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Computing Technologies in Society Assignment Help

Question 1

(a) What do you understand by the word ‘plagiarism’?

(b) In the case that you incorporate material from other sources into an assignment submission, provide an example showing exactly how this should be done in order to avoid an accusation of plagiarism. Provide complete details.

Question 2

Identify and discuss three exemplar ways in which digital technologies have significantly eroded personal privacy values.

Question 3

Describe two potential (and significant) ramifications associated with the increasing use of biometric data for personal identification.

Question 4

Research and discuss ways in which robotic technologies are likely to impact upon human employment over the coming years. Here you should particularly focus upon the driving forces which underpin the development of robotic systems, and the likely consequences on society.

Question 5

From the perspective of privacy erosion, critically discuss the often-used comment (frequently attributed to the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels) 1 “If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear”.


Answer 1:

Part a: Plagiarism is about the wrong appropriation and stealing the publication of other author’s language, thoughts, ideas and the expressions and the representation of the original work of a person. It is considered to be the academic dishonesty and the breach for the  journalistic ethics. This is the academic dishonesty which is subjected to sanctions like the penalties, suspension and the cases of extreme plagiarism has been identified in academia. It constitute copyright infringement.

Part b: The example is about the referencing a review, the papers need to be referred and cited properly. The use of plagiarism checkers with understanding the context will help in restating the ideas in your own words. This will also include the quotes to indicate that the texts have been taken from other paper. The use of paraphrasing, citing, quoting and then citing the quotes are some effective ways to avoid plagiarism (Doorey et al., 2017). There are quoting of sources in the way it appears and then the scholar will also be able to block quotes depending upon the process that take time and effort. Apart from this, the research includes the paper which is to be used in the current class, previous one to cite about oneself.

Answer 2:

a. The cameras, swiping cards and the internet breaches leave the trial of data behind for the collection, merging, analyzing and then handling the data without knowledge or consent.

b. The digital threats from the government to gather the data with providing the agency access to the information. The inconsistent rules for the privacy is for the personal data where the discrete items of personal data are more sensitive and computerized.

c. The employees records the information which is sensitive with direct mail marketing databases that are grouped in a wider range of detailed categories.

d. The digital threats include the privacy risks of the wireless digital communication, which involves the eavesdropping on private communication. The use of wireless communication exacerbate the problems in wired networks (Odei et al., 2016).

Answer 3:

a. Imposter Attacks:

There are problems of risks to the system facility for the logical and physical access. It includes the problems of possibilities of treating an importer for the authorized user. The possibility is performance metrics which have the minimal possible False Acceptance Rate. This includes the risks which is associated to the performance of a biometric system so that it can be mitigated with the technological advancement. The risks are about the personal details, financial data and the passwords which are in different attacks. The information systems contains the biometric data of employees where the loss of biometric data is seen to be disastrous. The cybercriminals are able to generate the patterns for the templates where the rise of mobile biometrics are presented in the new risks. The service providers are integrating the authentication of the user access for the different services (Romanou, 2018).

b. Spoof Attacks:

There are biometrics which are increasing in banking with financial and other higher value of transactions. The biometrics have been attracted by the criminal minds who look for the different vulnerabilities to hack the system and then steal money. There is an increased spoofing risk which is seen to be carried with the replica for the biometric identifiers. The fingerprint recognition system is generally made out of silicone with people leaving the fingerprints on the door handles. The attacks are on face recognition systems where the risks are higher for monetary transactions and is authenticated with biometrics. It is seen that the criminals keep on looking for the different ways to exploit the system where the countermeasures fall short.

Answer 4:

The robotics for the healthcare helps in emphasizing the community care and effective use of technology. The quicker training, cheaper to maintain, with easy to refuel and repair with the repetitive tasks (Mcstay, 2016). The challenges are related to the repetitive tasks with mobile communication that facilitates the contact outside the world. The data comes with the industrial robotics which suffer lower employment levels with robotics equating to six human employees. The creation of the others has been for centuries with profound impact on the post industrialized towns and regions. There are effective management of transitions where the technological advancements are for improving the standards to live across the society. There is a need to effectively manage the transitions which are vital for the technological advancements that are important for improving the standards for living in the society. There are problems of the AI where there re analysis and the interpretation of data which include the unstructured texts, images, audio and the video. The problems are about how the institutions tend to adjust the portfolios to recognize the historic trends for identifying and predicting the future marketing moves. The construction workers are the manual jobs which are seen to be under the threat by automation process.

The inventory managers and the stockists are generally replaced by robots who are designed to shelve for out-of-stock items, misplaced and the pricing errors. There are family owned dairy farms which are also seen to have depleted humans in the workforce. The Occupational Therapist have the chance of being automated for improving the ability of people to do their living and the other working environment (Memon, 2017). There are automation process with certain legal issues that are putting the life of patients to malfunction with the chance of automating directly with patients.

Answer 5:

As per the comment, the police is involved in hunting down the killers of Joanna who is coming under pressure with possession of a sample for the murdered who is mounting them for the huge conduction of DNA screening to corner the culprit. The course includes the administrative problems for recording the problems with no evidence on the sexual assault. There are exercises of courses to eliminate the people from enquiry who have been involved in the unrelated crimes. With the DNA evidence, there are wrong convictions which are hard to be found and time consuming as well. Hence, the errors include how the kids are given the tasks for scheming the gangster with rapid souring and then handling the dangerous power struggle in between the powerful enemies (Bhagavat et al., 2017). The promotional ideas includes the explanation about the master ego to achieve and retain the power by completely taking the control for the slave layers. The humans are evolved to react in the fear times where it includes the triggering of cognitive biasing. The reason is about how the masters make use of religion to control the herd by inflicting fear and the terrorism can result in trading for the online privacy for the nationalized security. The use of legislation is for fighting terrorism to spy on people who are paying the ways. There are allowing of personal liberty for sorting things as to what is happening. This is also considered to be the constant argument where the people do not care for the computer security which is concerned mainly. The perspective of the privacy erosion includes the arguments of how one do not care about the right to privacy mainly because one has nothing to hide with nothing to keep in data security which is concerned as a major step.


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