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Annotated Bibliography:Anxiety Disorder Assignment Help

Annotated Bibliography for a position paper related to mood disorders.

Topic Quality of Life: How mood and/or anxiety disorders affect work, home, and relationships. Directions: Locate at least six peer-reviewed academic journals articles on your topic from the (South University Online Library). 1. Write a 2-paragraph summary for each article. 2. Write a 1-to-2 paragraph analysis and evaluation for each article focusing on how it supports your chosen topic.

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Paper 1 by Schotanus-Dijkstra et al (2016)

In this article, Schotanus-Dijkstra et al (2016) intend to identify the impact of prosperous mental health in predicting the first occurrence and repeated mental disorder within 3 years. For this purpose, the author and his co-workers have collected data from 4482 representatives on a 3-years basis. In particular, the mental well-being of representatives has been assessed by using the psychological health scale short form. The author has used classification criteria for classifying participants on different levels of flourishing mental health. Besides, the author has used the Composite International diagnostic interview 3.0 to identify moods, anxiety, and substance use disorder (Schotanus-Dijkstra, et al, 2016). All of the issues of event disorders were assessed by exercising the logistic regression analyses and thereby regulating the likely confounders. The author inferred that flourishing life helps in minimizing the probability of incident mood disorder by 28% and anxiety disorder by 53% (Schotanus-Dijkstra, et al, 2016). Similarly, it is also found that with the removal of life events and social support, there has been a significant increase in substance use disorder. 

Paper 2 by Fan et al 2015

Fan et al (2015) aim to evaluate the influence of mental stress at work and home on anxiety and depression. For this purpose, the authors experimented with medically healthy 129 employees comprises of both men and women, age between 30 to 60 years. The serial regression analysis has been used to identify the relationship of mental stress at the job and with family. In this context, the depression symptoms are analyzed by using the Beck Depression Inventory-II and the anxiety indicators are analyzed by using Spielberger Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) (Fan, et al, 2015). Mental pressure at the job and with family was evaluated by operating the methodologies; Content Questionnaire and 12 questions respectively. The result of serial regression reveals that home stress and job insecurity are strongly related to depression and anxiety (Fan, et al, 2015). 

Paper 3 by Montejo et al (2018)

The authors of this article have discussed the effect of psychosis and antipsychotic medications related to depression and antidepressant medications, mood stabilizers and bipolar illness on sexual health. In this context, the antipsychotics and sexual operational survey, the psychotic related sexual dysfunction survey, and the changes in the sexual functioning questionnaire have been used to address the sexual functioning. It has been identified from the experiment that depressive disorder is strongly related to sexual difficulties and dissatisfaction (Montejo, et al, 2018). Depression harms energy, temper, capability for pleasure, interest, self-respect, and self-assurance. Some of the common symptoms of sexual dysfunction include problems related to vaginal lubrication, orgasm, penile erection which ultimately leads to sexual dissatisfaction. In addition to sexual dissatisfaction, anxiety disorder also increases the probability of sleep disorder call my eating disorder and suicidal attempts. The authors for the recommended psychoeducation for bipolar patients to alleviate psychic, substantial and emotional effects of risky sexual behavior (Montejo, et al, 2018).

Paper 4 by Rooney et al (2016)

The primary purpose of this research article is to find out the relationship between stress and assisted fertility treatment. For this purpose, the authors have conducted a literature search using the PubMed database and the resent extracts collected from the 2015 annual meeting of the American society of reproductive medicine (Rooney, et al, 2016). In this secondary research evaluation, it has been identified that women undergoing assisted reproductive technology a high level of depression and anxiety. 62% of infertile women perceived themselves as depressed because of infertility. It has been found that anxiety disorder is the reason of infertility among 83% women (Rooney, et al, 2016). However, there is minimum secondary research available about the relationship between anxiety in males and IVF. 

Paper 5 by McIntyre et al (2015)

The authors of this article have discussed the influence of mental disorder and depression on perceived workforce functioning and characteristic of lifespan. The alters conducted a post-hoc evaluation methodology where it includes 260 participants. These participants are enrolled in the international mood disorder collaborative project between 2008 to 2013 with a diagnosis of DSM-IV-TR-defined major depressive disorder (McIntyre, et al, 2015). Further, the data collected is analyzed by using multiple variable linear regression equations. The details of this research work indicate that clinical rankings of depression severity having β = -0.54 and the apparent inattentiveness having β = -0.18 are inversely related to the apparent characteristic of lifespan, which accounts for 34% of the variance (McIntyre, et al, 2015). The findings conclude that workplace performance variability is determined from mental disorder to a higher degree as compared to total depression indication severity (McIntyre, et al, 2015). Adults suffering from depression should report the problems of mental disorder for improving staff performance and participation. 

Paper 6 by Delaney (2018)

Delaney (2018) has conducted this research article to identify the challenges related to sexual intimacy due to depression, which results in relationship turbulence in couples. For this research, advertising materials web distributed across mental health treatment centers, depression support organizations, relationship therapists, online platforms like the Facebook page, and relationship blogs. Participants (including both partners) can enroll in this research study, where one or both of the partners is diagnosed with depression (Delaney (2018). The participants need to be at least 18 years of age. To attract a higher number of participants, they were given an e-gift card of US$20 through There are 106 different-sex couples. The author used an online survey of closed-ended items clinically diagnose one or both partners suffering from depression. The results from the study revealed that depressive symptoms create a relational uncertainty. Moreover, the depressive symptoms of the male partner hold a high level of relational turbulence. It has been inferred that with challenges in sexual intimacy, there occurs interference from a partner (Delaney (2018). 

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