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ENV 385 Chemistry & Toxicology

This course explores the underlying scientific principles of toxicants, fate, the sources, and effects of chemicals on organisms and the environment. Learners will explore the accumulation and transport of toxicants in food webs & reproduction, evaluate their effects on organism physiology, & behavior. The ENV 385 Chemistry & Toxicology course will also explore an examination of experimental methods used to assess toxicity, ecotoxicology, risk assessment development, forensic toxicology, role of government regulation, & global and historical contexts.

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Of late, there are a lot of reports coming out depicting the severity of toxicants choking our natural habitats and landscapes, like various water bodies, soil, air, etc. But what helps the scientists or environmentalists assess the impact of such toxins and toxicants on the organisms and the ecosystem? Well, to accurately assess the sources and thereby the impacts of various toxicants on our surroundings, the course ENV 385 Chemistry & Toxicology plays a crucial role. The course helps the students to learn skills that help them to trace the origin of such toxicants, their release in the environment, and more importantly how they enter the food web of multiple species and thus what are the impacts of these toxins on those organisms, their behaviour and reaction. Thus the study of ENV 385 Chemistry & Toxicology is highly complex and requires students to undergo rigorous course module to ensure complete understanding and learning.

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