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The Culture And The Differences Assignment Help

Intercultural communication can be seen as a negotiation of competing values, beliefs and norms. Describe the relationship among and between your personal beliefs, values, and norms and those found in your culture. Briefly explain how beliefs, values, and norms can vary even within your culture. Describe how your personal culture informs your communication choices. Explain how the elements of your culture affect how you communicate with others.

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The culture I belong to is deaf culture. In this culture, I prefer to look at each other when we communicate. The sign language gives more stress to pictures over words (Padden and Humphries, 2005). For others to understand what I communicate, they need to know sign language. 

Success of communication

I openly participate in the community events and attempt to place my opinions forward. This has promoted my self-esteem and given way for more opportunities to the deaf people. However, I would not call myself successful in this form of communication. Though we break stereotypes and talk to people, not many accept and understand. 

First of all, the widespread discrimination stops people from accepting us and understanding our opinions. 

Secondly, the sign language that we are used to is difficult for the third person to understand. Usually, they misinterpret or ignore us. In the absence of an interpreter, it gets difficult to be approved and treated equally in the community. 

Relationships and differences within culture

Undoubtedly, there are differences in the way we communicate as culturally deaf people. Some believe that silence is better than sign language and this belief changes the communication model. On the other hand, I have been brought up with adequate access to information. Hence, I am aware of the values but others in my community are not exposed to information. Hence, they prefer to smile, wave and write down what they feel. The music and poetry forms vary in this culture (Sonnenstrahl, 2002). 

Influence of personal culture on communication choices and way of communication

I am comfortable communicating with people from my culture when compared to others as I am broken due to criticisms. With common people, I prefer to indulge in more actions and less signs so I don’t get judged. 

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