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SHR039-6 Operations and Project Management Assignment Help

Q1) Critically examine three relevant Operation Management (OM) decision areas (e.g. quality, inventory management, layout or process design etc.) in your chosen company (or workplace, as long as evidences can be validated with credible resources within your workplace)

Q2a) Compare and contrast your chosen organisation with another contemporary one using the 4 Vs (Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility)


Q2a) Compare and contrast your chosen organisation with another contemporary one using the 4 Vs (Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility)


Overview of Samsung Electronics and its Evolution                    

Samsung Electronics limited is one of the global pioneers and flagship companies in Electronics divisions. Samsung is a Korean word, the meaning of which means three stars. Three stars mean big, numerous and powerful. In the beginning, Samsung is established as a small company in 1938 with about 40 employees in Su-Dong. Till the 1960s the company continued its operations as grocery provider, by 1960 the electronic operations of the company got started, the company started its electronic operations from 1960, the first product from Samsung is a black and white television. Between 1970 and 1990, the company ventured into mobile phone making. Since 1990, the company expanded into construction, pharmaceuticals. By 2012, Samsung Electronics has become the largest mobile manufacturer overtaking Nokia, which is the world leader in the industry since 1998. Samsung Electronics is also the second largest semiconductor by 2011, next only to Intel by revenues.

Evaluation of Operations management of Samsung Electronics:

Process Design:

Samsung Electronics is an exceptionally successful company in the domain of electronics. The company attained its success in the domain of process improvement by redesigning its systems and processes to enhance the design delivery process. Till 1998, there is no much emphasis in this direction in Samsung, however since that time there was a drastic change in the way, Samsung do design in its process plant. There is a promotion of exclusive engineering drive in the organization since then. Till that time the key disadvantages in the system include very less collaboration between engineers, marketers and the designers in the organization. However, with new process improvements, the rapport between these design stakeholders improved a lot and drastic changes in the process renovation started. Earlier the role of designers is less in the process flow stream, They used to take control and orders from engineers and the designers. However, there is take over the control by designers with renovation in the process and they started enjoying the same autonomy as engineers and marketers.  Collaboration between different departments became a key aspect in the process improvement in Samsung and really it paved the way to give a striking improvement in its performance. As of now, the company worked to make striking improvements in product development (Song & Lee, 2014). The design improvements for Samsung Electronics created impressive success results for the company. Some of them are like Sync master series of LCD monitors which were highly acclaimed for its simple design and later they won several international recognition for their design simplicity and versatility as well. In the 2000s, LCD TVs and Plasma TVs gained a lot of popularity as they remained a dependable alternative to the Bulkier projection TVs in the organization. Samsung design Team started working on to develop slim projection TV based on DLP technology and the result is a grand acclamation. The HLP series of DLP enabled radical strengthening and recognition of the design potential of Samsung. The key factors of weightage to the design in par with engineering excellence and consciousness towards the quality of the design and performance rather than simple marketing are some of the key features of the Samsung Electronics Process design.

Quality Improvement Initiatives:

Apart from reliability quality is the immediate priority of Samsung Group in general and Samsung Electronics in particular. Samsung wanted to keep up the product diversity and the flexibility in their functioning always as per the standards. The ultimate objective of Samsung is to let the customers get the best satisfaction with their products than any other company. This is the same ideology that worked on to create Global recognition for Samsung electronics and worked on to make it pioneer in its endeavor. Samsung implemented TQM (total quality management) in all its operational domains. Total quality management is the enforcement of the quality in all aspects of its operations. Six Sigma is part of the total quality management plan for Samsung. Samsung has given ownership of quality to all stakeholders from top to bottom in the hierarchy; any person in the assembly line of operations can stop the process of manufacturing if finds that any defect product in the line of the manufacturing process.  Samsung extended its quality operations not only to production but to all support functionalities as well. There are extensive quality training programmes offered to market staff in customer relationship aspects. The company managed to attain the current quality status in all its products only with its extensive commitment to the cause.

Inventory management

In recent years the traditional inventory management of Samsung is synchronized based on the principles of Supply chain management and since then the supply chain management of Samsung is working on to provide effective services in the inventory management domain. There is extensive supply chain management enabling the usage of the latest technological evolutions. Typical aspects like the integration of the supply chain with the inventory management using RFID, electronic tracking etc working for better inventory management, which is effective, safe and cost optimizing too. The same philosophy is applied in Samsung not only for the sake of Samsung electronics but for all other companies within the groups of Samsung. Samsung being an electronics company and equipped with the latest skills in communication and engineering, worked on to device the best communication technology to enable efficient supply chain management in the organization.

Comparison of Samsung with Sony on 4Vs

There are several competitors to the Samsung group of companies. Sony is one potential competitor to Samsung in Electronics domain. The volume of operations wise Sony is lagging with Samsung. Samsung is a leader in the electronics and volume of products is also quite high when compared with Sony. Also, Samsung products do have large variation when compared with Sony, consistent innovation and product development has become a success strategy of Samsung. Variety, there is no doubt variety in Samsung products however the brand stamp of Samsung is not like Sony, which is very unique and resembles in all its products uniformly. Visibility of Samsung is good and competent with Sony which is also notable. However still there are dynamic conditions existing in the market at present, the market for Electronics do change from time to time. It is possible only with continuous improvement, it is possible for Samsung or Sony to keep up their current statistics, innovation is the major influencer of these parameters at present in the market. Valuation of Sony is at 60bn whereas Samsung electronics stand at about 290bn (Chang, 2011).

Ways to improve the operational performance of Samsung:

Samsung inventory management is now successfully synchronized with supply chain management principles and operations. However, still, there is still a wide scope for Samsung to extend its SCM to synchronize with six sigma operations (Uluskan et al., 2017). Six Sigma operations integration of the Supply chain management will provide. The process design psychology of Samsung is different, though there is a promotion of design orientation and diversity in the products, there is much to do with the design maturity of the company. When compared with Sony there is no such breadth and design in Samsung at present. Also, there is no such unique stamp in the design like Apple and its culture in Samsung. There are some of the immediate concerns that Samsung needs to focus on in process design perspective. They will add to its appeal and impact further. Quality improvement in Samsung is at good phase with six sigma, however, still, there are still few flaws being observed in reinforcing that strategy in the company. For example, there is a recent Galaxy note 7 recall from the market, the key reason for the same is overheating and catching fire(Yun et al, 2016). Inspite of heavy investment in the quality management functions this should not happen, there might be some lapse in the execution of the right functions. This should be averted and the company needs to make the strategies effective too and outcomes need to reflect the same. Samsung needs to learn from its competitors not just focusing on enhancing its current capabilities rather it needs to work on to adopt new strategies and innovations from its competitors as well. There is no substitute for consistent learning and development in a competitive market like electronics. There is also intense competition and threat existing for Samsung from Chinese companies. There are several new companies coming forwards with disruptive technologies and cost-effective strategies, they can be faced only with efficient strategies from time to time(Jung & Chung, 2016). Refer Table 1 for the above description.


Samsung Electronics the vibrant entity of the Samsung group is taken as a focus for discussion and presented with an evaluation of the operations. The key elements of discussion presented on the quality, process design, and inventory management sectors. As of now, the company has an outstanding image of competency and performance as a global leader in electronics, there is still need for the company to consistently review its operations and continuously develop its capabilities to consolidate its position as a global leader in electronics. Samsung has the capabilities and resources to lead the position, only sustenance of the strategies and managerial efficiency will decide the stand in the coming future.


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