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HC2121 - Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility



1. Distinguish the difference between personal and business ethics in organisation
2. Ability to identify stakeholders role in business ethics, define social responsibility, explore the role of corporate governance in structuring ethics and social responsibility in business
3. Compare and contrast diverse approaches to ethical decision making

Essay on comparative business ethics and social responsibility

1. Introduction

Your introduction should be a short summary of the article and your plan for answering the questions.

The primary aim of the essay is to evaluate issues in business ethics that have been originated in Australia concerning a company. For highlighting this,proper explanation has been provided which will help the reader to understand the ethical issue properly. In addition, various arguments will be provided that will clearly demonstrate the issue and should help to answer the questions properly in relation to the particular business of Australia. Thus for demonstrating the business ethics issue the article of Josh Robertson on the Adani's Carmichael coal mine project has been selected for this essay.

The article provides a brief view of the coal mine project of Adani's, and along with this, it also provides the business ethical issues that have created challenges for developing the project in Australia. After reviewing the article, it is noticed that the federal election issue has been a generation in relation to this project which thus creates a controversial project of developing the mine in this country. In order to reduce this issue, the leader of the mine Adani put the spotlight on the federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten so that the labor can reduce their power and the project will complete as per the stipulated time. The business ethical issue that has been generated from this context will be briefly discussed further in this paper with proper logic as well as an explanation.

The outline and summary should show that you understand issues raised from an ethical Perspective Outline/summary of arguments demonstrates clear understanding of relevance to ethics not just personal ethics and legal ramifications

Summary outline
The article reveals that the Carmichael coal mine project of Adani is controversial, as it faces various business ethical issues in completing the project as per the provided time frame. The issues aroused due to the mine which highlights the political divides that is based on climatic change factors of this country. Adani spends half a billion dollars for this coal mine project in 2010 but due to the ethical issues in business the project become delayed (Roberston, 2019). The main aim of Adani regarding this project is only to export coal for the electricity purposes to various Asian countries such as India, the company's home market and so on. The planning of this mine has been originated four years ago, but the presence of a central election issue in the business operation creates an environmental movement that tried to stop this new thermal coal mine project in Australia. The issue has been generated because in Queensland about five mining firms are present that generates enough amount of coal for the country needs and purposes. Therefore, the development of this coal mine become unimportant according to the Australian government, and thus they create this issue for this project.In addition, it is noticed that apart from this federal election issue another business ethical issue has been taken place that creates problem in completing the project as per the estimated time frame(Jonson, McGuire and O'Neill, 2015).

Many scholars argue that after the development of this mine carbon budget will be higher that give rise to temperature by 2 degree Celsius. Hence this carbon emission ethical business issue also creates a challenge for developing the project fruitfully in this country. According to Adani about five mines in Queensland, Australia also contain enough coal that gives rises to annual carbon emission in Australia but they do not cause any problem for developing their project while in case of this coal mine development it creates huge challenges for them(Wallace and Sheldon, 2015).In other words, Adani also demonstrates that the mines of Queensland has reduced their mining boom of coal and therefore inauguration of this project will thus create a symbol of hope for the Asian countries who generally suffer from electrical problems. Not only these business ethical issues have created challenges for completing the mine, but many legislation rules of the court also generate a problem for developing the project in this country (Roberston, 2019). In order to reduce this business ethical issue, Adani uses various strategies that help him to complete the project in coming days as well as it also helps him to convince the federal government for permitting to develop the coal mine in Australia.


Demonstrate own decision making/judgement processes in relation to the ethical issue demonstrating of how individual ethical judgements are made and how they may vary.

Decision-making process
According to my view, the article reveals the ethical issues of business that has been faced by them in developing a coal mine project in Australia. Before using the ethical decision-making process, it is essential for me to understand the business issues properly by following the individual ethical judgment as well as it changing nature according to the decision(Higgins, Stubbs and Milne, 2018). The steps of the ethical decision-making process that has been used in relation to the ethical issues of business as discussed in the article are given below:

It is seen that the coal mine of Adani faces two types of business ethical issues and thus before taking any further steps of reducing these issues it is important for the leader to understand the several ethical principles(Lock and Seele, 2015). Judgment on any ethical problem by individual people varies, and therefore it is essential for the leader to take a right ethical decision that suitable for that situation. I can say that the ethical decision should be made in such a manner that it provides positive outcomes in favors of the coal mine project

In addition, I will suggest that the leader should develop a strategy by consulting with the people around them and by using the resources. The judgment of HR professionals, co-workers and handbooks are necessary because consulting with these members will help the leaders to make the right decision that should be beneficial for the firm(Dane and Sonenshein, 2015)

After proper consultation, the main role of the leader is to handle the issues with the help of judgments that Adani collected from the meetings. From the news article, it is seen that the business ethical issues have been generated due to government interruption and thus proper policies should be made by Adani(Heyler et al., 2016). With the help of these policies, Adani can convince the federal government about the importance of the development of this mine in Australia and also its benefits in the nation. Adani should be careful before implementing the policies because the wrong approach can create a negative impact on their business operations and even may close their project too

Hence it can be said that if the leader Adani follows the steps of this ethical decision-making process, then he can easily reduce the various business ethical issues that have been generated in completing the project. In addition, with the help of this decision-making process, the leader can make the correct decision that becomes beneficial for developing the project in Australia(Valentine, Hollingworth and Schultz, 2018).


Provide an outline of relevant ethical moral philosophies demonstrates an understanding of the ethical moral philosophies discussed in class and can apply philosophy to actions/consequences.

Ethical, moral philosophies
Ethical, moral philosophies are considered as the critical factor that helps in diminishing the ethical issues that have generated in developing the coal mine by Adani in Australia(Lehnert, Park and Singh, 2015). After reviewing the article, the ethical, moral philosophies that should be relevant to the study are given below:

The ethic of reciprocity or the golden rule is one of the moral, ethical philosophy that teaches people to love their work and also help them to develop proper solutions that may cause issues in their business(Williams, 2015). Thus by following this ethical, moral philosophy, the workers, as well as the leaders related to the development of the coal mine project, can make appropriate strategies by which they can easily get rid out of the problem. Hence by developing proper strategy, they can also be able to convince the federal government for giving them permission in developing the mine without any issues

The categorical imperative is another moral philosophy that has also been used in relation to this context(Greene, 2015). According to this ethical, moral philosophy entire concept should be employed in every worker without having any questions and expectations over the company. Hence with the help of this particular moral philosophy, the workers can help the leader Adani to do proper planning by which they readily reduce the adverse impact of their business issues without any further questions. Thus this philosophy not only reduces the ethical business issues but on another hand it develops the trust of employees over their leader. Therefore, due to this ethical, moral philosophy, the coal mine can easily overcome any of their challenges which may generate in the coming days. In addition, following this philosophy the workers able to proposed an idea or action that should be suitable for managing the whole condition of the business (Dedeke, 2015)

Thus with the help of both these ethical, moral philosophies the leader Adani can develop proper ethical means among the workers which thus eventually help him to overcome the business issues that have been discussed in the chosen news article.

Your conclusion should be a concise statement that is consistent with your introduction


The paper concludes that the Adani Carmichael coal mine project of Australia faced various business ethical issues that have delayed their project development procedure. The business ethics issues that have been noticed are federal election issue and carbon emission increment rate. From fossil fuel, a huge amount of carbon should be emitted which gives rise the overall temperature of the nation. Thus for reducing these issues proper decision-making process, as well as ethical moral philosophies, have been developed by the leader so that they can establish their mine without facing any problem.


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