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Risk, Security and Management Assignment Help

VideoDev Ltd is a video and production development company which works for clients across Australia and New Zealand. The company is considering moving some of its computer infrastructure into the Cloud. The VideoDev Board is contemplating this move as a way to increase the company’s flexibility and responsiveness, as well as to achieve some savings on the cost of maintaining their ICT infrastructure.

VideoDev has engaged you as a consultant to advise them on the use of Cloud Computing in their daily operations. They have some 100 video production, engineering and support staff that work on different projects for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

You were recently engaged to advise on re-factoring their video processing application to use a microservices approach. The VideoDev Board is keen to start to move to this direction as it sees the possibilities that it will open up for VideoDev in the future. They have also decided to start planning to migrate their existing web services from their two on-premise data centres to a public cloud.

The company is considering the following strategic proposal:

They plan to retain the Sydney data centre for data storage. This would entail updating their Active Directory and data storage infrastructure, and moving all other infrastructure into the Cloud.

They plan to move all their Web Services into the Cloud in order to provide an increased responsiveness to customer demand as well as an enhanced level of HA (High Availability) in supplying data to their customers and staff.

They are considering changing their current web software architecture to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that can be gained by moving to a Microservices model (this would entail the use of such services as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions, Containers, Data Services, and Cloud Edge capability and monitoring).

The VideoDev Board is contemplating this strategy as a way to increase the company’s flexibility and responsiveness. The Board also expects to achieve significant savings on the cost of maintaining their ICT infrastructure by closing one of their existing data centres. They appreciate that this would entail retraining for their existing ICT staff so that they can manage the new Cloud based infrastructure.

You have also advised the VideoDev Board that their Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) needs to be updated as a result of these architectural changes. The Board has asked you to update the TRA as a matter of urgency.

The Board is also concerned about how this strategy will affect their BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and their backup and disaster recovery strategies.

Prepare a report for VideoDev that discusses the following:

1. Discuss briefly what you would recommend should be included in VideoDev’s BCP as a result of their adoption of a Microservices approach. You will need to consider, as a minimum, the issues of application resilience, backup and disaster recovery. This section should be no more than 2 pages. 

2. Discuss the requirements that VideoDev will need to consider in order to conduct remote administration, resource management and SLA management for its proposed MicroService approach. This section should be no more than two to three pages in length. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Risk, Security and Management Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

Answer 1:

For the microservices, the backups are considered important for the recovery stage where the strategy is about focusing on the testing and then handling the business revenue, and the brand revenue. The business IT systems involves the rapid changes with the data protection strategies that need to manage with the data backup and the new challenges and opportunities. There are high regulation of the industry with retention periods that ensure the recovery and the planning through the costs to recall on the cloud data and the recovery of the factors with the limit of the cloud backup (Aslan et al., 2016). The research highlights on the approaches with the recovery time objectives and the security or the scalability which will be able to ensure about the minimal impact for the irrespective storage media of the backup. The availability is to leverage the disaster recovery ad understanding the microservice architectures. There are availability of the applications that allow to perform the read operations and to ensure about the underlying of the microservices that are being backed up consistently. 

There have been backup services where the applications are defined through ensuring consistency and planning about the locking of entire application where the full availability is to read the operations with allowing the back up. The requests are related to the changing state and the factors which are defined for the microservices. The shipment order and the customer shipment collection for the Video services includes the consistent backups with the limited availability. The coordination of the services involves the standards with the state transitions and the writing of operations. The violation involves the disaster recovery process that helps in operating the lifecycle with microservices that help in working over the complex domains and the micro services (Al-Ayyoub et al., 2018). There is a need to deal with the broken links with reconstructing to contain a valid reference, along with focusing on caching that will include the batch exports and imports or the storing of the events as well. The processing of the user commands and the event processing techniques which are set for working with the fetching of the relevant data. The detection is through handling the system procedures with attempts to restore the consistency of the applications. 

There are processing of the user commands and the detection of the microservices which might be able to store the information that has been provided by the user. The recommendations are related to the validation of the services and the database consistency. The check is on the rejection of the incoming event and the probability to handle the higher volume systems. The practices involve the deal with the safe factors and the high availability or the replication. The standards are set to deal with the microservices with the expensive solution that can easily access through the operational complexity of the system (Kumar et al., 2018). 


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Answer 2:

Remote administration for the VideoDev involves the focus on how the methods are related to the controlling of the remote measures and the locations where the system is able to handle the legal and the illegal remote administration. Here, the focus is on handling the internet connection, TCP/IP and the Local Area Network which can be administered remotely. The connections are defined with handling the access for the peripherals and then using the network devices for the retrieving of the streamed data. The viewing and the hacking procedures involves the supervising process with the computer management snap in factors to hack into and control the users. The notifications are defined for the administrate with the remote machines and the Windows. The microservices have been working with the higher application standards, where the routing procedures have been working on defining the requests and then generating the relevant response to the requirements (Ivanov, 2018). The enterprise is about the message routing with applications for the business to handle the decentralized factors that involves the microservices which are mainly related to the useful tools and then solving the problems. The evolutionary procedures and the approaches are found to work with the old monolithic architecture that involves the validation process and the logical standards across the services.
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Resource management for VideoDev includes the resource management with the people and the time or the tangible with the equipment or the materials that are set to handle the applications. The finances are related to the resource levelling and avoiding any of the shortages or the excess inventory through keeping stock of the resources. The references are related to the complete project leveling with the resource smoothing which is a technique to handle the deadline with avoiding the peaks and the resource problems. The management of the resources is about using the talents and then working over the project management body of knowledge. 
The standards are related to the demands for the various resources with the Resource Allocation Matrix with the visualizing the resource allocations. The stored capabilities and the management involves the investments where there is retaining of the additional investments and the new capability is demanded at the lower investments. The resource management involves the discussing on the management software tools with ensuring the employees with the goals on the tools to ensure that the deciding the number and the skill sets with the new employees with the hiring and allocating of the workforce. The workforce projects include the professional services and consulting organization that includes the effectiveness of the tools and processes. 
SLA management for VideoDev involves the discussion about the service provider and the clients. There are discussions about the reporting of the faults and the payment of the fees where the responsibility is to highlight on the throughput and the jitter. SLA involves the agreement where the formal and the informal contracts are set with no agreement and then there are defined services for the agreement termination. The parties involved includes the communication with maintaining the quality of services and the customer-based SLAs. There have been chances of difficulties that tend to arise with the high-speed LAN connections or the multilevel SLA. The specification is based on the additional details with the IP network connectivity. 



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