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BUS211- Examining a Learning Organization Assignment Help

- Why did you choose this organization?

- What did you find that shows this organization is dedicated to being a learning organization?

- What makes this organization successful?

- How do the organization’s practices reflect Baldrige principles?

- Would you like to work at this organization? Why or why not?


Learning Organization

For this assignment, I have chosen Toyota as the learning organization.

Reason for choosing

Toyota is renowned throughout the world for its products and services. The idea of sustaining as a learning organization is totally appreciable and that is the reason for choosing this organization. It is also possible for readers to instantly relate to this firm.

Dedication to being learning organization

Toyota has identified 14 management principles that led it to become the world’s top manufacturer in the automobile industry. One of them is to become a learning organization and the firm has also established the key elements that contribute to continuous learning. The uses of hansei and policy deployment display the dedication of the firm to serve better.

• Toyota strives to identify the root causes with the help of 5-Why’s practice so the level of problem can be identified with utmost precision. Also, for every reason identified, the countermeasure is also established by the strategists. By following this technique, Toyota eliminates organizational issues at the grassroots level.

• It continues to being a learning organization and hansei adoption is an example. Toyota conducts hansei events on a regular basis where employees reflect on their mistakes and weaknesses and make use of a practical improvement tool (kaizen, for instance) to devise better strategies (Hoseus and Liker, 2008). Through these events, employees understand areas of improvement and ways to implement such improvements. Eventually, it enhances the overall productivity.

• Policy deployment (hoshin kanri) in Toyota is about establishing cascading objectives to the bottom level from top level. For instance, the top level establishes aggressive goal and at each stage, employees come forward to support and accomplish a part of the goal. By following this structure, goal is concrete and measurable. This is also a part of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) that keeps mistakes away from progress.

Reason for success

It is the organizational culture at first place that contributes to its success. The culture is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement for better productivity. It also provides room for employees to participate in every level of decision making. By this way, the participative culture allows people to focus on improvements.

There are 3 important reasons for the success of Toyota (Hoseus and Liker, 2008):

• Encourages individual initiatives and maintains a better communication pattern allowing everyone to learn and achieve.

• Most of the people in Toyota and its subsidiaries have worked beyond 10 years and this is an indicator of their commitments to the enterprise. It also shows the existence of a better bond between different levels of organization.

• Being a learning organization, Toyota never fails to brainstorm to produce high quality vehicles and services to customers. This technological innovation and supportive human resources are the reason for continued success.

Reflection of Baldrige principles in practices

Looking at the principles used by Toyota for its daily practice, there are many instances where Baldrige principles are also in sync (NIST, 2018). Firstly, valuing people is one principle by Toyota that has taken it to a long journey. Secondly, the visionary leadership of management is concerned about success and contentment of human resources. As a result, employees feel encouraged to perform their responsibilities. Thirdly, managing for innovation is a prominent principle that can be noted in Toyota. It is perhaps the reason for being the premium auto manufacturer globally.

Interest to work in this organization

I am certainly interested to work in this organization for two reasons. I get enough room to be creative and there is less stress to perform my role. On the other hand, there is a good scope for career growth in this organization.



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