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An Analysis of Credit Management in The Banking Industry Assignment Help

The focus of this assignment is:

The identification and supporting justification of a potential area of research.

The design of an approach to researching that area.

A justification of the design of the approach selected



This is a purely research analysis paper which ensures that the related selected topic is streamlined and expressed correctly in true and correct perspective. The paper explains the topic under different research parameters which provides an in-depth knowledge about the subject in a minimum utilization of time. The paper begins with the concept of understanding the research parameters under following subjects which includes the meaning and the background of the proposals. The backbone of the paper deals with the literature analysis which provides detail studies how gradually such research parameters become useful when they under go an analytic purpose as well. 

This proves an hypotheses perspective along with a question answers format. The paper deals with assigning research paradigms as well as detaining the designs of the research problems and its analysis. The paper explains in the ending paragraphs about the ethical concerns and issues faced in past as well as concerns which can be faced in future. Thus, the research problem is closely related to the field of accounting and fiancée and ensures to provide a better understanding of such areas.      


This aspect is divided into two aspects one being the research Topic and its analysis and the other being the background for opting for this element of research and how much useful it is considered in the respective to the particular region and sector.  


The research is undertaken in order to ensure that an over look is defined in the banking system and the core essence on which the banking industry exists which being the credit system. Credit system as an efficient role and a major role in banking industry. This research deals in explaining the credit system currently introduced in the banking system of Myanmar and how does it effect the current position as well as future (Corbae, and Levine, 2018). It also helps in establishing the fact as to which credit system must be followed in order to ensure that the functioning and working is done in a correct and an effective a manner. 

On the more, the research extends to define the system efficiency in context with the industry as well as the country in which it is dealing into. It contemplates into the factor of commercial banking as well and explains the elements on behalf of the both commercial as well as the individual segments. Thereby, this research will provide a great out look to the country as well as solving and identifying problems for the citizen as well.           

Rationale for your research proposal

The credit system ensures that how the individual earns cash availability after paying of the debts and the loans of the financial constraints. On the other hand, it ensures the credit system is formulated by the bank in order to earn profit and interest. This topic is very essential for the country like Myanmar. Primarily, because the country is poor and underdeveloped country which is still emerging in terms of economy. On the more, it is very essential to support the growth of the country. It is a known fact that a country to progress and build the system it is crucial to have a stable and a growing banking system. 

In case of which the credit system must be properly established and maintained. As a matter of fact, the credit policy must be formulated in correct manner so that the interest helps the banking sector to be build as well as the provides a balance expense on the loans so that the organisation and the loan takers can also earn some level of profit and meet its expenses (Steinberg, 2013). Thus, this element of research is very important as it helps in explaining how the country is being affected due to the banking sector. As well as how it will be affected in future probability as well.           

Literature Reviews 

To understand the research analysis, it is important and crucial to understand the banking structure of the country. The structure of the country is essential based on the central bank of Myanmar. This bank is actually responsible for dealing with price stability for the financial process of the system. The economy as a whole has only twenty-four number of local banks and only thirteen foreign branches in all the banks combined in the Myanmar. The structure is defined as follows: - 

•One Central Bank 

•Four State Run Bank 

•Ten Semi Government Banks 

•Fourteen Private Banks 

•Thirteen Foreign Banks 

On, the more as per recent times, the banking sector is not in great position and requires major level of overhauling in order to ensure that the economy reaches its stable position. Further, the credit rating system ensures to be prominent in nature the government has recently appointed the Citibank as well as the chartered bank to ensure and established its first and the foremost credit rating system and analysis so that the country deals in much more stable and standard position.   


The concept of credit management system ensures a planning process which helps in maintaining the concept of not only the monitoring element but also ensuring the aspects of collecting the payment from the customers. In simple words this is a process which ensures that the aspect of the management system ensures an analysis where the capital is linked with the debtors and payment due to be received from them. Another important aspect is that the management system must ensure that the cash flow system is easy designed and free of any technicalities. Further, it may issue a concept where the conditions are achieved which lead to a position of balance fund management as well as deals with great credit management practices. It is important to understand the credit system of banking which known as capital lending is depends on the following factors: - 

Liquidity Parameters: - This is one of the core elements in the lending system which is publicly accessed, the liquidity in banks means lending and issuing loans in connection with free hold element (Van , 2018). 

Safety Parameters: - the other important aspect is that the lending must come along with a tag of safety and ease. It must carry a tension free concept which deals with the perspective a relaxation with concept of the time free management and the collateral safety especially in connection with the industrial prospects. The safety analysis must be concentrated on the debtor’s ability to pay the installments and the loans. As the safety must be from both the perspective, the one who gives loan and the other who does not give loan. 

Diversity Parameters: - It also crucial to have a flexible format for loan lending as there must be variety of choices which may fit the customers requirement and needs. Primarily, because each requirement is different and also the portfolio for which the lending process in initiated (Van , 2018). These factors ensure that how credit system is closely connected with the banking industry and how it effects the Myanmar economy.

Restriction Parameters:- The policy of the country in terms with lending of the capital and the investments deals with an prospects of the admit the country and its banking regulation is to perform and provide loans and managing the interest element. On the more, the banking regulation in the fiscal year has ensured to have some strong and stable financial clauses to issue loans and credit limits. Further, the loan is provided after following certain checks and standard format which ensures providing loan is done correctly and in a corrective manner.                          

Relevance and Significance of Existing Research Literature

The country is on a situation which is considered in an under developed mode where the economies are just striving to perform and provide a name tag of developing country. On the more the country is considered as a poor country where the population as high as thirty three percent is under the poverty line. Moreover, the aspect has led to losing the aspect and concept of quality of life for adults as well as the children and infants in almost very manner. In true concept the people and the citizen of the country require financial lending that too with an ease of appropriate lending pending or a lower interest rate (Zhang, 2018). On the more, they require a free hand on paying back the loans. However, on the other hand, just issuing of loans and not providing ridged platform or a set time of management will lead to a condition of financial debt for the country and its economy. As the economy or the government needs to issue loans from neighboring country lending into further debt and disruptions.

Therefore, creating the condition of a financial distress and economy which lead to a complete shutdown. Further, this is a situation where the country needs to support its self along with the citizens residing in the country. On the more, it is essential to understand that the economy runs on the banking industry. The banking industry depends the credit system and its correct management system. Therefore, for country like Myanmar whose interest rates which is soring as high as thirteen percent, whereas the country rates reached to around seventeen percent in back in year 2011. This rate also does not manage the economic condition well as which leads to a position of the inflation rate of at least 6.14 percent and the Food inflation rate at 10 percent. Hence, a balanced credit management system is required to ensure that the country performs better as well as manages to be in much proper position. Thus, lending system leads to advantage on being the cash availability and the other being tax balances.                          

Research objectives

The main objective of the research is to identify the factor that the credit system in true and simple words the topic is identified as follows : An Analysis Of Credit Management In The Banking Industry thus, this will deal into a parameters which will lead to an condition where the paper will detail about the very fact about the credit management policies in which the country will lead to an position where the conditions will be better and stable.       

Research hypotheses

Hypothesis will clearly state the logic that is the following aspects 

Ho = The Null Hypothesis is a position where the Credit Management System Effect the Banking Industry as well as the Economical conditions of the country. 

Ha = The Alternative Hypothesis is a position where the Credit Management System does not Affect the Banking Industry as well as the Economic conditions of the country to level which may lead to a position of crisis.

Research Questions

The questions which may be circulated will be in connection with the base fact and closely related to the element of the hypothesis drafted which is connection with the hypothesis only and help in establishing as to how the hypothesis will be build and circulated. On the more, it helps in establishing precise format and form of working, it ensures that definite and absolute answers are and solutions are researched and materialized to provide substantial level.   

Research Paradigms and Its Appropriateness 

As per the recent conditions the Myanmar has ensured that the central bank of Myanmar has ensured that it has established an independence in context to the framework and the establishment to meet the international and the regulations to provide best practices in the banking supervisions. Further, the country ensures to provide a concept of lending exposure to a counter party which being at least twenty percent of the company capital investment along with the reserve maintained. Further, in case the state government banks have to lend to the government it is free to carry such exemption and not necessary to fit this category. 

•Further, the country ensures to perform a fixed band width in terms with the lending rate on the deposits maintained or the collateral security the same is set at the eighty percent.   

•The reference rates in connection with the lending capacity of three percent and puts the reference on the negative two percent. 

•The country in true sense follows a very ridged as well as an impede credit system which is controlled in a strict manner. 

•The banking concept of country has a peculiar nature where the country and its banking sector has a very different and extraordinary concept for lending at the international standards which is where the over collaterization is ensured which is about two hundred percent of the value of collateral percent (Win, 2018). 

•The lending system is not only restricted to the banks and the customers but also to the inter banks as well as the world bank transactions. 

•The other concern in the lending system is that the Myanmar defaults on the section of the inter-bank concepts of the lending as well as the over counter and the liquidity management system. 

•The country lensing banking system manages a concept of being liquidity format which is excess in form of fourteen days deposits concern in terms with the buying and trading of the treasuries.

•In connection with the banking and the lending concept for the top constrained and the same has been reported by the survey done through the world banking enterprise. 

•The country as on date faces the fact where at least sixty percent of the business which are running under loan through banks (Zhang, 2018). 

•Adding to the blunder as on date at least thirty four percent of such business are nearing the concept of the bankruptcy.   

Thus, in nutshell the Myanmar follows a very fixed and ridged form of the loan issuing requirements which deals with the aspect of the capital lending. When

attempting to compete with the better capitalized and more efficient foreign entrants, domestic banks may take excessive lending risks. The banks and its lending or rather the credit system follows, a very undefining along with an very difficult and a uncertain pattern. The MADB credit assessment is also restrictive which being the major loan funder and the credit provider of the rural population of the country (Win, 2018). The company should not led to crisis and an depression along with higher inflation rate. The country will lead to a minimum of the eight percent lending loan for the tier 1 system. On the other hand, capital adequacy ratio which id four percent. The government also controls the lending as well as funding format which seta target of about twenty five percent and less in respective to the paid-up capital thereby, providing a substantial level of funding and security. Therefore, though the country and its economy is trying to provide an lending or the credit system which performs an balanced and mature outlook of running an economy it still does not correlate to provide better standing and substantial level of credit functioning.    

Therefore, from above analysis it can be considered that the Null Hypothesis must be accepted which is the fact that the the Credit Management System Effect the Banking Industry as well as the Economical conditions of the country.          

Research designs 

This segment helps in defying the the whole analysis on much more professional and an corrective manner. It provides an mathematical perspective of things and analysis. The data can be streamlined as follows: -   

a)  The approach was more on the parameters of an deductive analysis as it lays down the aspect of ensuring a segment or none study which is further proved. By the analysis of data it is ensured that the credit management if not performed correctly may effective the banking institutions as well as the economy as well.  

b) Study included a mix of explanatory research which led to a position of further descriptive research. Basically, the countries condition which being Myanmar was questioned and streamlined in order to ensure that the pre-established studies and effects, further, later more research is made on the banking system and its lending pattern in order to ensure the research is made correctly (Volz, eds., 2018). Thus, an appropriate research process is required to perform a proper study.     

c) Data collected is as per the population analysis and sampling analysis and the population is concentrated to the country of Myanmar demographical and statistical data.   

d) Nature of the data collected is both primary analysis as well as the secondary data. The data system deals with an system which maintains the pattern of being primary analysis in connection with the economists point of view and describing there view thoughts. In connection to secondary data analysis and research is related to the pre determined data available as well as the regulations maintained by the government and the banking institution along with the central bank of Myanmar. The data collected is ensured that pertains to the ethical standards and on an unbiased form of working and analysis the data collected is also ethical and justified.  

e) As per my thought process it is an easily accessible and a open document which must be accessible easy and on free hand basis. As a matter of fact the content and format of writing is also simple and easy to read so that even the lay man and a non professional can understand the scope of work.  

f) Sampling strategy primarily deals with the analyzing the studying the relevant data and analysis, it does not include at al random method as a matter of fact the research is more closely related to the stratified sampling which is taken after analyzing and reading the data and extracting relevant data required for this paper.

g) Techniques applied is qualitative approach of data analysis as the research is data and in theory form and purely in the form of information form. The techniques lead to data studying and reading and analyzing the concern in a much more theoretical manner.     

Identification and consideration of any ethical issues 

The research is purely undertaken from a clean an un basis perspective which tries to explain the aspect in much mature and a stable manner. It ensures that the information collected and utilized to derive results are purely related to the course content and also are filtered appropriately to ensure that the correct piece of information is to be circulated and read through the investors. None to forget, the research is undertaken and two major parameters one being the primary format of study which is by taking in account the Questionnaire and discussion content from the economists and the bankers (Volz, eds., 2018). Where as in connection with secondary format of occurrence the research information is collected majorly through the secondary source which being in direct in nature. This is taken from the pre-established statistical information already existing in the environment. Not only this any form of information along with the number backing is derived from the pre-establish format of working and analysis perspective.     Further, it ensures that the level of any unethical concern if any is mitigated with the common underlining fact that it is only a matter which is related to this particular research is picked and the rest is ignored. Further, theories which tested and established are only a part of such working process and the others not taken into consideration. Lastly, the author carries a very balanced and a un basis approach to undertake the research therefore, ignoring all the aspects in connection with an unethical approach and perspective.     


Thus, this paper is an easy and a comprehensive approach about the aspect which relates to understanding the credit system running in the banking industry for the country named Myanmar. The paper is a quick review about the conditions of the country and how such research can further, help them to understand how useful or rather crucial it is to ensure that the financial institutions maintain a proper and a manageable form of credit system. The paper also defines the core importance of such structure as well as successfully drafts the hypothesis which supports purely to the fact that the “The Credit Management System Effect the Banking Industry as well as the Economic conditions of the country”. The system also ensures that how this element can lead to a position which may be close to the aspect of leading an economy into a financial crisis situation as well as on the condition of the financial boom. Thus, describing the element in a basic condition it is this research helps the economists in simple manner understand that credit system is not only related to the time period and the interest rate on which the rolling can be done. It also presumes the aspect as to how the same effects the GDP growth, spending ratio, tax rate and structure as well as a substantial level of growth defining factor. The same is done by ignoring all the elements in connection with unethical and un biased standards. Thus, the research provides a clean and ethical position of the view point in connection with the ethical standards which need to be studied in context with the credit system of the country.


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