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Case Study: A Strategic Dilemma Assignment Help

"I can't believe the time it's taking to handle all these petty issues," Anne said to Jacob, her administrative assistant. "We've got bigger issues that need addressing than who gets the best parking spots. Don't our employees know they need 10,000 steps a day to live longer?" she added with a hint of cynicism.

"You know that parking space is at a premium in our small employee parking lot, and it's also a status symbol who gets the best spots. So you shouldn't be surprised," Jacob responded sympathetically. "Now, you need to take a look at these financials before the strategic planning retreat next Tuesday.

And we need to finalize the agenda."

Anne opened the file with the financials.

"Things are improving, and even though we have 55% of the inpatient market share, we've got to be thinking about the future. I'm not sure what is the best way to get our leadership team to see the importance of thinking about change. Most of the team think we can just continue what we've been doing, and they don't seem to understand or care that things can change very rapidly. We've just been
lucky we are in an opportune location. Who would have ever imagined that the most-watched series on television would start filming in our town, and the film industry would draw both employees and fans to live here? Not to mention we had a major auto manufacturer open an assembly plant down the road. It's been difficult for the city leaders to keep up with the demand for city services, and we have seen a
significant increase in patient visits; however, I'm really worried about how our competition is opening primary and specialty clinics in our service area."

St. Michael's Memorial Health System, a 325-bed community not-for-profit general acute care hospital with related businesses, recently built a replacement facility in a growing suburban area 50 miles from the center of a major metropolitan area in the southeastern United States. The area used to be a sleepy bedroom community, but the growth has come its way. The growth has brought competition, and three other health systems have opened primary and some specialty clinics in the community. Anne was hired to manage the construction of the new hospital and successfully rose to the challenge. Her challenge now is to provide the vision for the future and communicate it to the organization.

A knock on the CEO's suite interrupted their conversation.

"Hi, Anne, we've got a problem in dietary. Maintenance is on it, but it could delay meals to the patients.
What should we do?" Sally, the head of dietary, inquired.

Anne took a deep breath and bit her lip.

"Be sure Maintenance knows we've got 250 patients who expect their meals on time. I'll send a text to Bill if you need some help lighting a fire under him."

"Thanks, I may need the help. Bill acts like he doesn't hear a word I say when I tell him the situation,"
Sally grumbled as she turned to leave.

Anne shook her head and returned to her computer screen.

"Now, where were we? Right, we need an agenda for the planning retreat. Jacob, you'll graduate this year from the best healthcare management program in the state. Develop a draft agenda for the retreat. Plan a day-long retreat and remember: We need to get everyone involved in thinking strategically about the future of this hospital."

Jacob sat down at his desk knowing if he does a good job, Anne has promised him an analyst's position in the planning and marketing department when he graduates. He begins to identify what needs to be included in the agenda, and first of all, he knows how significant it is to revisit the mission, vision, and values of the organization before anything else.

What items should be included on the agenda for the day-long retreat?

Who should be invited and be involved in the retreat? Where should the retreat take place?

Why is it important to revisit the organization's mission, vision, and values?

What type of data should be presented regarding the hospital's situation?

What techniques should Jacob most likely suggest for the group? How much time should be allocated for each activity? Is one day long enough to accomplish what needs to be done?

What should be the final item on the agenda?

How can Anne encourage a sense of urgency in embracing change in the organization?

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Agenda for retreat

7-7 30 AM – Breakfast buffet

7 30 AM – Keynote address

8 AM – Opening remarks 

8 30 AM – Icebreakers 

9 AM - Hospital situation presentation

10 AM – Pain points and competitiveness of the hospital in the market 

11 AM – Discussion 

12 PM – Lunch 

1 PM – Brainstorming on ways to improve the situation of the hospital 

2 PM – Preparation of a strategic plan for the upcoming financial year 

3 PM – Closing remarks 

4 PM – Snacks 

Invites and venue for retreat

Anne and the top management will have to be invited to this retreat and it has to take place at a resort or a star hotel. 

Importance of revisiting values of the organization

The purpose of this retreat is to enhance the productivity of the employees and contribute to the sustainability of the organization amidst the external competitiveness. Hence, it is ideal to stress the mission and vision of the organization and connect them to the present situation so employees can understand the areas that require immediate attention. 

Further, stressing the values can remind employees to adhere to them in their daily operations within the premises. 

Choice of data to portray the situation

Quantitative data including reports of competitors, market analysis and SWOT results will have to be presented to the employees. These can give better picture to them on what the hospital misses and how they can take part and enhance the situation. 

Techniques and time allocation for activities

Team discussion is one task that is meant to enable employees to work as a team and ideate solutions to the pain points as projected by Anne. This is allocated a period of 1 hour. 

A couple of icebreakers will have to be organized at the beginning of the day for a period of 20 minutes after which people give the opening remarks. This will gather their attention. 

Final item on agenda

Strategic plan preparation is the final item on the agenda and this is more of an action plan that tells employees on what to do next. It also promotes a sense of collaborative teamwork to improve the status of the hospital going forward. 

Way to sense urgency 

For people to realize the urgency of this situation, it is important to highlight the situations of the organization and the employees with recurring losses and lowering brand value. When people realize that they would be jobless, they can feel the seriousness.

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