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Analysis for Healthcare Organization Assignment Help

Write a 1-2 page paper that answers the following:

If you were director of the health information management department in this hospital and wanted to improve on the current system, what would you recommend?

If an electronic computerized solution is proposed, what would you specify that system has to be able to do?

What departments would it need to communicate with?

Use your background in health information technology to write a Needs Analysis proposing a solution and specifying system features.

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Recommendation to improve the current system 

It is seen that EHRs (Electronic Health Records) used by the clinicians led to the inefficiency of work and failed to prevent the patients. Being the director of the health information management department in the hospital, it is to be recommended to improve usability as well as safety of the system throughout the diagnostic process for preventing the life of the patients. The issue of getting inaccurate results from the laboratory tests need to be solved by implementing the EHRs with the help of REC (Regional Extension Center) (Andrus, Forrester, Germain & Eiland, 2015). It is required to seek advice from an expert on implementation, use and customization of the EHRs. All the laboratory staffs are needed to train to use the system effectively fully. The health care providers should check update and maintain the system accurately and properly interact with the system.

The computerized electronic solution proposed

If a computerized electronic solution is proposed, then the system can be able to do the following:

The system can provide accurate as well as complete data about the patient 

It also provides security and privacy of data of the patient 

It can assist in reducing medical errors and diagnosing the patient effectively

The system can enable the healthcare providers to prescribe safe as well as reliable medication (Baumann, Baker & Elshaug, 2018)

It can allow the clinicians to enhance the efficiency of their ability 

Electronic Health Records system can quickly access to the records of the patients to give effective care to the patient 

The system can provide accurate lab test outcomes quickly to avoid delay in giving medication 

It can enhance interaction between the patient and health care provider 

Departments for communication 

It needs to communicate with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to develop, implement, adopt and evaluate the system to enhance health care decision making (Pauwen, Louis, Siegel, Colombel & Macq, 2018). It can also communicate with the members of the Information Technology department to successfully implement the computerized electronic solution in the hospital for preventing medical errors.

Specify proposed system features 

For the Needs assessment, a clinical decision support system is proposed to improve the health IT system in the hospital. CDSS is one of the health information technology system that assists the clinicians in decision-making (Liu, Lu, Ma, Chen & Qin, 2015). The healthcare providers may get accurate and timely information about the patient with the help of this system to make an informed decision regarding the health care of the patient. CDSS helps in increasing the quality of care in hospitals and improve health outcomes. Moreover, it also helps in avoiding medication errors as well as adverse events. The system can enhance the efficiency of care and lower the costs of using technologies.   

Features of the clinical decision support system are as follows – 

The system is electronic which help the physicians in getting the lab results quickly 

It provides decision support at the time as well as the location of care

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