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Personal Reflection Assignment Help

What advice about writing did you find most helpful? Why? Please explain the context that led to this advice. You may also tell more than one story about your writing experiences.

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If you are a student and thinking to start doing writings, then I must say that it requires lots of skills, efforts and critical thinking ability. To prepare a masterpiece that leaves your readers in awe, it is mandatory to think about endless possibilities to use that in writings.

Writings are being evolved in Mesopotamia and its carried to the present era. It is a craft as writers are required to possess proficient writing skills. It is being evolved as scriptwriting from past to different forms of writing whether it is a poem, essay, stories etc. Grammatical mistakes, sentence formation, and varied use of vocabulary create many logical fallacies (S, 2019).

As being a kid, I started writing from my school days where we used to write essays, stories and poems. The fundamental issue that occurs was the grammatical mistake ("Sojisirikul, P. and Siriyothin, P., 2010). There are other difficulties I used to follow those are creative writing, use of correct English formation, vague ideas, composition and vocabulary. Among many advices I have got the following advice helpful to improve my writing:

- Attending workshops,

- Brainstorming

- Conducting group work discussion

- Reading extensively

- Taking assistance from good writers

As I was weak at using vocabulary in writing; reading extensively and attending workshops open new dimensions of performing writing in a more enhanced way. Though writing is a task, which always requires others feedback and suggestions to improve yourself.

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