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Essay on Criminal Justice Assignment Help

Essay on Criminal Justice

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Criminal justice is defined as the system through which criminals and their crimes are identified, arrested, judged, and punished. In particular, the framework established with an objective to control activities which are against humankind or any defined regulations. The criminal justice system primarily consists of three interdependent components, law enforcement, the court system, and the correction facilities. These three components of criminal justice work sequentially to identify the criminal. In this conjunction, the first model for criminal justice was designed in the year 1967 by the president's commission on law enforcement and administration of justice (Ashworth, 2015). The model was prepared on the basis of the difference in criminal justice system agents and their operational process in the pursuance of justice.

Members involved in the criminal justice

The various members involved in criminal justice are concerned towards the upholding and application of laws within the system. In the law enforcement system, patrollers and police are assigned the responsibility to prevent crime, investigate the incidences of crime and arrest the individuals suspected in committing the crime. Similarly, the court system comprises of attorneys, lawyers, judges, and juries (Pound, 2018). The guilt or innocence of the suspect is proved in the court and pieces of evidence were used for justifying the offences and corrective measures. The lawyers are associated with criminal justice studies for defending or prosecuting the accused criminal. The judge decides to give a sentence of punishment based on the evidence, in case, if the suspect is found guilty. The correction system involves all forms of punishment, sentencing, incarceration, and probation. Here, the correction officers work with the criminals who are in jail on punishment or on parole. These officers ensure that the offenders are following their release plans and court order counselling, if necessary. The criminal justice system continues to develop with the help of law enforcement professionals and criminologists to conduct research on victims, convicted criminals, witnesses, suspects, and society (Kappeler, & Potter, 2017).

Theories in criminal justice

The theories involved in criminal justice determines why and how people commit crimes in the first place. In this section, we will discuss these theories, viz. (i) Social disorganization theory; (ii) criminal justice theory; (iii) strain theory.

According to the social disorganization theory, the reason which provokes people to commit a crime is basically their existing environment, or the society which affects them. Next criminal justice theory is a rational choice theory (Neubauer, & Fradella, 2018). According to this theory, individuals put them self in a situation, and make choices to commit the crime based on their self-interest. It estimates that while making the choice to commit a crime, the person also determines the pros and cons of doing it. The third theory is strain theory, which is based upon the idea that failure people often tend to perform the criminal activity to achieve their desired goal.


In summary, criminal justice is an integrated part of society to make it crime free. However, all three aspects of criminal justice, law enforcement, courts, and correction system need to work in coordination to differentiate between innocent and guilty. 

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