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Einstein Theory


Introduction: Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity in 1905. The idea explains that for all the non-accelerating observers, the rules of physics are the same and that the speed of light in a vacuum is independent of the motion of every observer according to Bohm, (2015). Consequently, the aim of this assignment is to identify the principles of physics contained in the two scenarios and elaborate how these principles relate to Einstein's theory of relativity.

Question: In a two-page paper, identify the physics principles contained within the following scenario. Explain how these principals connect to Einstein's theory of relativity or in modern applications in physics.

Answer: First scenario (given): In this scenario Mandy had taken a trip to Rome. However after travelling for the long distance for many hours, she felt creak her ones as if she was old. The principle of physics that applies in this scenario is one for the electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields can either be natural or man-made. However, after travelling for long period and covering long distance these forces negatively affect the health of an individual. When the plane is running at a higher speed, Mandy was passing through the geopathic stress lines ten times faster than that of a person in a car. It is like doing exercise for a long period of time. In connection to Einstein theory of relativity, Einstein came to note that huge objects lead to a distortion in space and time. For instance, if one could set a huge body towards the middle of a trampoline. The object would press down towards the fabric leading to the dimple of the body. Another connection to the theory is the gravitational lensing according to Hoekstra, (2019). In this instance light sound of a big object for example a very big hole is bent making the hole to behave like a lens for the materials of its back. The example is applied in the case of astronomers studying stars.


Scenario two: Consider a situation whereby sound waves are coming out from an ambulance having siren of an emergency. Such condition is called gravitational redshift. The principle of physics that can apply here is the principle of echo. Echo happens that, one notices that the sound reduce as the vehicle goes away from the observer. In the case where the ambulance is still approaching the person, the side seem to be increasing. However, the Einstein theory of relativity brings the concept in the best way. It explains that,if there is an individual walking on the pavements of the road the ambulance is passing by, the individual would note that as the ambulance moves towards the person, the sound waves appear to be compressed according to Hall, (2017), however, as the vehicle is moving away, the waves of the sound are stretching out. It is called red shifting of the sound. The theory of relativity calls the action as the Doppler Effect. Consequently, a similar action may take place using the light waves at all the available frequency. These waves seems to be compressed when one is at a closer look that when he or she is away. The same way one always get the echo of the waves of the sound as the motorcycle goes away.

Comparison: These two scenario explains how different observers can interpretobjects in motion. The situation is different when one has boarded a plane or a van while another person is viewing a moving object from a distance

In summary, the theory of relativity elaborates how stationary observers and moving observers see objects in different ways. One of the common experience that can explain this scenario is where an individual sits on a train waiting the train to start the journey, while another train on the adjacent begin the journey. It may reach a situation where one is unsure whichever train is moving. It is only the situations where the individual see there is no motion in respect to their background objects when the individual may understand that the other train is in motion.


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