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BN303 Wireless Networks and Security Assignment Help

Design and implementation of secure enterprise wireless network

The purpose of this assignment is to design and implement a secure enterprise wireless network, considering the ethical implications. The assignment covers the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

 Apply wireless network security techniques in the context of ethical implications;

 Design and implement secure enterprise wireless networks.

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Analysis of a secure enterprise wireless network using WPA2 and the RADIUS server

a. Confidentiality

However the Wi-Fi facility is provided then it necessary to make sure data confidentiality. While implementing the WPA2 or radius server in the wireless communication there should need to integrate with the some specific CA so that attacker cannot connect the remote server easily. However the more security is required there is need to set some authentication process which is required to connect with the network. There is some cryptography is used to make encryption or decryption of data which is communicating. There is public and private key is used to make sure the data is transmitted with the encryption process and the same key used at the destination side which is able to decrypt the data or give us data in original format.

b. Integrity

Data integrity of any network is first and foremost requirement. While implementing the wireless access for the communication the data completeness, consistency and accuracy is referred by us.So to protect the data and make sure that original data will receive at the destination there are some mechanisms are sets which are error checking and correction protocols. By using the private key and public key configuration there are checksum or various codes are verify. So by using this technique there is data integrity feature is referred. Hamming code is also used to check the data integrity in the network and also provide the more efficient way to define the error bit in the transmitted data.

c. Availability

As per the large network configuration there is required to get more availability of the network with the security features like WPA2 or radius server. Hence as per the newly come up techniques there is radius server may help to manage the IT infrastructure and control of the various things which will help to provide more available network and their security for the communication. The present market provides HA radius server which able to provide the high availability service by using the cloud directory services. So the availability feature in network design can implemented in the network via implementing the HA radius server which also provide cost effective solution. By using the WPA2 it provide more availability because of there is less chance for data corruption or mode secure key is provided by this techniques.

d. Authentication

Hence to implement more security in the wireless access network there are some authentications are required. While the users are trying to connect the wireless network there are some SSID or password are required. So as like that there is some login ID or passwords are needed while accessing the data stored in company server. Sometimes there is need to manage network device logically so for that there is required to access network device. So while authorized person access it at that time they need to enter authentication of device access. So this are some authentication which are required in the wireless network security. The different authentication mechanism is more reliable idea for the more secure network.

e. Authorization

Hence there are different departments present in the company, that all are need to user the wireless access point and browse data through the internet connectivity. So for the each and every departments there are various authentication are provided. While, we taking about the critical data of company then only some authorized person can able to access the network. Hence if there is need to change to configuration of the different network devices then only network administrator or some founder have known the authentication process. So this are some authentication which overview which is need to configure in the wireless network of company.

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