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Confucius Views On Human Nature


Question: Comparing Confucius views on human along with its attributes versus Bhagavad-Gita beliefs on human action.

Answer: Introduction: An analytical essay involves comparing and contrasting two or more subjects. The goal of a comparison essay not only involves saying that two or more concepts are similar or different, however, it involves digging deep into the subjects to identify what makes them similar or different. Consequently, the goal of this assignment is to compare and contrast Confucius views on human along with its attributes together with Bhagavad-Gita beliefs on human action.

Confucius views on human nature

Confucius like any other philosopher in the field of philosophy had specific thoughts concerning human nature according to Allen, (2018). The philosopher uses multiple evidences to show that his views about the nature of human being is accurate. From Confucius views he was sure that human beings cannot control their destinies. For example, he argued that most people able to elaborate their social status or even their period of life, however, the same human beings are at will to disapprove the morality and even fail to follow the same. The meaning of the above statement from Confucius is that human beings have the capability to deny the dictates of Heaven and fail to follow the rules and norms that brings virtue in life according to Fan, (2017). Apart from that Confucius realized that human beings may fail to develop a significant impact on the situations of life they are leading. People make choices on the life they would lie to live every point in time.

On the other hand it is evident that Confucius is also optimistic when it comes to the achievement of an individual during his or her life time. The philosopher describes sky as the hero of everyone's virtue. It means that Confucius himself mainly focus on the reality of Heaven morality.

Another view of Confucius is that there are somethings that are above human control. The things human beings cannot achieve are the impact of the destiny according to Weiming, (2017). Confucius felt that destiny was part of heaven which could be beyond the understanding of the ordinary human being. However, the philosopher argued that any person can decide to follow the decree of Heaven when the person chooses. For instance, the person can decide to promote general welfare. What the person should understand according to Confucius is that destiny is beyond his or her control.

When it comes to the theory of human nature, Gupta, (2016) argued that the philosopher is optimistic in that he wants human beings to be wise and instantiate the richness of Heaven in them clearly. One of the ways to achieve this was being benevolent. The outcome of benevolent is the oy that the individual can have in life. Confucius is not specific on the reason why very few people develop wisdom, however, he proposed that it is human nature to choose to do ad or good. Apart from having choices, the philosopher claimed that environment also pays a vital role in shaping up the wisdom of the individual. What an individual need determination and other people to mold themto achieve the moral perfection.


Bhagavad-Gita beliefs on human action.

Bhagavad-Gita elaborates how people should live in this world. One may do all the duties he or she is supposed to do but end up achieving nothing according to Ithamar, (2016). The philosopher argue that no one can depend on this earth forever. The reason why Bhagavad-Gita do not want people to depend on earth is because the world is subject to change apart from having illusion. The philosopher teaches that human beings usually develop ignorance that makes them feel attached to the world through the desires that people have in life. However, people do this without taking into consideration the nature of the world and the purpose they should develop. The main concern of Bhagavad-Gita is the desire of human beings which makes them attached to the world thing from birth to death.

The philosophers proposes the solution to the high level of desire that human being develop in the world. The solution to the above situation is not escaping the responsibilities that human being have in life but to ensure that they are focused on their purpose. Human beings should know that God is the sole provider they should maintain stability of the mind doing their responsibilities as part of the sacrifices to God according to Khwaja & Vernekar, (2018).

According to Schilling, (2016), one of the things that the philosopher propose is embracing salvation to those who would like to escape the desires of the world. The people who do not want embrace salvation remain in the chains of enemies, sufferings and other burdens of life. God has unlimited love to human beings. The only thing people need is to commit to God. The message of this philosopher is to bring the spiritual solution to the challenges facing human beings. When there is challenge in the world Bhagavad-Gita proposes that human beings should have faith in God, devote and stay focused without being influenced by the desires in the world.

The comparison between Confucius message and Bhagavad-Gita on human action

The theory of human nature brought by Confucius mainly dwell on human destiny. The theory says that human beings cannot control their destiny, however, they have the ability to make the choices on where they want to base their destiny. Consequently when it comes to Bhagavad-Gita, the philosopher teaches on the challenges that always face human beings while on earthaccording to Pang, Esping&Plucker, (2017). Apart from that, he provides spiritual solution to the challenges the individual face. Even though Confucius elaborates that the problem that people have is to make wrong decision that do not match their destiny, Bhagavad-Gitatalks about desires as one of the main challenge in the world. Many people cannot control their desires while in the world. The consequences of these desires is that it makes people to miss what they should accomplish while in the world. The solution to this extreme desire is to focus on God and know that he is the only provider. Human beings should always devote and ensure that they are focused on what brought them in the world. They should not leave their responsibilities as it is not the solution to the problem. When it comes to Confucius he suggest that human beings should accept that they cannot control their density. However, the decisions that everyone makes influences the destiny. It is therefore important for people to make wise decisions as they are part of their destiny according to Mukherjee, (2017). There are few things that influence one's decisionsfor example there is an issue of the environment. The decision that an individual from a well off family may not be the same with that one from a humble background makes.

Conclusion: There are many things that faces individual during lifetime as elaborated by the two philosophers. Some of these challenges include focusing on desire and destiny. Having more desire on worldly things makes an individual to lose direction. However there are some solutions that the two philosophers elaborate. The first one is accepting that one cannot control his or her destiny but ensure that he or she makes wise decisionsevery time. The second thing about focusing on God's words, even if there are challenges one should concentrate on the world but ensure he or she maintain what God says.


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