to comprehend its impact on the health of the citizens of the USA. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Evaluation of Health Legislation of Guns Regulations Assignment Help – order today for excellence!


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