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Decision-Making in The Sports World Assignment Help

Write a minimum two (2) page paper that thoroughly answer the following two (2) case studies. In your answers bring in outside academic resources to support your opinions (see course information tab for academic resources).

Case Study #1

Sue is the head women''s soccer coach at Bigtime University. One of her star players has repeatedly been late to, or missed, practices and is creating a distraction to the team. After several meetings with the star player to discuss the issues nothing has changed and Sue is thinking about dismissing her star from the team. Thoroughly explain the entire process Sue should consider prior to dismissing the star player. What other athletic staff personal should be part of the decision making process? Why would you include them in the process?

Case Study #2

Jim is athletic director at State University. He oversees 12 teams which employee 30 full-time coaches. Jim was told by his university president that he must cut 20% of expenses from next years budget. If you were Jim what would you do? Where would you make the cuts? Use the six steps in sound decision making you learned about in our textbook to guide your process. Create a fact sheet and ask and answer important questions Jim will have to know for each step of the process.

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Case Study 1

Prior to dismissing the start player of the soccer team, Sue needs to inform her in writing, that she will be dismissed due to her misconduct and subsequent failure to correct her behavior despite the numerous meetings that were aimed at highlighting this issue of hers. She should let the start player know about the decision personally first, and then confirm it to her in writing. It is important for Sue to let her know the reasons for her dismissal, and she can cite her careless behavior and repeated instances of missing practices and late arrivals as the cause for the same. Furthermore, it is her duty as the coach to inform the team's captain regarding her decision and consult her regarding it.

The captain of the soccer team should also be present during the decision-making process, along with the Athletic Director of the Bigtime University.

The presence of the captain is important, since the dismissal of an athlete from the team must not take place without her knowledge. The captain is responsible for coordinating the entire soccer team not only during a match but also during practice sessions. Thus, it is important for her to be there since it would mean that Sue's decision to dismiss the star player was based on grounds that were justified. The Athletic Director of the University should also be present since it is their duty to be kept in the loop of all that is happening within the University sports teams. Moreover, in case the star player decides to appeal against the dismissal, it would always help to have a person not directly involved with the team for obtaining an unbiased opinion (Plessner, C. Betsch, &T. Betsch, 2011).

Case Study 2

Jim needs to consider the DECIDE model for establishing a new plan that would help cut the expenses by 20 per cent. The fact sheet can be represented as follows -

Untitled picture.png

As is evident from the above fact sheet, Jim needs to take care of the short-term expenses of the sports team if he wishes to cut down the costs by 20 per cent. These short-term expenses include (but are not limited to) uniforms, gas, food, drinks and insurance. In other words, these are the elements that cannot be reused multiple times or for an indefinite period. In order to deal with this issue, Jim could either campaign for better promotion of the teams so that the active sponsors in the sports arena would take notice and come forward to their aid. Alternatively, he could set a pre-defined budget for both the long-term and shot-term ones, but this option is not always possible, and thus, the wiser choice would be to look for sponsors who would provide the uniforms, equipment and other necessary items such as energy drinks. Once these sponsors are roped in, there will definitely be a significant reduction in the in-house expenses of the State University, which would indicate a successful implementation of the 20 per cent budget cut.

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