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Wildfire is a common natural phenomenon that significantly threaten living kingdom by its destructive image. Hot summer, peak drought conditions and human carelessness are the prime issues that ignite a raging wildfire. An average of 5 million acres burned each year in the USA. Wildfire causes catastrophic effects on natural resources and existence of forest regions. 


Wildfire is a serious problem that affecting nature and humanity equally while wiping out millions acres of forest into untapped fuel. A spark of fire caused by sunlight and drought combined sets off an inferno that initiates wildfire. Spontaneous combustion of dried fuels forces wildfire to spread quickly while consuming dried out vegetations and trees which significantly threats it surroundings in the vicinity. It has enormous impacts on climate and causes oxygen deficiency due to burning fireplace. Wildfire mainly causes due to natural incidents and human interactions which imitate to reach flash point of 300°c and ignition occurs with the presence of fuel, heat and oxygen (Abatzoglou and Williams, 2016).

Enormous deforestation, rising temperature and climate change are the prime reason for this catastrophic phenomena. 

Wildfire has significant impact on ecosystem and biodiversity along with affecting natural inhabitants and endemic species. It also can wipe entire species as wildfire has enough potential to render a species extinct in the forest. Conveniences of wildfire are catastrophic for the environment as it has a direct impact on soil erosion, water pollution and high level of carbon emission. Numerous others impacts such as air pollution due to toxic gases, loss of biodiversity due to starvation and adverse effects on carbon sequestration and storages. Human agricultural aspects and forest based economic growths suffer significantly by the destructive force of wildfire (Reid et al. 2016). Agricultural employment faces downfall due to loss of crops and livestock. Reduction of wildfire is inevitable as it will improve air quality assurance and economic setbacks regarding loss of resources.

The consequences of wildfire can be interrupted by controlling local environmental moisture and climate temperature. Human interactions are required to restrict within certain forest regions along with forbidding various deceptive involvements such as cutting down trees, campfires and restrictions on burning combustible materials. Effective implementation of legislations and incorporating sustainable development programs can be an effective alternative to cope with the difficulties. The policy makers need to decrease the use of fossil fuels and focus on renewable energy resources.


Wildfire is devastating and integral part of nature which is hardly controllable. However, taking climate change and global warming issues into account can be an asset to improvise efficient solutions like consumption of renewable energy and less carbon emission programs. Implementation of blaze controlling firefighter teams and admiration are also essential to resolve catastrophic effects of wildfire.

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