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Changes in Aging and Health Assignment Help

Identify various care strategies or plans for long-term care leadership recognizing these identified physiological and psychosocial aspects of aging. In developing your care strategies, consider environment/facility considerations, nutrition, activity, sleep, safety, etc. that would be needed with the changes that occur with aging or disabilities.

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Ageing is the process that is associated with becoming older. The term is specifically referred to the human beings. There are various changes that an individual undergoes, through the process of ageing (Marill, 2019). The major changes that are associated with the process of ageing and these mainly comprise of physiological, psychological and psychosocial in nature. The following discussion would explore further on these aspects of ageing and based on the same, suitable care plan for long term are to be developed, with respect to the aspects of ageing and its care.

Physiological Changes of Ageing

Physiological changes take place with ageing in all the different organ systems. Major kinds of physiological issues that take place within the body include the decrease of cardiac output, upsurge in the blood pressure and the development of arteriosclerosis (Navaratnarajah, and Jackson, 2017). There appears decline in the clearance of creatinine with the rise in age, although the levels of serum creatinine remain constant and the same is the result of proportionate age related decline in the creatinine production. The lungs also exhibit impairment of the gaseous exchange, with slower rates of expiratory flow and decline in the vital capacity. Certain functional changes also take place and these largely include altered pattern of motility, atrophic gastritis, changes in the gastrointestinal systems with senescence, as well as transformed hepatic drug metabolism, which are majorly observed in case of the elderly individuals (Navaratnarajah, and Jackson, 2013). With the processes of ageing, the epidermis layer of the skin degenerates and this is further intensified due to the changes in collagen, along with the loss of elasticity and tone by the elastin of the skin. There occurs progressive elevation of the blood glucose with the process of ageing that take place on a multifactorial basis, along with common and frequent occurrence of osteoporosis, associated with linear decline in the bone mass, which majorly take place after the fourth decade (Boss, and Seegmiller, 1981). Degenerative vicissitudes take place in several joined, and the same is amalgamated with the loss of muscle mass, which impedes the movement of the elderly individuals. There occurs a decline of the lean body mass and it is fundamentally associated with loss and atrophy of the muscle cells.

Psychological Changes of Aging

Psychological functions of health amongst the ageing population is considered to of prime significance and are associated not only with the well being of the aging of individual, it also is associated with the social perspectives. The major psychological aspects that change during the process of ageing include loss of attention capacities, intelligence, creativity, along with varied components of memory (Scholz, König, Eicher and Martin, 2015). The major pathological conditions that are associated with the older population, include acute state of confusion (delirium), depression, paraphrenia, and dementia. The dementia that is experienced is of three major types, namely, Alzheimer's disease,Lewy body dementia andvascular dementia. With the process of ageing, an individual increasingly experiences the issues of bereavement and majority of them seek professional help (Stuart-Hamilton, 2012). Psychological changes of ageing can be considered as incessantscuffle for individualityand is majorly associated with the thoughts, actions, feelings and the sense of coherence (Pedersen, 1993). The confidence and self-esteem of the individual is also affected due to the process of ageing.

Care Strategies

Long term care signifies a substantialburden to more than 7 million elderly individuals who are in requirement. The concerns are majorly associated with the existence of access, expenses, quality and the distribution of the burden of care. Planning for the possibility of the long term care offers the time that is required to learn regarding the services that exists in the community and the expenses associated with the same. It also allows in making significant decisions while the individual is still able to do so. Special care is needed to be taken for the individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other kinds of cognitive impairment that would require improvised long term care planning, at the earliest stage that is possible. It is also important to create the kind of policies that would be universal with respect to the plan that is to be developed for the individuals seeking services associated with ageing (LearnVest, 2014). Therefore, one is needed to consider various aspects and factors that surround the properties of ageing prior to developing long term care strategies and planning for the same.


Based on the discussion that has been presented above, it is evident that there are various aspects of ageing amongst individuals majorly comprises of physiological, psychological and psychosocial changes that require individuals to prepare themselves in advance, so that they are able to adjust with the changes that are associated with the process of ageing. Moreover, it is important that suitable measures are taken in advance so that the individuals are able to manage with the changes that are experienced due to the ageing process

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