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Cultural Changes Assignment Help

Based on your examples of outdated courses. Who were these courses for?

What assumptions did such courses make about socialization and identity?

What languages were taught in the past? Taught today?

What cultural needs does education fulfill?

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Cultural changes create changes in education

The culturechanges in terms of people's perception and also defining a set of individual attitudes. The cultural changes can create a series of impacts in the education system and also there can be appropriate changes that could focus on education.

Outdated courses

Culture change can focus on education that can create an impact in terms of public policy. It is also important to provide emphasizes which would create a cultural capital on individual along with the community behavior. There would be a better repositioning of culture that would help to define in terms of the reconstruction that can help to advocate the cultural concept of a society.

Assumptions that could focus on socialization and identity?

Education is defined as the way to live in society along with supporting an extensive integral part of it. There has been balancing support in terms of the education and culture that could help in defining how there can be a norm to be followed in society and culture. Culture is how there can be defined reflection of the society along with the people, behavior, attitude. To relate and balance the culture and education which would help to balance the values of education is a culture

Languages were taught in the past? Taught today?

It was Hurrian, Hittite, Mycenaean Greek etc. which are modified into the better form of understandable language.

What cultural needs does education fulfill?

It is also defined in terms of the support that could provide a needed and desirable change that can help to create an address of the culture and values. There would be defined in terms of progress and continued development which can help to define essential social progress that could take a place. The education would also be supported in terms of the continuity of culture that could help to identify with the diverse activities and programs.

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