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Employee Training Programme Assignment Help

Design a two (2) day training program for a group of twenty (20) employees.

Identify two to three (2-3) training needs though a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and justify an approach for this training.

Develop the training objective for this program based on an analysis of the business.

Determine the training cost for the training program you are proposing. Include a detailed breakdown of time allotted for each piece, the subsequent cost analysis, and the total cost for the project as a whole.

Select key training method (s) to deliver the program to employees, such as an e-Learning module or a one-day face-to-face training program.Create an agenda of activities for the training program.


Training employees is mandatory to update the skills of the existing employees as well to provide new skills to the new recruitees. In any case, the employee performance will be effective only when effective training is rendered to them. A right training programme can be considered to be one which perfectly meet the operational requirements of the employees and will make them competent to face the actual challenges and the work demands. Training programme need not necessarily provide them to impart new skills, even it can be meant to provide them the necessary orientation towards the actual organizational work environment, it can be meant to provide them the necessary orientation towards the actual vision and mission of the organization. Making an employee oriented with the organizational culture and enabling them to fit within the operational framework of the organizational activities is also part of the employee training programme. Training programme will start with assessment of the needs analysis in any organization. Once the needs analysis is complete the training programme should proceed with designing a custom training programme that perfectly suit the objectives, the available time frame, budget and other resources. Once facilitation of the training programme is complete, the effectiveness of the training programme can be measured only with the assessment of the feedback as well by monitoring the performance and the outcomes obtained after the completion of the training programme. The following part of the write-up works on to provide an overview of training programme over the updates provided to the system wide Enterprise resources Programme implemented in the organization. The write-up details the needs analysis of the program after providing the necessary brief up of the training programme. Further there is extensive discussion on the training methods and the training agenda employed for the current programme. Apart from this the budget for the programme with detailed split up, justification of the methodologies employed for training etc discussed appropriately. The ultimate expectations of the training programme are also included as part of the presentation provided here with (Talbot,2016).

Overview of the current training programme and its objectives:

The current organization is a manufacturing unit, working for making CFLs and Energy efficient lighting equipment and catering the demands of the entire nation as well meeting the demands in other locations in abroad as well. The organization does have excellent reputation for the quality of the CFLS and energy efficient lighting equipment, it is manufacturing from several years. Organization is highly committed for the quality of the product and the processes as well. There is exhaustive IT implementation in the organization from several years. To enable smooth process integration as well to make the entire process control centralized, ERP packages is implemented in the organization few years back. Since then it is being used extensively for the organization requirements. In line with the recent changes in several operational modules, ERP package is updated to include these changes.  Hence to incorporate these changes in the actual organizational operations, employees are expected to be provided with orientation. The key changes have taken place in the inventory management module, plant maintenance management module, Purchase requisition making process and module, HR module, Sales and distribution modules. Hence the organizational management requested the software vendors to provide employees orientation of the changes done to the ERP system. Also the training programme is expected to provide them knowledge of the possible advantages the new changes are expected to bring in to the employees and the organization. In this connection a detailed training programme and schedule is prepared.

Needs Analysis:

All together from each of the above operational module domains about  4 members are selected to give the basic orientation of the said changes in the system operations. Further since these operational changes are more likely to be cross functional in operations, each of these employees selected are supposed to be from the top managerial cadre. Hence in this regard, the divisional manager and three module supervisors are selected from each of these domains for getting the planned training programme. Further they will provide internal orientation to the employees of their respective operational domains in more detail as per the process requirements. Software vendor can provide operational support in this regard as per the operational requirements from time to time.

The key needs of the training include the following,

- Most of the employees from the top managerial group are not much exposed to the new version of the ERP. They are expected to be provided with the exposure to the new version of the ERP and also the changes included in the ERP package are expected to be informed to them.

- Further these representatives of each of these operational domains need to be provided with the knowledge of how well the new changes are going to help them to carry out their day to day operational routines. 

- Specifically how employees can use the new features to integrate their operations with the central control systems, how they can share information with other modules. How they can generate new reports as per the operational requirements etc are some of the expected requirements, which they will be exposed to in this two day training programme.

- Since most of these functions are cross functional, employees are provided a common training programme for this requirement(Saks,2015).

Training needs Analysis:

Broadly speaking there is need to provide exhaustive training to the employees over the changes included in ERP in accordance with the changes in the organizational governance. The new changes are expected to provide them the necessary  orientation and skills to understand 

Some of the specific training needs that can be identified through Training needs Analysis (TNA) are as follows,

1. There is need to provide employees basic orientation of the new user interface system of the ERP package. Unlike the previous interfaces, it is a much more user friendly version and different interfacing procedures are expected to be taught to the employees using this new version of ERP.

2. Purchase requision procedure is change in the organization as they are provided now with decentralized autonomy to make purchases. For examples employees at divisional supervisor level can directly make purchase requisition for orders upto $500 per day without approval from the departmental supervisors. Supervisor only will get a copy of the acknowledgement. This will bypass the old system. Hence as part of the training employees need to be given orientation to the changed operation of the ERP.

3. Other important training requirement is about making regular data entry of the employee department wide maintenance progression. There are custom schedules now integrated into the system and they will automatically send information to the concerned personnel directly to their inboxes. Orientation in this regard is needed for all departmental personnel. Since maintenance is there needed almost in all departments of the organization. Knowledge of new software updates is a necessity of all employees of the organization (Ryals et al.,2015).

Key objectives of the training programme

1. Enabling all employees with the basic knowledge of the new software developments and letting them to use the same in their day to day operational routine.

2. The ultimate objectives of the training programme include equipping the employees with the necessary knowledge to take up the duties more effectively and more efficiently.

3. Training programme should work on to use the resources more effectively and should contribute to improve the productivity of the organization as well.

Training cost of the programme

The entire training programme is expected to span for two days and the total budget cost for the programme is as follows,




The total budgeted cost for the two day programme is $4700.

Training Method:

Since the actual intention of the training programme is to let the employees competent to take up the activities by their own, part of the training programme will be e-practice where in the actual exercises will be done by employees to check their understanding. This will be followed by the feedback sessions. The following can be typical break up of the entire training programme.


Facilitation by the software vendors = 1 day ( 4-5 hours)

- Facilitation will include introduction to the programme, significance and prominent features, advantages etc. 

- Faciliation will be done by presening hard copy of the material and also demonstration using LED projectors and on screen practice orientation

Followed by question and answers = (2 -3 hours)

- Detailed clarification of the employees on all the possible doubts will be provided by the facilitators.


Second day part of the programme will be in the form of the E-learning where the employees will be provided CBT based practice and learning experience as well.

- This can be in the form of about 4-5 hours

This will be followed by a custom designed test of 1 hour duration and feedback will be provided subsequently.

- Feedback as well online resources and learning material will be provided for further understanding. They will also be provided with later provisions for interactions to teach employees in their respective domains.

Training Agenda

DAY - 1










The key objectives of the training programmes scheduled for the current organization is to equip employees with knowledge on the new updates of the software programme. They will be briefed of the new updates and also they will be provided with the necessary focus on the ways and means of understanding the details and usage patterns. All these new updates will be provided by the facilitators and later they will be practiced by the participants on CBT testing. The test results of the programmes will be employed to give more detailed insight into their competency and weaknesses. The training team will also provide further directions to learn by their own as well to teach their domain personnel of the day to day functions. As a whole the programme is concised to about 2 days and the ultimate objective of the programme is only to let them get the necessary orientation to the objectives. This will provide them the necessary initial boost-up to take the learning exercise. However subsequent competency can be obtained by daily usage. The entire budget is restricted to about $4700. This will not include the rental charges of the venue, as the organization has a venue to conduct the training programme. Also there are no expenses for renting the systems and other supporting equipment as the training centre is equipped with all the basic requirements in this direction.


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